Friday, November 21, 2003

One of the worst weeks ever.

After the huge highlight that was last weekend, this week has become dreadful. I can't seem to get enough sleep. I'm always tired, especially at school. I have no motivation or drive of any sort. I know, I know, a couple of short months and I'm finished school, but I'm tapped.

You ever wake up angry at everything? Yeah...I hate everything and everyone. I'm looking forward to watching my Two Towers DVD soon...but I don't know when. So many school-things to do...

By the way, Warner Bros. has dismissed the previous report of MAtrix Revolutions coming on DVD on January 6th. We'll see about that.
And I hear that FOX itself might bring back Family Guy, not the Cartoon Network.

In other news, I will download the last chapter of Star Wars Clone Wars cartoon today and burn all ten of them on a VCD to be watched in a DVD player. Ca't wait until February for the next batch of ten...
Alrighty, peep! Time to face another day.

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