Monday, November 24, 2003

Hockey Night at Dave's was a (mildly) rousing success! Despite a low turnout (me, Dave and Mo...and later Dai), tons o' fun were had by all. First up was the MegaStars (oldtimers) game. All sorts of past greats took the ice. I, along with many others, predicted the Oilers oldtimers would win, by virtue of their relative youthfulness. Sure enough, they won 2-0. What surprised me was the spectacular play of Bill Ranford and Grant Fuhr. These dudes can still play! The Oilers should sign them. They'd do way better than their current goalies!

After that, we ordered Terry's submarines. Anyone who knows what that means knows how impressive those subs are. We ate and ate, before and during the actual outdoor Heritage game. It's really neat to see the breath come out of the players' mouths. They were freezing. But the prize goes to Jose "tuque" Theodore for wearing that hilarious tuque with the pom-pom on top. he had it over his helmet! Classic. He should wear that every game for good luck.

After the game, we played ESPN Hockey on the PS2, 4 players. Great fun. However, I must say that the PS2's loading time is friggin' insane! Soooooo slow. I own the game on the Xbox and the loading time is much noticeably shorter. Later that night, I finally saw an episode of Samurai Jack that I had missed. It had Jack and these Shaolin fighters beating up of rock monsters. Really cool fight scenes.

Having already downloaded the 10 episodes of Star Wars: Clone Wars cartoon, I burned a VCD out of them. The quality of the downloads weren't too great, but I made a VCD regardless. With Nero, I made a cheesy little menu page with a picture and titles. But then I went online and found somebody's pre-made VCD of the 10 eps. I downloaded it and made the VCD and wow! This guy's quality is top notch and his VCD menus are animated and have music. VERY impressive.

Okay, that's it for now, homeys. TTFN.

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