Sunday, November 09, 2003

So, I gots homeworks to do, right? But the big Als football game is on tv! Dilemma! Should I bring a tv into the computer room and watch? I decided against it because that would detract from my work. So what do I do instead? Create a blog! Wow! What a waste of time this is! It's more unproductive than watching the game. Also, I have a separate window open on's sports scores. They're the only ones I found who list up-to-date CFL scores. So not only am I avoiding my homework, I'm also looking at the scores every few seconds. Must...refresh...browser!

In other news, I must...MUST...tell everyone that I despise the Matrix. Not the first one, mind you. It's great, despite hints of bad writing ("You ca't die...because I love you!"...blech!). But I didn't like the 2nd movie. I thought it was was too flowery with the dialogue and abandoned the founding ideas of the first. What about all the people stuck in the Matrix? And then the 3rd! How awful! The ending is waaay too unsatisfying. The series went from trying to free everyone from the Matrix (and thus save humanity) to saving all those rave-ing lunatics (pun intended) in Zion! I could care less about them! I could care less about Trinity, Link and his bloody wife...Argh! The only bright spot about the sequels is Agent Smith. Wow...

Coming just in time for the holidays, the new book that's guaranteed to be a best-seller: "How to Ruin a Franchise" by the Wachowski Bros. with a forward by Rick Berman and Brannon Braga.

Eff, I'm out.

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