Saturday, November 15, 2003 White Stripes concert was totally amazing. We were pretty close and could see how great Jack White is. His guitaring, especially at the beginning, is amazing. As an amateur guitarist, I can appreciate how great he is. The music totally rocks. I love the let's-have-fun-rocking attitude mixed with blues. My ears were ringing well into the next day.

MonSciFiCon 2003 was also amazing. Pat Lee, president and amazing artist at DW comics, proves once again that he's a nice guy. I got another sketch this year from him...and it's personalized this time. Also, other guys like Ramos and Kubert were so polite and nice. they talked and drew and signed their hearts out. Kudos.

So, yes, I got a picture with Marina Sirtis. She was cracking a few sarcastic jokes at our expense (for asking for pics just as she was gonna leave). She speaks French, too. What a surprise. We also got pics with TNG and DS9's Gowron! He was funny. The guy who plays Chewbacca was also there and we got pics with him, too. He's friggin' huge!!!!!!!! OMG! I cannot tell you how big he is. Finally, there was ST: Voyage's Neelix. I refused to take pics with him.

On a disappointing note, Lou Ferrigno did not show up. What the hell else could he have been doing that was so much more important? Balancing his checkbook?! Anyway...

A good time was had by all. Now, with the Grey Cup tomorrow, this weekend is solidly packed with great times. Sometimes, life is fun.

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