Thursday, December 30, 2004


I don't know why, but I was really saddened to see Jerry Orbach had died. This guy was great on Law & Order for something like 12 years.

Sunday, December 19, 2004


So last night, we go to see Ken Martin play a show at this hole-in-the-wall "pub" called Barfly. What a tiny, place. Ken plays bass for this John Lennox guy. The show was pretty good. The guy has some nice songs. I even acquired a CD of his and he signed it. I had a good time. Anyway, this isn't the point. The point is the following:

I hate smoke and smokers. Ontario and New York have it right, banning smoking from bars and clubs. I never want to go to these places specifically because of the smoke. My eyes get irritated and I can't breathe. Then, you get home and reek of smoke! How do smokers live with themselves?! Yeesh!

Saturday, December 18, 2004

Sam Jackson vs. the valet

For some reason, I dunno why, I imagined what would happen if Samuel L. Jackson had no concept of what valet parking was. I think it would go something like this:

Head waiter: May I have you keys, sir? The valet will bring your car around for you.
(Sam Jackson hands over keys...waiter leaves.)
Sam Jackson: Wait a sec...what the f*** is a valet?
(Sam Jackson storms out of restaurant as the waiter and the valet are waiting by his parked car.)
Head waiter: The valet brought your car, sir and--
Sam Jackson: What the f*** is a valet?
Head waiter: Errr...he brings your car around for you.
Sam Jackson: Well, if this isn't the crap icing on the s***cake! You mean to tell me that this punk drove around in my muthaf*****' car?
Valet: Sorry, sir, but I thought that by giving your keys, you--
Sam Jackson: I didn't ask you a thing. I didn't ask you a goddam thing!
(Sam Jackson opens the door to his car and looks around.)
Sam Jackson: Where'd my change go? I had a little dish for change. Now the change is gone. This is outrageous.
Valet: Sir, I didn't see any change...and please don't yell.
Sam Jackson: I ain't yelling! This is how I talk.
Sam Jackson peers inside again.)
Sam Jackson (calmly): Where's my Mounds bar?
Valet: Sorry?
Sam Jackson: My muthaf*****' Mounds bar. I was looking forward to the soft, moist coconut and the dark, dark chocolate. It's gone! You ate it!
(Raises fist to pummel the valet, then stops.)
Sam Jackson: Wait hold up...HOLD UP. I need to cool this s*** down. (Strokes chin) I spent the change on the Mounds bar...and ate it on the way. Accept my apologies...but I still don't like this one bit.
(Sam Jackson gets in car and drives off).

I dunno if I even meant this to be funny. These results of the meeting of Sam Jackson and a valet seem

Friday, December 17, 2004

Cont Ed

So I went to school to register for some Cont Ed courses. They direct me to a room labelled "Step 1". On my way down the hall, I see that Steps 2 through 4 are behind me, making the layout of this procedure make as much sense as 3 nacelles on a starship (high fives, anyone? props? Nyargh...). Anyway, I fill in some papers in Step 1, then proceed to Step 2 where the hilarity begins.

You see, it turns out that many people taking cnot ed classes either:
a) don't know English
b) don't come prepared with papers
c) are stupid.

Sometimes all of the above. To wit: there was this Chinese dude who couldn't speak a lick of English and he was going up the girl who takes papers and verifies things. She told him he has to write "in PEN...not PENCIL...PEN. This is a pen. Write with THIS." So he whispers something that sounded like "ok" and shuffles off to the side to correct his mistake. Since all his info was loaded on the computer, the girl decided to wait for him, instead of handling me. So I wait there...and the guy returns. He gingerly plops his papers on the desk with satisfaction. The girl starts going through them, when..."I said pen! This IS STILL pencil!" So the guy leaves again to correct his papers.

Finally, she calls me up and upon seeing my funky, foreign name, she thought she's have another hard time. But lo! I was a beacon of clarity in those dark times. And she rejoiced.

Addendum: After I proceeded through steps 3, 4 and 5, I saw the Chinese guy finally make his way to the next step.

Wednesday, December 15, 2004


So upon receiving my Return of the King Extended Edition dvd, I watched it. All 250+ minutes of it and loved it. Wow. I think as a whole, LotR is my favourite movie ever. The sheer craft and scope is astounding. Now it'll take me a week to get through the 2 discs of extras! I heart LotR...

So is baseball in DC dead? The city council reneged on its deal to use city funds to build MLB a ballpark. So MLB is angry now...They may play 1 year in a temporary stadium in Washington, then move elsewhere. Wow. Rough to Washington and a huge black eye to MLB, but it couldn't happen to more deserving folks.

Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Electronics Arts is evil

So Sega started coming out with their ESPN sports video games at $30CND and they were amazing, too. No halfwitted products. So what does EA, the world's biggest video game company do?

"Electronic Arts announced today an exclusive licensing agreement with the National Football League and Players Inc. to develop, publish, and distribute interactive football games. These agreements give EA the exclusive rights to the NFL teams, stadiums, and players for use in its football video games for the next five years."

Can you believe it? And there's more:

"EA is attempting to negotiate similar deals with the NBA and Major League Baseball."

I cannot accept this. I refuse to get any future Madden game. For that matter, I'll throw in any future EA hockey game, as well. Sic semper tyrannis!

Friday, December 10, 2004

I also dislike tv

Wow, Chris beat me to it on his blog! I was all set to write a post on how tv sucks. What brought me to this conclusion? I'll tell you.

Exhibit A) I was watching Malcolm in the Middle. For years, I've been saying it's been in decline...getting unfunny and this past week was the last straw. Not only did they have to introduce a baby on the show to try to get ratings, but now they've seem to have added a girl who lives next door, as some sort of character foil to Malcolm and Reese. She's not funny and it reeks of desperation. Also, Francis, the funniest character on the show, isn't on so far this season. Malcolm, you're cut!

Exhibit B) Will & Grace. Global was constantly showing the ad for their Christmas episode and it looked so goddam awful. Yet the ad played over and over. I HATE that show. Not cuz of its gayness. I could care less. It's just not funny. I find nothing funny about the bits I've seen of that show. And the ads are always horrible. Why people go crazy for it is beyond me.

Just like in Ghostbusters, I think society is too sick to continue and I will erect a building designed to attract an ancient Sumerian god, Gozer the Gozerian, in an attempt to finish it all off.

Sitcoms? All I watch now is Scrubs, Simpsons (for old times' sake) and the incredible Arrested Development. That is all.

Awww, can I say these things about you?
*hugs tv

Tuesday, December 07, 2004


Yes, yes the first season of Gargoyles is now on DVD, for its 10th anniversary (has it been that long?). It has the first 13 episodes. I used to love this show. It was so well done.
I did a bit of digging and found out that season 2 had 52 (!) episodes. Then season 3 was something called "The Goliath Chronicles" and had another 13 episodes. There's no way I've seen them all. Dare I say I want this dvd and the forthcoming seasons? It's like a Star Trek reunion, too (watchers of the show know what I mean).

Damn, I can't get the theme song out of my head, now!

Monday, December 06, 2004

Don't Panic

I was wasting time online and stumbled upon the teaser trailer for the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. Being a huge fans of those books and their author, the late, great Douglas Adams, I cannot wait for this movie to come out. The books are damned hilarious and I can only hope the movie is too.

That is all.

Friday, December 03, 2004

Back in the saddle again...

So here I am, staring at a blank blogspace. What to write? My fans have been clamouring for new posts, but I draw a blank. Unlike the Masta, I don't have run ins with people that turn into hilarious stories. Let's see...what could be of interest...
I bought the Spider-Man 2 dvd...and completely went through every feature and extra in a day. It was excellent. How I love Sam Raimi's Spider-Man. The casting of Peter Parker is so perfect.

I was so in the Raimi mood that I watched the classic that is Army of Darkness. The close-ups and weirdo angles are great. I love him as a director. Is he my favourite director? I dunno. I like others. I mean, Spielberg is excellent, too. I love the little things he does in his movies. You'd have to watch a Spielberg movie with me so I can point them out. Some of my favourite movies are by Ridley Scott (Blade Runner, Gladiator) but Raimi is having so much fun when he's making his movies. I do love Kevin Smith, but more as a writer. His directing skills are nothing special. But I digress...(who cares what I have to say about the matter...well, obviously you do, elsewise, you wouldn't be reading this!)

BTW, Star Trek: Enterprise has gotten amazing. This last 3 part Vulcan arc was amazing. Here's hoping it gets renewed for a 5th season.

Wednesday, November 24, 2004


Fewer and fewer people are using Microsoft's Internet Explorer in favour of Mozilla Firefox...Microsoft included! Check the link.

