Friday, November 14, 2003

Well, tonight's the postponed White Stripes concert. Back in August, Jack White got into a car crash and destroyed his finger, thus cancelling concert. Months later, the band is finally playing their show. Should be good.

Let's not forget about MonSciFiCon this weekend! All your favourites will be there. Marina Sirtis, Lou Ferrigno, Ethan Phillips, Peter Mayhew and the guy who plays Gowron. Plus, all sorts of comic book types! That should be so much fun, some of you may not be able to handle it. (I don't even know if I'm being sarcastic).

Seeing as how Chris (aka MastaCSG) is boycotting this blog, I suppose I can badmouth him and he won't even realize. It's like badmouthing the Amish...they'll never know! So has anyone read Chris's latest article on itoop? Man! He's such a whiner. He's complaining that the escalator is not a ride. That's a stupid idea! The escalator IS a ride!!!! If you want to march, use the effing stairs. The escalator is for lazy people. You're MEANT to stay on it and not move. Oooh, you just have to rush up the escalator, right? Why? To save 3 whole seconds!?! Sometimes, when someone rudely rushes past me on an escalator, I make it a point to eventually catch up to them in the hall and walk directly in front of them just to make the point "Hey, I didn't run up the escalator and I still beat you, you jerk!". I hate people who push past on an escalator. The only acceptable reason for running up or down is if there's a bus-catching involved, because in such situations, a few seconds CAN make the difference. But don't give some pansy excuse like you're late to class. So what? You're late! Big deal. Eff...
I'm out.

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