Monday, November 17, 2003

Okay okay. I usually deride pro wrestling because it's usually so stupid. Sure, sometimes the fights have some neat acrobatics, but the outside the ring stuff is so absurdly insulting to intelligent people that I have to gag. This weekend's Survivor Series was no exception.

I saw the last bit with the Buried Alive match. Ridiculous! When Kane busted in and threw the FAKEST puches I've ever seen, I'd had enough! He missed with almost all his punches! And he's a pro? And then, the shovel fell into the grave with Vince. That so looked like a mistake. And oh no! I big explosion when 'Taker tried getting into the truck. Ooohh! How mysterious!

The crowd looked so bored. And rightfully so. This supposedly big match was TERRIBLY yawn-inducing. I know that it's just an excuse for Undertaker to disappear for a while so he can get surgery, but still. I regret having seen the few minutes I did.

I read that there were some good matches earlier in the evening, but that last fight was laughably bad.

That's it for now.

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