Tuesday, November 23, 2004


Once in a while, you're in such a mood where you want some absurdity to lighten you up. Well, if you need to laugh, check this out. Go to "videos" and watch the Ding Dong Song video. Guaranteed laughs. Guaranteed!!!

Thursday, November 18, 2004

Halo 2: The End

So I get all ready to play the Halo 2 campaign mode last night. I load up my last checkpoint and there's this big guy to fight. A cool segment and I finally beat him i5 minutes later. I neat little cutscene follows leading up to some incredible action sequence. At least that's what I thought. Suddenly, the credits roll! To quote Moe from The Simpsons, "Whaaaaa???". That the hell? I knew the game was short and I heard the ending is bad, but wow. At least the multiplayer is wicked cool.

Monday, November 15, 2004


I feel there's something inherently wrong with seeking out advertising on the web, but these Terry Tate ads from Reebok are some really funny stuff. You can watch them here.

Thursday, November 11, 2004


So I ripped myself away from Halo 2 long enough to confirm that's it's great. The Xbox Live component is too fun. Unlike many other games, the connection is seamless. No lag whatsoever. And having a clan is too cool. You round up your posse and take on other clans. Then check how you performed on
Everyone, get an Xbox, then Halo 2, then Xbox Live. Do it now.

Friday, November 05, 2004


So I watched the new Star Wars trailer. Yes. It's amazing. I wanna see more... Sigh...

Halo 2 next week! I've been reading and seeing so much about it. Looks fantastic. There's a redesigned Blood Gulch that looks neat. Tuesday...

I finished X-Men Legends last night. It's so short. It's a fun game, but I think I would be upset had I bought it. Short and easy. Meh...

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Messenger 7.0

So i downloaded MSN Messenger 7.0. among the features are handwriting (which can also be used to draw), "nudges" and most importantly, the ability to set your status BEFORE signing on.

Yes, this is the most exciting thing that happened to me in months.

BTW, I thought this cartoon was funny:

Thursday, October 28, 2004


So I was pulling for the Cardinals but they choked something awful!!! A funny thing happened, though. When I saw Pedro and Cabrera celebrating, it made me happy. Good going, guys. Those two were always Montreal boosters. In fact, after the game, Pedro said this World Series win goes out to Montreal and he shares his heart and ring to the fans of Montreal. Pedro goes down as one of the greats in my book. Even though the Red Sox have an insane payroll, making them almost as bad as the Yankees (but nobody seems to want to acknowledge this), I'm still happy for them. But after an 86 years drought, what do Red Sox fans possibly have to look forward to anymore?

Sunday, October 24, 2004


Thanks, everyone, for turning out to the big bday bash. At it's peak, I think we were 22 at the restaurant. I will very much enjoy the dvds and FIFA 2005. Wow... Now I hope I don't get a job, just so I can get through all this.

Oh, and here's a pic of a guy with a dice hat.

Thursday, October 21, 2004


Yes yes, yesterday was my birthday. I am now a ripe 24. Wow. Twenty goddam four. It was like any other day, except that I got some money. But perhaps the greatest gift of all was seeing the historic collapse of the New York Yankees. Up 3 games to none against Boston, the Yanks lost 4 straight to lose the series, first time that's ever happened in baseball. Anyway, Boston will now proceed to lose the World Series, seeing as how they're cursed and all.

What else...? Oh , I want Halo 2 right now. Yes, right now. I also want Knight of the Old Republic right now. I like games, dammit.

I've taken to watching this "Lost" show. It's pretty fun and has some nice visuals (Rez knows what I mean). Anyway, it's pretty involving. It's by that guy who does "Alias". I've never seen "Alias" so that bit of info carries no weight with me, but it might with some of you out there. Anyway, like I said, it's a fun show. I wonder how long they can make the premise last, but judging by its juggernaut ratings, it'll be around for a while.

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Chewbacca, what a Wookie!

So I was thinking about Star Wars (when am I not?) and I thought of this. Wookies can only speak in roars, from what I've observed in the movies, books, games, etc. Yet Chewbacca has a distinctly un-roar-like name. How did he manage to tell others what his name was if he can't even pronounce "Chewbacca". Naturally, his name should be a type of roar. Or maybe it's the type of thing when a guy comes over from China and his name suddenly becomes Frank.

I dunno.

Sunday, October 10, 2004


I made a new comic. I hope it's funny, in the Malgo style (in fact, it features a character introduced in Malgo: The Lost Years #2). You can read it here. I'm thinking of making a new site where I could put up all sorts of comics and create stuff I do. I'll think about that for now.
Until then, enjoy.

Saturday, October 09, 2004

P-a-r-t-y? Cuz I gotta!

Yes yes, after much berating, I caved and went to the Anneilversaire at Blu. What a fun time it was. On the one side is my McGill peeps. On the other is the Centennial class reunion. Insane meshing of the two going on. It was like some sort of nexus of the universe...or sumfin. Anyway...
Major "ups" to everyone. Huzzah! Huzzah!

Although, getting home at 4, then waking up to make a 10am tutoring appointment is not recommended for anyone. Especially after consuming copious amount of alkeehol.

Thursday, September 30, 2004

What now?

What now, people? I'm almost out of DVDs to watch. I play the hell out of my video games. I look for work every day but can land nothing, not even a lousy interview.

Someone find me suitable work.

Wednesday, September 29, 2004


The media is awash with "expos leaving" type reports. They claim there's an announcement coming very soon, perhaps today even. I still don't give it much credence. Maybe it'll happen. In fact, it's very possible it will. However, an official announcement means nothing at all due to many obstacles.
1) Washington DC is trying to ram through legislation making taxpayers pay for the entire cost of the $450M stadium they wanna build, this in one of the most medically and scholastically underfunded places in the country. Needless to say, there is very little public support for this. Without a stadium, there's nothing doing. Also, MLB wants to give the team to the city, without even having an owner. No owner has been selected to buy the team. They're just saying "fine, this city will have the team, now let's get someone to buy it". At that point, who's gonna give any substancial amount of money for the team?

2) The former limited partners who used to own the Expos are suing MLB and Jeffrey Loria in a RICO case (RICO is the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) Act). They claim MLB gave the team to Loria with no interest to keep the team here. When it proved too difficult to move the team, Loria got the Marlins for a song and a dance and MLB took control of the Expos, leaving the limited partners in the cold. They're suing for hundreds of millions of dollar and the be granted control of the team. If an attempt is made to move the team, they will seek an injunction barring the move. This case may go on quite a bit and may lead to the Expos coming back in the hands of the local partners. It can go either way.

3) Peter Angelos, owner of the Baltimore Orioles, will not accept a team 57 km out of Baltimore, in Washington. He claims the area cannot support 2 teams, as a huge chunk of his fanbase comes from DC. He claims he'd be losing more than 30% of his revenues immediately if a team enters the market. MLB has been trying to buy him off, offering him hundreds of millions of dollars, but he refuses. His losses would be in perpetuity, therefore a one-time sum will not do. He's dead-set against a team moving in, and has other owners on his side.
MLB has also allegedly offered him a minimum revenue. In other words, if a team in DC decreases his revenues below a certain amount, MLB would oay the Orioles the difference. There are so many things wrong with that. Every other teams would love to have guaranteed revenue. How can 1 of them get preferential treatment in this way? This move would also fuel the court case as evidence of a conspiracy.

Anyway, MLB can make all the announcements they want, but until these huge monkeys are off their back, there's nothing to do. So we sit and wait to see how the legal sides will play out.

If you wanna read a short, intelligent article on the matter, check this out.

Monday, September 27, 2004


Just an observation today.
I find that with ads, we sit there and passively absorb them without noticing their innate silliness.
Anyone really pay attention to a razor blade commercial? There is always this unshaven chap who doesn't look too happy. Then whiz-bang-boom, a few razor strokes later, he's clean shaven and as happy as Michael Moore at a buffet.

And then there's always a woman (sometimes more, if the shave was really close to the skin) and she starts caressing his face.
Conclusion: If this were true, I'd shave 3 times a day.

Wednesday, September 22, 2004

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away...

Ok, I got my Star Wars DVDs. I got Star Wars Battlefront for the Xbox. I will disappear for a while now. Thank you.

Tuesday, September 21, 2004


As I get older, I hate award shows more and more. They are absolutely ridiculous. Who came up with the idea of having someone tell lame jokes for 10 minutes at the start, anyway? Why not have a guy come out and tell dramatic stories? Ha! Anyway...

I was just happy to see the criminally underwatched Arrested Development win some key comedy awards, including best comedy series, in its first season, no less. It's a great show and more people should watch.

