Friday, November 28, 2003

The constant hum of people mumbling at school is like some sort of torture device...but I will continue despite it all, for you, my fans.

So I discovered this pretty funny show on TechTV. If any of you have satellite or digital cable and like electronics, I suggest you get TechTV immediately. Anyway, this show comes on weeknights at 11:30pm and it's called "Unscrewed with Martin Sargent". It's like a talk-show, with Martin Sargent at a desk and he has a co-host and each episode starts off with some (pre-scripted) chatter (you can tell by the quality of acting). But it's usually pretty funny. When it's funny, it's pretty good, but when it's not, it's sorta lame but you gotta give Martin props for trying.

After that, they have segments. Like, they send correspondents to trade show to make fun of computer people or whatever. They also have little skits. Take yesterday for example. Martin told this story about how he bought an old Russian satellite off the US government's auction site and it came complete with a Russian aerospace technician (he came in a straw-filled box). So the co-host asks what he did with the guy. Martin replies that he did the obvious: locked the Russian in a closet and set-up a webcam. Then we see the webcam feed:
There's this guy in a lab coat stomping around a walk-in closet kicking boxes and such. Pretty funny...especially at 11:30pm.

If you can, check it out. They have a web site, too, here.

Also on TechTV, check out X-Play, a pretty good videogame show.

The din of talking in the lab grows, encompassing my entire self. I feel like I'm swallowed by the noise...fading...fading...fa..f...

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