Wednesday, December 03, 2003

Word to yo' moms

My name is Vrej and I have a McDonald's hockey card problem.!
I love those cards. They're so cool.

So today was the last day of school. Now it's exam time. gotta study, I guess...but not tonight! Tonight, I'm going out to see Master and Commander. Looks good, and my boy Russ is in it...always good.

I found out that Avery "Ben Sisko" Brooks has been an associate theatre professor at Rutgers University since the 70s, up till today. Crazy!

I apparently bought the Return of the King game for the xbox on ebay today. I placed a bid and won! They game is supposed to rock hard! Plus, it's 2 player co-op, which is always a cool novely nowdays.

I went to the dentist today. For years, the guy's been saying that he'll keep an eye out for these little dots of cavities. This yeah, same story. He said I could maybe get a filling for it. Or not. As long as we keep an eye on it. Meh, whatever.

Ok, I'm out dawgs. Word up! And the Froo-Froo B*tch-Dawgs rule!

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