Also, seeing Frasier and Niles both pick up awards in the last season of that show also made me happy and sad, at once. Seeing one of my favourite shows of all time go out on top is bittersweet. From beginning to end (with maybe a few rough spots in between), it was great. And the last episode was a fitting, classy, funny end.

Now what will I watch? There is not a single new show this season that I find interesting. Maybe Boston Legal, but I'm almost fed up with David E. Kelley that I may very well not watch it. Bah!

Thursday, September 16, 2004

Hockey Musings

I got some thoughts of hockey in general.

The World Cup of Hockey.
I enjoyed this tournament. We get to see some high calibre hockey...higher than the NHL, even. The NHL has marginal players but in the World Cup, we only get the top flight people from each country. Not too shabby. The games were relatively fun, I found. It's a neat tournament that I hope lasts for a while. However, this is my complaint. They take it way too seriously. By calling it the "World Cup", we automatically think of soccer. In comparison, the WC of Hockey is a joke next to the real World Cup. I think it was a big mistake naming it the World Cup. There is only one World Cup. They should have named it something that doesn't bring to mind a tournament with a true World following and tons of history. The World Cup of Hockey has very little history (under that specific name). Nevertheless, I think the tournament itself is a lot of fun to watch, especially since there won't be NHL for a good long while...which brings me to my next point:

NHL Lockout.
Everyone's to blame. Maybe not equally, but I'd say 60/40, players/owners. On the one hand, you have greedy players who want as much money as they can get (can you blame them?) but fail to understand that this course of actions will ultimately lead to losing their jobs, when teams fold en masse. On the other hand, you have owners who claim they cannot keep paying these salaries, then turn around and sign nutty contracts. Chris Pronger, $10M for 1 year? The owners are saying one thing, but doing another. Hopefully, this lockout lasts so long that he league loses 6 or 8 teams. They hundreds of players will be out of a job. That's teach everyone. In the meanwhile, I got my NHL videogame to keep my hockey thirst going.

That's my opinion. I could be wrong.

Wednesday, September 08, 2004


Well, I'm back from trips. I can't go into great detail about each of my trips, cuz it would take ages. Here is some info in a nutshell.

-Jays game at Skydome
-Convention next door; got picture with people, including long-time fave Levar Burton. Yay!
-Walking and walking till we found Chinatown
-Squating in resto until the midnight menu came into effect
-Pacific Mall in China...errrr... I mean Markham. Biggest indoor Chinese mall in N.A.
-Bumping into P.K.C. at Pacific Mall
-Missing the check-out time at the hostel and being asked to leave

New York:
-Crazy huge outlet mall/town
-Hotel overlooking Giants Stadium/Continental Airlines Arena
-Taking public transit everywhere, just like the locals
-Conan O'Brien show. 'Nuff said
-Crazy singing people on the subway. Weirded out...
-That odour the subways have
-Realizing that being polite is a foreign concept to New Yorkers. They don't know how to respond to "thank you"
-The Comedy Cellar. Best comedy outing I've had (Darryl Hammond was good, but Sherrod Small was beyond words)
-Snapping paparazzi-style pic of Pat O'Brien
-Times Square
-Walking from Battery Park to Central Park
-John Lennon vigil in Central Park
-Yankees game

Etc etc...I'm sure I'm missing tons of stuff but that's a quick rundown.

Wednesday, August 18, 2004


Yeah, so I had to use a cane for a few days. I was playing soccer last Sunday when this idiot stomped his foot on the ball just as I was gonna kick it. So it was like kicking a brick wall. My ankle sprained badly and the next day I couldn't walk. I had to hobble to the doctor's and then get xrays (which were negative).

Let me say this. Whereas Bremnerstud milked his cane for all it's worth, I couldn't pimp a cane if my life depended on it. People would be disgusted with me, flashing the saddest, nastiest faces. And nobody would give me their seat on the bus. Jerks. I should have assaulted them with my cane.

All is almost better now. I can walk nicely. I might even resume going to the gym soon.

So my job ended today. What did I do? Well, in keeping with how my job panned out all summer, I did nothing. I walked around, goofed off, read a book. Then went home. In between, a bunch of us went for lunch. Best thing about the job: it provided $$ for trips. Yesssss....trips...

Saturday, August 14, 2004


So Marc Labreche, host of the sorely missed, very funny "La Fin du monde est a sept heures" goes to my gym. I bumped into him and told him I enjoyed the show. He made a deep bow and thanked me very much.

You know those crazy karaoke places in Japan, where you rent a little room, close the door, then bust out songs with your peeps? Well, I went to one last night with people and it was very fun...and very Asian. Wow. It felt like walking into Tokyo. But the songs were fun, the people nice and "Without Me" was a highlight. Hooray!

So my temp job ends this week. I made some nice money...which I haven't really saved at all. Crud, I need work. Anyone?...

Saturday, August 07, 2004


Well, the Weather Pixie is back! Huzzah!

Thursday night was the Wilco concert at Theatre St-Denis. While there were many empty seats, the show did not disappoint. This is the third time i've seen them play and they're always rocking. I even took some lengthy videos with my camera so I could watch/listen to my heart's content.

My job is ending soon. Less than 2 weeks. Sigh...what to do? Anyone want to hire a computer engineer with no experience? Please?

Saturday, July 31, 2004

R.I.P. Weather Pixie

It's a sad day today. The Weather Pixies are offline. I dunno what happened, but they're dead. Farewell, Pixie (I always thought you're be named Maxine, for some reason. Is that name alright with you, Max? Good...). You were the best looking of the pixies, too. Sigh...we all waited for hot weather to come and you didn't disappoint...

Aw, who am I kidding. I never even consulted the pixie. Stupid pixies, taking up space. Leave me. Leave me like every woman! Be that way! :'( Sniff sniff...

Sunday, July 25, 2004


So this weekend, I took in 2 Just For Laughs shows. One was a series of short comedy films. Pretty funny. Way too much to discuss in this space, but trust me, some stuff was good. Others were not so good, which seriously has me thinking I should make a short film and submit it to a festival.

Anyway, the second show was the superb Best of Uptown Comics. It's basically a parade of black stand-ups, coming on stage in succession, with host Orlando Jones making jokes in between. Orlando was great. Special guest Sinbad was great. The lone white comedian was great. And the last guy, Earthquake, was damned funny, too. In fact, the entire show was SOLID. I'm hoping to go back next year.

Fun fact: Orlando Jones went to McGill briefly. Check this link where he mentions it.

Thursday, July 15, 2004


So the Emmy nominations came out today.  I am pleased that 24 got nominated for best drama, and that Kiefer Sutherland got nominated for actor in a drama.  I was also happy to see both Kelsey Grammar and David Hyde Pierce get nominations, as Frasier ended its run.  But I am most pleased (and surprised!) that Arrested Development got recognized as a best comedy candidate.  Yes!!!

Tuesday, July 13, 2004


Ok, I was pleased when the Greeks won the Euro Championship but I've since turned on them. Today, a full 9 days laters, Greeks have little Greek flags rippling from behind their cars in celebration. Come on! Get real. Nobody cares anymore. Boo Greeks, boo.

Monday, July 12, 2004

Photo lab

So I went to pick up my pictures from Pharmaprix and I whip out a twenty, thinking it's gonna cost around $7. But the girl says "$1.14". I was shocked. I gave my money and left. Why so cheap? Was it because I flossed the other girl last week and it was her way of thanking me? I seriously cannot explain it.

Saturday, July 10, 2004

The pains of cigarettes

Another reason to hate cigarettes.
I was walking by the little cafe they set up by the autoparc and some girl sitting in a chair on the 'terrace' flicks a cigarette behind her, grazing my arm. I stood, shocked, then glowered at her. She had this look on her face like she was scared to death of what I might do. Instead of yelling at her for almost setting my arm on fire, I walked away. Does that make me the bigger person or is it just another instance of conflict evading?

I should have yelled at her good.

Thursday, July 08, 2004


So I tried my hand at flossin' over-the-counter ladies again. I dropped off film at Pharmaprix. There was a choice between "quality" and "high quality". Even though the signs explained the differences, I asked the girl what the diff was. She giggled and explained. Then she asked me to write my name. I asked whether I should write first or last name. She said she likes to put her first name. At this point, I should have asked what her name was (turns out it was Lita, I found out later). Anyway, I didn't ask. So then I asked if I can come see her tomorrow to get the film. She laughed and said it'll be ready in 2 days so she wouldn't be there. We said bye and I left. Still got it...

