Monday, November 10, 2003

So we were in the quarter finals of our soccer league and we finally got to play on a nice field. Instead of the mud on the lower field at school, we got to play high up on the hill (behind Molson Stadium) on Forbes Field. Forbes, like Molson, has FieldTurf, which is so cool. It's a synthetic playing surface that is made of individual blades of fake grass. What's more is that there is fake dirt, too, made of ground rubber. This gives the field some bounce to simulate real grass and dirt, minus the nastiness due to bad weather.
Anyway, I was in nets and did an amazing job! The only goal I let in was an own goal off one of our players (dammit Neil!). But in the last 30 seconds, we scored to tie it...but then the dreaded shootouts began. I got a piece of the first kick, but it went in. I guessed badly on the next two...but the following two, I had a good jump on them...but the guys kicked hard and accurately to the very edge of the goal. We lost the shootouts 5-4...thus, we were eliminated. There's always next wait! There isn't! Good season, guys.

Addendum: I am so sore! I accidentally stepped on my hand with cleats (don't ask how). And they I pulled a muscle right above my foot and I literally cannot move my right foot. And my right quad is pulled, too...

Anyway, I have school stuff to do. See ya!

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