Thursday, November 27, 2003

This entry is brought to you by "Astro" by the White Stripes. He're a sample:
"Maybe Jasper does the astro
Maybe Jasper does the astro
Maybe Jasper does the astro, astro"

Special shoutout to Joe "Greasy" Greiss

Anyway, last night was the Computer Graphics assignment 3 demo. We had to make a 3D house and walk around it and change the texture of the house and the surrounding yard and stuff. Anyway, that's the basic idea of it (it's much more deailed than that, though). In any case, our demo was at 8pm last night. So all day, I studied the code, just in case she asked nutty stuff. I even spied on other groups passing their demos. This one guy made a hockey game, with a goalie and a player and puck and ice mechanics...SICK! Anyway, right before the teacher demoed us, she said she didn't schedule supper so she took off for 20 minutes. Our demo finally started aroun 8:25 and ended shortly before 9.

She didn't ask too many questions. We did all the talking and showed all the stuff that the OpenGL programmed house can do. Of course, Murphy's Law came into it. When we tried to bump map the cube we had floating in the back yard of the program, it turned blue. By restarting the program, it finally worked, but I don't think she minded too much. Then she asked stuff like "Why did you pick this project? Who did what? What gave the most trouble?" We cracked a few jokes, she cracked some and all was good. Best of all, we get an exra 4% for going on the first day. Score!!

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