So at work, I finally have something to do. Sure it's monkey-work, but at least the day passes quicker.
So the other day, Ken Martin asks me if I can be a reference for his passport application. I say sure. The next day this morose-sounding lady calls.
"Hi, I'm calling fromt he passport office. Ken Martin listed you as a reference.""
"Can you describe him?"
"Uh, sure. He has dark hair. And he's half-Japanese."
"Thank you." Click!
Too funny.

Saturday, July 03, 2004


So we went to Ottawa on Wednesday night (thanks to Allison for driving me back and forth) and I met up with Joe at his apartment. Dave, Jean and Mo showed up a bit later and then all sorta of fun was had. If you wanna see pics, here's a site I made.

Anyway, I must say this, though. Ontario is ultra lame. No matter how old you look, everybody cards you. Everybody. Without any exception. This 30ish chick was outside a bar crying cuz it was her birthday and she forgot her ID, so the entire night was ruined (cuz she couldn't get into any bars). So sad. Glad to be from Quebec.

Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Fall into the Gap

So I'm at the Gap cuz I saw a big sign advertizing shirts that looked neat. So I pick one and go to the cash and there's this nice-looking girl servicing the cash. She takes the shirt and expertly folds it and places it in the bag. So I quip, "Do they train you to fold like that or are you just good at folding?"

To which she replies, "Hahaha, they don't train us, no. But if you want, I could show you how to fold later."

Me, being much less bright than the light bulb of Callista Flockhart's fridge, explained that no, I was already late on my lunch break.


So, glad to see Ontarians decided not to be swayed by those radical, hicks-in-disguise Conservatives. That's right. I cannot understand these Westerners. Maybe they should separate and relieve us of grief.

Monday, June 28, 2004


So I'm walking down Ste. Catherine street and they're filming some movie at the Anglican church, next to the Bay. It's a wedding scene. According to the signs, the movie is called "I Do But...", not to be confused with "I Do Butts", which plays late at night on the dish.
Seriously, though, I did some research and the movie is actually called "I Do (But I Don't)" starring Denise Richards, for the Lifetime Network. Bew...

Saturday, June 26, 2004


So I understand that people don't wanna vote Liberal, but what's the alternative? I will not stand for a Conservative government. They're the devil! So, fine people might be tempted to go for the NDP or whatnot. That's good and well, but people, don't think ideologically. Think realistically. A vote for anyone other than Liberals is a vote for the Conservatives. I'm not saying this in support of the Liberals. But if you vote for someone else, it just means the Conservatives have an easier shot at it. And who are the Conservatives? They're the few PCs that were left merged with the masses of Alliance/Reform yahoos! You want the Reform party governing Canada?

And don't talk to me about voting Bloc cuz they'll represent Quebec. BS! Since I saw their tv commercials, I hate them even more. "On veut un Quebec qui nous resemble."? WTF is that about? That's racism hidden under solidarity. They're pretty much saying they wanna a white, French Quebec. That's good if you're white and can pass off as French, but I for one despise them. And who founded the Blob? Former Conservatives.

Adn the NDP are nice and all but they're living in a dream world. Poor guys. Please, PLEASE do not elect the Conservatives. It's the equivalent of voting Republican. And voting for another party with no realistic shot is the equivalent of voting Ralph Nader in the US.

That being said, Brossard is back, baby! Take that, Jacques Olivier and Longueuil. Y'all can suck my diznik!

Friday, June 25, 2004

oh dear

I am on antibiotics...again! This sucks. I have a runny nose, my throat is hurting and I have a fever. I guess I'm out of commission for the weekend unless thinks dramatically turn better. Farewell, cruel world.

Wednesday, June 23, 2004


Oh man. On Carmen's blog, she didn't think this was funny. But it so is. Everyone knows this stereotype and actually putting it into words is hilarious. The parts about random English words and music are especially true. (I only read the first definition...I dunno about the others)

Tuesday, June 22, 2004


Take THAT, Italy. I'm sick of your crybaby ways. "Oh, Sweden/Denmark will conspire to draw a 2-2 final, so that we, the Italians (the rightful heirs of soccer), will get ousted! Unfair!" I'm sick of your bitching! Ha! Good riddance. Take Totti with you!

So I picked up the new Wilco album...and it's weird, straight down to the package! Nowhere is there an indication as to the band or the album's name, except on the sides. And that track with 12 minutes of guitar fuzz is odd. But the regular songs are pretty nice. After an initial listen, I prefer Yankee Hotel Foxtrot, but I'll spin the new disc a few times before rendering judgment.

Sunday, June 20, 2004


Disaster! I took tons of pics of playing volleyball and baseball game yesterday but I accidentally cleared my memory card. I'm such a moron. I apologize to Allison, Samir and Dave for not being able to send them those nice pics I took of us. Sorry...

Friday, June 18, 2004


So I took the plunge and got a digital camera. The Minolta Dimage G400. It's 4Megapixels and has a 3x optical zoom. It accepts both SD cards and Memory Sticks. It's pretty neat. I'll play around with it, take pics and videos and then comment some more.

So the Expos are retiring Tim Raines's number tomorrow and I will be there. It's a lone bright spot in this miserable season.

What's that? Lakers lost?! Muahahahahahahahah!! Sorry, Kobe, but I guess you'll be able to cry all the way to prison.

So the new Wilco album is coming out this Tuesday and I've heard mixed reviews. Spin magazine called it too weird. They said it's nutz experimental. The Gazette gave it 4.5/5, saying it gets better with each listen. All I know is that there is one song that's 15 minutes long, where the last 13 minutes is such distortion. Weird, guy! Oh well, they have my money. And I'm seeing the show on Auguest 5th.

That's it for now.

Thursday, June 10, 2004


Every chance he gets, Vin Diesel proclaims how much of a Dungeons & Dragons nerd he is. Is this possible? If so, even I'm gonna call him a geek. He seems to know his stuff, from quotes I've read. I could just imagine him sitting around a table, arguing with the DM about the dexterity check needed to pick a lock. The geeky nerd, on an obvious power trip, makes the required roll so impossibly high, just to piss Vin off. So then Vin flips the table over and dismembers said nerd. Discuss.

Sunday, June 06, 2004


So, instead of watching what seemed like a great hockey game, I was duped into seeing "the funniest Filipino on the planet". Dear God! If he's the funniest, then Filipinos are in trouble. This guy sucked. I didn't laugh once. He had no idea how to deliver a proper joke. Despite his utter suckage, the crowd was eating it up. I guess cuz they were all Filipino themselves. Oh my God. I want my $20 back. I feel very ripped off.

Afterwards, we were loitering at McDonald's when this French guy from Sorel hears us speaking English and proceeds to have a 2 hour conversation with us about why we're speaking English in a French province. He seemed like an ok guy, but his complete cluelessness was shocking. He couldn't understand why it's good to know more than one language. Let's see him speak English as well as we speak French. Anyway, long story short, he was but a microcosm of the mentality of many Quebecois, mostly outside the multicultural Montreal region: close-minded but not aware of it.

Friday, June 04, 2004


Thanks to all who showed up to our mini grad dinner at Le Four. The food was pretty good and the company better. We'll see each other soon, I hope!

Wednesday, June 02, 2004


So yesterday was grad day....under a giant tent...under the pouring rain. After dreadfully boring speeches, we finally walked across stage and got our diplomae. But walking through the rain all day had my feet swimming in my shoes. VERY UNCOMFORTABLE. I hate wet shoes. Made for a miserable day. Then, the reception was in the lobby of a tiny building, where anyone was invited. Imagine hundreds of people in a place the size of maybe 4 standard classrooms...with only carrots to eat. I hate you, McGill. You will never see another dollar of mine.

Thursday, May 27, 2004


So I finally got paid yesterday. Or is it payed? I never know. Anyway, what a feeling it is to have a poopload of $$ dropped into one's account. The possibilities seem endless. I prompty bought the Red Dwarf DVDs I've been meaning to get for a while. I am satisfied.

Not only that, but I tutored and mowed a bunch of lawns, too. How long before I burn out?

In other news, I joined Nautilus Plus today. I plan on going after work a couple of days a week. Gotta get in shape!

Other than that, same old, same old. The Enterprise season finale was nutzoid (but I won't go into details, in case some of you [ahem, Chris!] haven't seen it!). But trust me, it's seriously whack!

I'm doing research into getting a digital camera. Probably sometime next week, I'll get one, but I'm not sure yet. I gotta see what Brault & Martineau have.

Alright, that's it for now. In case any of you are wondering why there's not Heel of the Week on the ol', it's cuz I can't think of anything. The well is dry. Things don't bother me as much since school ended and I'm getting income. Wow. Maybe I've turned a leaf.

By the way, here's a compilation of some of the best moments of movie swearing, complete with clips. Ahhhh, I'm such a Kevin Smith fanboy.

