Thursday, November 20, 2003

Howdy, peeps. A special shoutout to Kevin Vo, who seems to be my only regular reader thus far in the infancy of my blog. Cool, Daddio!

Anyway, what else...? Is anybody else excited about seeing Messier and Gretzky reunited on Saturday? One thing, though. The old timer Habs are so old! The Oilers are gonna kill them.

So, it's official! The Matrix Revolutions is on DVD on January 6th, 2004! Due to lack of $$ at the box office, they feel the time to make $$ off the whole Matrix franchise is they wanna cash in while they can! Ha! Jerks!

I heard that the Family Guy may be resurrected due to strong DVD sales of its seasons. Crazy...It's probably pop up on the Cartoon Network in the States, but surely someone here will pick it up, like Teletoon or something.

I received the Two Towers Extended Edition in the mail on Tuesday (thank you, I wish I had time to watch it, though. It's 43 minutes longer than the original, and from what I hear, it's so great. Stupid school...

Alrighty! Bye!

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