Saturday, May 22, 2004

Supersize Me

Alright, peeps, you must go see Supersize Me. It's a documentary about this guy who decided to eat nothing but McDonald's for a month...and how he almost dies. After seeing it, I never want to eat fast food again. I'm serious. You must see this movie. It's hilarious and scary at the same time.

Monday, May 17, 2004


So, at work, my supervisor was supposed to show me a bunch of stuff last week so that I can get some work started while she takes 2 weeks vacation. Fast forward to around 3:30 today, the day before she leaves. She rushes through tons of things. Then she apologizes because she didn't have time for me last week. The best part: she said she's sorry that I might not have much work to do while she's gone, but at least I'm getting paid.
My thoughts exactly!

By the by, I got a new cell phone plan. It's the free weekends. So feel free to call from Friday 8pm to Monday 7am. I had to alter my number, though, so make note. It's now (514) 554-VREJ.

Oh yeah, Justin was wondering about this. The baseball player with "the wife" is the Dodgers' Jose Lima. Pic below:

That is all.

Thursday, May 13, 2004


So after 11 years, one of my must-see TV shows goes off the air. I enjoyed Frasier from day 1 and it's sad to see it go. Recalling countless classic episodes, I desperately hoped the last one would be good. The fact that the original writers (who wrote the show to 5 consecutive Best Comedy Emmys...5!!! Unheard of!) returned this season meant that the quality went back up and the final episode was funny and avoided being like most last episodes. It was funny and a touch sentimental. But good throughout. Bye Frasier...

On another note, my lack of posts is due to the fact that I don't have net access at work. Otherwise, I'd be writing more (during my lunch break, of course).

Monday, May 10, 2004


I added a new link to my comic book collection. Enjoy.


I added a new link to my comic book collection. Enjoy


Overheard at work; subject: gay marriages

"C'est un abomination! Un abomination! Sous peu, on va ĂȘtre capable de
marier des chiens! Des chiens et des chats! On va parler 4 langues:
l'anglais, le français, le chien et le chat!"

I thought that was too funny.

Saturday, May 08, 2004

whole week

So I've completed an entire week at work and I've pretty much got nothing done. First, my cubicle was usurped by someone else. So now, I have an office on the clear other side of the floor...where there is nobody. Second, I didn't have a computer for the first 3 days. Then, I got a computer, but couldn't log on because it wasn't hooked up to the network. After that, the proper software I need wasn't installed. Then, it's the weekend. So, it's been a very long week of nothing-doing.

So, yes, I missed the Friends finally. People are all like "did you see Friends?" I say "no". I actually don't care about it. I've seen, what, a dozen, 15 episodes? What I care about will be the final Frasier. I've seen every Frasier episode since the day it started, back in Sept. 1993. What a brilliant show it is. Next Thursday will be a sad, sad day.

Tuesday, May 04, 2004

I want...



Monday, May 03, 2004

work; live-action SW show

So today was my first day of work. I've never worked in an office before. I met up with the lady I'll be working with. She's nice. I also met out mutual boss. He seems like an affable chap...but we'll see...
However, even though the order was placed weeks ago, someone screwed up and I didn't have a computer! So I pretty much did nothing and got extremely bored all day. I never realized how long a day is when you're not sleeping through the entire morning.

So months ago, I heard rumblings about a Star Wars tv show. The fact that they made the Clone Wars cartoons might have been an indication that the eventual show would be animated (hence, testing the market with 3 minute shorts). But today comes this news, from, the leading SW news site:

More SW TV Series Confirmation
Mon, May 03, 04 01:00:20 AM EDT

Sean writes in with this cool report to confirm work on a SW TV Show is most definitely happening:
I asked him about Star Wars' future and he got really excited and told me in thinly veiled comments that it is going to TV (live-action) . He couldn't go into details because he was under a legal contract.
So I asked this gentlemen if the show was pre-EP4, he said maybe with a smile, then I asked about Vader, and he had the same response, same with Chewbacca, same with Tarkin. Anyways he said Lucasfilm was really excited about this, and he did mention that there were to be no Episodes 7-9.

We've got more coming this week, but let's just say a TV Show is a definite thing, according to documents being distributed to licensees and marketing people now.

What to make of this? I always thought a live action show would be amazing, but only if it had new characters, weaving in and out of the original trilogy storyline. The SW universe is huge and could sustain some great stories (to wit: KotOR). Let's see what comes of this. It had better be good.

Saturday, May 01, 2004

TV turnoff; Friends; The Wolfman; Batman

So last week was TV-Turnoff Week; a week where everyone was supposed to turn off the tv and do something more contructive. I say to hell with these damned I'm-better-than-you types who ridicule us tv watchers. You know when someone is asked what their favourite show is and they say "Oh, I don't watch tv"? Bulls***! Everyone watches tv, ok? Some people like claiming they don't cuz it makes them feel intellectual. They can go screw themselves. Sure television is usually full of the stupidest, most insipid content, but still. I like TV. Which brings me to my next point.

So Friends is ending this week. It's like it's the end of the world! I've seen a handful of episodes in my day and they were generally amusing. But the way the media is presenting it, it's as if the days will darken and rivers will overflow once it goes off the air. I wonder if people will make as much noise when Frasier (yes, a superior show) end the following week? Sigh...

So I was watching the trailer to Van Helsing and I noticed something. Why is it called The Wolfman, capital T and W? I mean, there's Dracula, Frankenstein's monster (not Frankenstein, as some people like saying. To quote Red Dwarf "It's a mistake commonly made by incredibly stupid people"). But it's always The Wolfman. Even if there was an entire pack of Wolfmen, each one would individually be called The Wolfman. Maybe it's because the only attack one at a time. But by that token, any henchman in a kung fu movie should be called The Henchman, cuz they seem to attack one at a time, too. Whatever.

So finally, we get pictures of Christian Bale as the new Batman. The costume is looking neat, a little different than we've seen. I'm hoping for some better, more telling pictures but here are a couple:

Thursday, April 29, 2004

end of school

So I finally did it. I wrote my last undergrad exam. Ahhhhhhh the sweet feeling of being finished school after all these years.

So afterwards, we went to AMC Forum to the former Jillian's restaurant. We ate and watch the hockey game. I predicted a 4-1 TB win, but they only won 3-1....pity. Anyway, a good time was had by all. Over a dozen peeps from school attended and we had fun.

Then we went upstairs to the arcade place and the fun began. Karthik asked this big tough-looking black guy if he could play table hockey. The guy told him to back the eff away. Karthik doesn't take kindly to things of that nature and a seriously murderous gleam entered his eyes. He was immovable. The guy started shoving him, unprovoked. Soon, 10 people were in a huge shoving match, almost toppling the table hockey set. In the middle was Bassem, holding people apart. If I thought Karthik was immovable, man, Bassem was a rock. So much so that I'm giving him the nickname The Rock from now on. Anyway, more people jumped in and the fight was separated, with the big guy's glasses almost broken.

Then we all left.

Tuesday, April 27, 2004

Few notes

So last night, Tim Meadows was on Kilborn. Man, do I enjoy him. He's such a funny dude, too bad, he's doing nothing nowdays. Sigh...

So on The Simpsons a few weeks back, they went to a science fiction convention. It was called Bi-Mon Sci-fi Con. I feel cheated. I thought I came up with To-Ron Sci-Fi Con and its weaker brother, Mon Sci-Fi Con. Oh well... :(

weather pixie

Well, I was growing dissatisfied with my current blog weather service, so I followed JBo's excellent advice and put my very own WeatherPixie. Damn you Jbo! You selected the nicest one. I was gonna take her, too, then I looked at yours and it was the same. And here I thought we had different with the redheaded waifs. Oh well.

Friday, April 23, 2004

gmail again

If anyone wants to help test this out, email...err..i mean "gmail" me at

Expos home opener tonight! Yes!!! Also, Habs play TB. Should be a good game, maybe I'll catch the replay on CBC at night.

Did anyone see my boys Calgary put Detroit away in OT? Yehess!!!!

Thursday, April 22, 2004

Gmail, dvds

Have you seen google's new webmail thing, Gmail? It's like hotmail, except you can store 1 GB of emails and stuff. Perfect if I download something huge elsewhere. I can send it to myself and re-coup it when I get home. Also, it incorporates google into the email. I can therefore search my emails using google. Neat.

Ok, has anyone seen this new Pizza Hut promotion? You order pizza and they send you a DVD to watch with your pizza. The 3 choices of movies are: Lost in Space, Weekend at Bernie's and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Yeah, I can't wait till the 2nd phase of this promotion when they give out Masters of the Universe, Death Becomes Her and Ski School. Jesus, man! Who's the ad wizard behind giving bum-f*** nothing movies with pizza? I laughed out loud when I saw that commercial.

To all those skipping the home opener to watch Game 1 on tv: I am severely disappointed.


A couple of neat links (thanks to

and Star Destroyer.

I thought that was neat.

So, where would YOU go in a Delorean?

Tuesday, April 20, 2004

I couldn't resist.

I couldn't resist. Sorry, JBo.
Fanta ad.

Go Flamos

Well, the Flames/Canucks series came to an excellent end. The best series of the first round looked like it was over until Vancouver scored with 5 seconds left in the third, tying it. But worry not, for Calgary came back and won in overtime, sending the pansy Canucks packing. Take that, Bertuzzi. Loser.

Day 2 of my break till my next exam begins thusly: wake up at 11:45. Read newspaper, come to computer, write this entry.

So the Canadiens won. Wow. Those Boston losers must be crying into their Bruins jerseys. Thornton was such a non-entity that people were calling for him to be stripped of his captain-"C".

The good thing about having some time: catching up on DVDs.
The bad thing: not much to talk about on blogs.

Monday, April 19, 2004

nothing for a while

Yup! I got nothing for a while. My last exam is on the 29th. Hooray!! I get to catch up on DVDs. Yehess...

Also, I get to look forward to the baseball home opener. I cannot wait.

I finally saw Bubba Ho-Tep, and it was very funny...and had a little message, to boot, about old people still being useful. Anyway, it was a fun movie. Very weird, but fun. Ossie Davis was hilarious.

Kill Bill: Vol.2 surpasses the first, so you should check that out, too. As for me, I'm gonna play some video games, watch some movies and generally chill for now. Ahh....the good life.

Saturday, April 17, 2004


To the girl who was smoking in front of me in line for the bus:

After sucking a last drag from that cigarette, you blew a lungful of smoke in my face.

To all smokers: I wish you all a painful and emphasemic death.

That is all.

Thursday, April 15, 2004


Studying hard or hardly studying?

Wednesday, April 14, 2004


Did you see the hockey game yesterday? "Oh, I'm Kovalev! I will grab my wrist and abandon the puck. Not only that, but I will take Souray out of the play, as well. Oh, look at me act!" Loser.

Meanwhile, the Calgary/Vancouver series has gotta be the most exciting series out there. Very fun to watch. Go Flamos!

What the hell is up with these Expos? Everyone predicted their pitching would suck, but they'd have nuts hitting. Now that the season started, it's the opposite!! Their pitching is something like 3rd best in the league but their hitting is last. Dead last. They're batting a collective .190! The only team nearly as bad it...the Yankees! They're somewhere near .208. Hopefully, if their batting wakes up, they'll win many games.

Good job, Omar, on signing Livan Hernandez! Yay!

Man, so this final on Friday? Screwed! What am I to do? Sooooo nutty. Why did I ever volunteer to do what's basically Signals 3? Oh my...

After Friday, my next (and last) exam is on April 29th, so I have plenty of time to do that. So, Friday night: Kill Bill: Vol.2? Perhaps!

So, I downloaded all 20 episodes of Star Wars Clone Wars cartoon and made a VCD out of them. It's so neat. I must rewatch it.

So, the lady from SNC calls and says she'll call back next week to tell me when I start. When I start? She didn't even outright tell me I got the job. I guess I did...
Meanwhile x2, I keep checking the online posting of Tyco Brossard. I've been rejected for 5 of the 6 positions I applied for. But the 6th...I meet the criteria! Hopefully, I'll get an interview. Imagine working in Brossard? Screw SNC's summer position, if that's the case. This would be permanent!

Anyway, I'm out homeys.

P.S.: I will update some stuff on next week. Stuff is busy now.

Sunday, April 11, 2004


So I was watching the Expos game today. Yesterday, they won 1-0 and today, lost 4-1. What's the matter with them? Before the season started, everyone thought the hitting would be potent and the pitching, suspect. But now it's the opposite! The pitching rocks but they can't hit to save their lives! Argh! It's so frustrating. Once the hitting wakes up, though, watch out, NL East. This team will win a bunch of games.

Anyway, I was watching the game and Cliff Floyd injured himself, chugging to first base. This guy is 6'4'', 230+ pounds. As he's running, he pulls something. When you're that big, I suppose it's easy to pull something. That weight must be a tremendous strain on his frame. At least he's all built and stuff. Maybe he can deal with it better than, say, Yao Ming. Sure, Yao is also muscular, but his weight is divided among his body more. He's like a horse. If he even breaks his leg they gotta shoot him.

Has anyone seen that Yao Ming is going out with some star on the Chinese woman's basketball team? Wouldn't it be hilarious if they have kids and they're, like, hobbit-size?

Man, what a week this will be. Reports due, finals to study for...lab to attempt to demo at the last minute (actually, after the last minute). Sigh...

Oh, and the Star Wars Clone Wars cartoons ended this week with a bang. Episodes 18 and 19 had Anakin fighting Asaaj Ventress on Yavin 4. Very cool. The rain sizzling on the lightsabres was great. Then in episode 20, they introduced General Grievous (pictured below). He's a lightsabre wielding Droid general and a badass, to boot. This guy is gonna be a villain in episode 3 and allegedly has a fight with Obi-Wan. If that fight is anything close to his first appearance in this cartoon, then it will be awesome. Go download the episodes from or here. Well worth it. I hope the success of these Genndy Tartakovsky made cartoons sparks a full length animated series. That would be wicked.
All rightey, peeps. It's time to overeat. It's Easter.

Friday, April 09, 2004

The end of an era

Yesterday was the end of an era. I attended my last lecture as an undergraduate student (for the record, it was DTSP, of which I understoof little). I can't even understand what this means, having finished school. Sure, I still have a few reports to hand in, and 2 finals, but wow! Never to attend a lecture. Nice.

And as a bonus surprise, I got a call yesterday for an interview at SNC for a summer position. Sure, it's nothing permanent, but it'll be good experience. The interview went well. The lady asked me a few questions and made sure I know how to write and speak and generally found out if I was interested. She eventually said I'm an excellent candidate for the position and she'll find out next week what happens. The position would be technical writing, more specifically, writing the help files for their in-house project management software, or something. Let's see what becomes of this.

Tuesday, April 06, 2004

Baseball season

Aha!! Today, the Expos start the season!! Excellent....let's go!

Skimming through my regular blogs (by my fellow ECE students), there is a feeling of sadness going around. People are getting sentimental about this being the last week. I didn't even realize. Thursday marks my last undergraduate lecture (I hope). I suppose it is sad. But it's not the same since we moved to Trottier. Back in McConnell, we used to hang in McC12, eating lunch and stuff. Sure, Trottier has the Halo lab, but it's not the same. Remember in PErfect Strangers, when they moved from the apartment to the house? It wasn't the same after that. Same thing.

Anyway, no time to think about stuff. Too many things this week to realize what's going on.

Sunday, April 04, 2004

Nutty week

Well, this coming week will be nutty. Comp arc presentation. Lab demo x2. Quizzes, etc. Argh! So with all this stuff, I'm naturally looking forward to my Sunday night tv lineup. But alas, everything is a repeat (except for Arrested Development, hooray!). I heard the The Simpsons was new today, but apparently, that's false. I don't know what to believe anymore.

Ok, back to work.

Friday, April 02, 2004

Still at school

Wow, I've been at school a lot lately, with no end in sight. So much to work on, most specifically Comp arc lab project. Argh!
Tomorrow is Saturday, which will be spent at school. Tonight will be spent doing school-related stuff. Sunday will see me write a DSP lab report. Next week...well, I don't even wanna think about next week. I haven't even had time to explore my Weezer DVD that I bought recently. Fie, oh fie!

Whew, another deadline met! Stupid DTSP assignment!! What's the teacher's problem anyway!?

Why can't baseball season start any sooner?

Anyway, I'm out for now.

Wednesday, March 31, 2004

New Batman stuff

So the new Batman movie is shaping up to be pretty good. The cast is solid and advance reviews of the script are encouraging. Check here for some info.

Anyway, they got a new bat-logo:

I like the logo. It's un-polished looking, hopefully setting the tone for the movie.

New pics have emerged of Batman's new set of wheel:

Before you start crying "what did they do to the Batmobile", this design is very reminiscent of the vehicle Batman drove in Frank Miller's landmark "The Dark Knight Returns" mini-series from the 80s. If the movie is anywhere near as good as that comic, then we're in for a treat.

Tuesday, March 30, 2004

20 questions

I urge everyone to try out my latest link: 20 questions. It's endless fun.

Double the Cola!

Once in a while, you hear of something so magical that it can only be spoken of in whispers. Anything louder than that and it disappears. Our good friend Hitch spoke to me of such a thing: a vending machine that spits out 2 cans of Coke for every 1 button pressed. Too good to be true, I thought. It was not.

The story was that in the Pulp and Paper building, the Coke machine gives 2 cans. Problem #1: Where the hell is the P&P building? It turns out it's nestled quietly between McConnell Engineering and Otto Maass Chemistry. Only if you know it's there, will you find it. One can only see it if one believes its existence. A thirsty Neil and I decided the time was ripe to get our Coke.

We entered through the main doors. To our left is a long, curving staircase going deep down. Ahead, a hallway. We chose to go down the hall. There was a sign that told visitors to register at the booth. However, the booth was temporarily vacated. Our luck! At the end of the hall, deadend. We were turning around when some lady from an office asked "May I help you?" Quickly thinking on my feet, I said, "We're looking for the exit." She told us that we'd have to leave by the way we came in. Whew! Dodged a bullet there.

Then Neil spoke. "Are there any vending machines in this building?" I cringed. She said no. An obvious lie.

We retraced our steps and went downstairs, revealing a labyrinth of halls. Suddenly, security people appeared down one hall, so we quickly fled down the opposite one. Scurrying down, we stumbled upon an open area, with one sad-looking table. It was lit, however, by a beautiful Coke machine glow. We'd found the holy grail.

Putting the dollar in the machine, I hesistated. Do all the buttons gives 2 cans? Or just one? I pressed the first Coke button firmly. Chunk-a-chunk-a-chunk...a can rolled down. We waited, holding our breath.


Chunk-a-chunk-a-chunk! Another can! We'd succeeded! We grabbed the cans, ran up the stairs and bolted out the doors.

Later that day, Hitch informed me that there was an underground passage from Otto Maass leading to the basement of P&P, thereby avoiding all security and sign-in booths. I dunno about you but this way was much more fun.

Sunday, March 28, 2004

Two movies

Putting aside my better judgment, I saw not no e, but two movies this weekend. I saw Jersey Girl and Dawn of the Dead.

I didn't know what to expect from Jersey Girl, a PG-13 Kevin Smith movie. It's no secret that I'm a Kevin Smith fanboy, but would his core audience like the movie? I, for one, did very much enjoy it. IT could have fallen into sappy sentimentality, but for the most part steered clear of cheesiness. It was very funny, to boot.

Dawn of the Dead was amazing. Sure, you never learn what the zombies intentions are (do you ever in these type of movies?). Also, you don't know what turned them into zombies. And some choices by the characters are quesitonable but I must admit that this is one of the best zombie movies you'll ever see. It's very well made. If you ever wanted to see almost unbearable violence and gore against zombies (and some not), then you gotta see this flick. It's so intense, from beginning to end. Finally, they made a quality zombie movie.

Anyway, my l reviews of both movies should appear on later this week.

Friday, March 26, 2004

The Bat Rastards

Alright, so I came up with a new band name. The Bat Rastards. Let it churn in your head for a few days. It's pretty catchy. We'll see. I wonder if any band practices will come about soon (although I highly doubt it). Sigh...

So I finally got my Weezer DVD today. The UPS guy returned today and I signed for it. It contains all the Weezer videos, even some made only for the DVD. There are tons of behind the scenes stuff, too. I can't wait to get around to watching those, as well. All in due time.

To all those who read this blog and have yet to complete their fantasy baseball team: do it now! I hate it when a league has people who have incomplete teams that dwell at the bottom of the league with zero points! How it irks me!! Know what? I'm gonna fire off an email to people who have yet to fill out their team. The season starts on Tuesday with the Yankees taking on the Devil Rays in Japan.

I'm starting a mini-crazy at school with these cool wristbands. I must thank Rez for introducing me to wristbands. Shout out to Rez. My autobots one is very fantastic. I wish I had the Decepticon one to complement it, but those are hard to find.

Anyone see the box art for the Star Wars Original Trilogy DVD set coming out in September? Looks pretty swanky. That is a must-purchase item on my list.
Speaking of Star Wars, the Clone Wars cartoon starts up again tonight. Stupid CRTC doesn't alow us to get Cartoon Network, so I must find it on the net, through illicit means. Damn you, CRTC!!!

Amazing news for Montreal baseball fans. The Score has picked up the Expos nationally! From coast to coast, at least 25 games will be broadcast. Add to that the RDS games, plus the 6 Expos-Jays the odd TBS/WPIx broadcast and we get 50+ games on tv. Weird how the franchise is being run like a real team only after MLB takes over.

I wish I had more free time so I could continue to write songs for the band. Writing songs is very difficult. Well, at least writing semi-decent songs is. I'm by no means any good and it's hard.

Congrats to Dead For Twenty Days for landing an opening slot gig for alexisonfire. Even though my hatred for noted screamers alexisonfire is well documented, I must congratulate my boys in DFTF in their achievement. Hooray for them!

Wednesday, March 24, 2004

alexisonfire is awful

As an addendum to JBo's latest blog entry:

All alexisonfire fans, take note:

That band is awful. They set new standards to being awful. I'd rather listen to a William Hung two-fer Tuesday than sit through an alexisonfire 'song'. They are talentless hacks. Screaming into a mic takes ZERO talent. None! Maybe those guys behind the 'singer' can play well but who even know?! You can't hear them for all the screaming and yelling and the biting, flavin'...m'hoy...

That is all.

Tuesday, March 23, 2004

DVD Disappointment

So I'm all hyped about getting the new Weezer DVD. It's their first one and it has tons of rare footgae and all the music videos, including some made especially for the DVD. So I go to DVd Passion and they don't have it. So I go to Future Shop and they don't have it either. I was so frustrated. I eventually went to and ordered it online, with free shipping. It's only $12. Yay!

Anyone see the hilarious first half of The Simpsons this past week? The Star Wars parody was hilarious.

Have I mentioned my disdain for school and everything school related?

So this Friday, the new Kevin Smith movie opens. I dunno about this one. It's different from his other stuff (i.e. not vulgar to the extreme). Will I like it? Only time will tell.

You know what DVD did come out? "Transformers Season 3, part 2 + Season 4". And it's only $59, not the ridiculous $89 the other season parts cost.
One day...

Speaking of TF, I finally got my Autobots wristband. Again, yay for me!

Sunday, March 21, 2004


Following JBo's example, I put a 'comments' section on my blog. Now you can respond to my oh-so controversial thoughts on stuff! Huzzah!

Saturday, March 20, 2004

DVD Profiler

Ok, I love this DVD Profiler program. It's the most mind-bogglingly deep, yet simple, program to use to make a database of your dvds. The best part is, you can upload your info and others can view what you have! I'm gonna include my link on the side, so y'all can check out what I own, as well as see how great this program is.


Yesterday was a whirlwind day. It started off wih Dave and I going to McDonald's/Wal-Mart. So naturally, it turned into us going to Future Shop, too. Then we went to Microplay. Then we went to Dav'es house. Then we went to St-Bruno mall for some reason. Then we went to the Microplay in Candiac. Then we went to Justin's to watch the (boring) hockey game. Then we went to McDonald's again!!! Then I came home and read a little before sleeping.

At Justin's we rewatched some Strong Bad emails. Lately, I thought it was getting non-funny. I don't know if it was the late hour, but I laughed at some that I previously thought were unfunny. Oh well.

The reaction to my rap (posted below) was favourable. People seem to like my lyrical skizzills. Yay for me!

I'm also trying to put a link to this little window showcasing features of the upcoming Weezer DVD. I hope it works. If it does, you should see it on the righthand side somewheres.

Wednesday, March 17, 2004

New rap

Anyone who knows me (and Chris) knows we've been writing semi-satirical raps for years (since the Champlain days). Well, Chris's new article on the ol' site inspired me to get out the old quill and write a new rap. Here it is:

"Who's Better Than Me?"

Back up, back up, you better
Watch your step.
Spitting lyrics like scarabs like I'm
My ryhmes are like parabs for the
Biblical set.
Spending dollars, like ballers, on my
Private jet.

When I got problems I don't
Complain to ya.
Taking charge of matters like
Lawrence of Arabia.
So talented, fill the
My music blasts through every

So many others don't hold a
Candle to me.
I look in the mirror, reflect so
TV censors can't
Handle me,
Cuz when I get on, I cause a
Scandal, see?

All my peeps in the corner say
"You da man.
Put your mind to it and do
Whatever you can.
If you run out of ink, you can
Use my pen,
Cuz you're so prolific, you're my
West Asian 'N'!"

If I rated my flows, they'd get
Three thumbs up.
Eleven on ten, 6 stars,
Knock'em out of the park, grand slam
Batter up.
Candy on each arm,
Various cup.

So back up, back up, you better
Back the 'eff' away!
I don't know how much more
You can take.
You're bogus, you whack, you phony,
You fake.
Like a guest on a show hosted by
Ricki Lake.

All hail me, hail me. I'm beyond
I'm ubiquitous unlike Picard's
Thinning hair.
You mess with me, it's you I
Step right up, step right up if
You dare.

I hope you enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Monday, March 15, 2004


So yesterday was the much ballyhooed WrestleMania XX. It was hyped as the biggest, baddest WM of them all. Not quite. It was pretty lame. Undertaker? Puhlease! Big Show? Ugh. The only bright spots were Brock LEsnar giving the finger to the crowd before being "stunned" by Austin, Rey Mysterio and the last match of the night. Very bloody! Wow. People were gushing blood all over the place. Amazing.

Much fun was had. Around 10 people crowded around in JBo's basement, eating various chips/chocolates. Pretty fun, but the wrestling could have been better.

Meanwhile, I got a Palm Pilot. It's not a fancy one or anything, but it's neat. The Zire m150. So today, I downloaded the proper software to hotsync it with my computer, as well as a bunch of games and apps and stuff. Ill have to soon figure out how to port them onto the Palm. As long as I get some neato games working, I'll be happy!

I pre-ordered ESPN MLB for the Xbox off, as well as the upcoming Weezer DVD. The DVD was $12, so I couldn't resist. By using my contacts at, I was able to conjure up a $5 coupon for the site, so I got a nice little discount off the total price. Free shipping, too! Yay for me.

So Dave owed me money, so he gave me a $5US bill. So this morning I go up to the exchange office in the train station downtown. The guy in front of me had just exchanged hundreds of dollars...then it was my turn. I show up, plop the $5 on the counter and got $6.50-something in return. How embarrassing.

Alrighty, ya'll. That's it for now! Bye!

By the way, Chris, if you're reading this, stop. I know how much you loathe blogs!! :p

Tuesday, March 09, 2004


So, I have a few things to say about hockey.

I heard someone say that hockey is a minor league sport that thinks it's a major league sport. How true it is. Besides a few key cities, nobody gives a damn and a half about hockey and now there's more reason why.
Todd Bertuzzi goes and wails on this dude from behind, breaking his friggin' neck. Is this gonna finally allow the sport to crack the fickle US market? Instead of having finesse and skill on display, sadly the biggest hockey news of the year is this assault. I understand they try to sell hockey to the US south by promoting the violence but seriously...who's gonna be turned on by that? Bertuzzi is an ass-monkey for what he did. It brings the wrong type of spotlight to the sport and it may seriously damage or even end the victim's career.

Secondly, the trade deadline is waaaay too close to the playoffs. At this rate why not have it the last day of the season? It's just as much of a joke! The teams in the playoff picture just abduct whoever they want from the have-not teams and then say goodbye to these hired guns at season's end. Then next year, the same thing will go on. What a pathetic joke it is. They should move the deadline back a month. That way, you're not so close to the end of the season so as to keep some mystery alive. Will a certain gamble pay off? Well, with the deadline as it is, there are no gambles. You know you're in the playoffs, so it's just loading up. Meh! I don't *hair* about it!

I woke up this morning feeling miserable. So I went to the doctor and sure enough, my reoccuring throat infection flared up again. I was prescribed antibiotics. Also, I explained to the doc some problems I've been having and it looks like I am indeed lactose intolerant. I stopped having dairy for a few days and felt fine, but this morning I experimented with a glass of milk and almost immediately: bad results. At lunch, I had cheese in my sandwich and...bad results. From now on, if I want dairy products, I'm gonna make sure I'm not leaving the house soon afterwards.

Alright, blogmonkeys (to appropriate JBo's term), I'm sooooo out of this hizzy!

Saturday, March 06, 2004


Ok, so Thursday was the big Iron Ring day. We all attended a secret ceremony where only those with rings or those receiving them can attend. Wow. It was the cheesiest thing ever. This is what it's like inside:

[Selections of the following has been omitted to protect the integrity of the Iron Ring ceremony]
an anvil and [removed]... chain in my left [removed]. [removed]...Rudyard Kipling [removed]..."we know nothing" [removed]...

So, afterwards, the wine and cheese was just that: cheese. What a garbage fest! all the food was taken quickly. What a bust. Good thing Neil hooked it up at his uncle's restaurant, Le Taj. We got a crazy discount of this nutty, multicourse meal, including butter chicken. Hmm...I love that place. Special kudos go to Neil's uncle's wicked suit. Very nice. About 30 of us were there, I figured. We really packed that place.

Afterwards, we wen to Club Nexxt. In our honour, they dropped the cover charge for McGill students and gave out a coupon for 1 free beer. However, this dude Anthony (white guy, crazy dreads) got hold of a whole roll of those beer coupons, and was giving them to anyone who asked. That joint must have made so little money off us, it's incredible.
Highlights include:
-Franco drunk (a sight to behold)
-Mark drunk (amusing)
-Kevin losing his ring...twice!
-Neil drunk (entertaining as always)

Finally, I got home at 4am-ish. Tired, yes, but ringed, as well, which made it worth it.

so the following day, I had to make up for all the lost time from Iron Ring day. So I was at school a solid 12 hours, from 1:30pm to 1:30am-ish. Afterwards, JBo showed up at school and we stayed a bit, all the while resisting the cheap drinks at the CS party downstairs in Trottier. Neil and I had to finish a DSP lab. We'd had 3 weeks to do it, but only started yesterday...and got 8/9ths of it done!! We're great...although, just wait for the demo... :(
We finally left, picked up Dave at his house, around 2:30am, and went to McDonald's (hey, we were starving!). Upon finding out that Friday's trio is fish, we promptly left and pursued eating activities at Arahova, which is open till 5am. We had some great souvlakis. The bad thing with souvlakis is that in the morning, the bedroom stinks of garlic. But again, fun was had by everyone. Aaaaahhh, those were the days, we'll say one day.

Alright, back to the lab report! See ya later!

Friday, March 05, 2004

Iron Ring recap

I dunno when I'll do the recap, but it won't be now. I haven't the time.

Monday, March 01, 2004


As predicted, RotK ruled the Oscars. However, I don't think anyone thought it would sweep every category in which it was nominated! 11 for 11. Wow. It tied Ben-Hur and Titanic for most awards by a single movie. Well deserved, men.

I have many Xbox games coming my way soon (thank you Bassem). However, I will not have much time to enjoy them. This will be a hectic week. 2 DTSP assignments, 2 midterms, 1 DSP lab to seriously start working on, plus Iron Ring festivities. In the words of James Dean in Rebel Without A Cause, "You're tearing me apart!"
The only solution is to take one day at a time and do whatever I can. Once I get my ring, I will undoubtedly be much happier.

Ooooh, I believe there are strawberries in the fridge. Can't wait to get at those.

So I had a McDonald's coupon that would get me a hamburger and small fries for 99 cents. Turns out the coupon had a typo; it was supposed to be $1.99, I think. Anyway, so the guy apologized and pretended I gave him a different coupon, so there would be something to show in the books at the end of the day. So, I got the burger and fries for a grand total of $0.81. Cheapest lunch ever.

Friday, February 27, 2004

catching up

So during this break, I've done minimal studying. I still have much to cover, but I think I can catch up. Everything comes to a head on Thursday, when I get my Iron Ring, baby! Can't wait.

So I finally headed down to Golden Bowl's new competitor, Winnsie (or however it's spelled). This new Asian joint is pretty good. It's just like Da Bowl, except they have a sushi bar, to boot. The prices are comparable and the place is bigger. I ordered the peanut butter dumplings and the garlic butter pork chops. Oh my god. Delicious! I've never had pork that way. I would most definitely recommend going there to anybody. The prices are good, too. Under $10, with no tax (technically, the tax is included, but whatever...).

So there's this band called Alexisonfire. I saw a couple of their videos. I hate them! This is what they're all about: some guys cranks out distorted chords on their guitars, while the 'singer' SCREECHES at the top of his lungs...for 3 minutes. This is music? At the risk of sounding like an old fart, if that's what music is coming to, I'll keep my Bing Crosby LPs, thank you very much. If ever you come across Alexisonfire, run, don't walk, away. You'll thank me later.

Thursday, February 19, 2004

Spring Break!

Well, having gone to school only 2 days this week, I'm already getting a head start on spring break! I'm not going in until Tuesday, March 2nd...11 days from now!

I plan to catch up on movies I need to see, tv shows I've been neglecting and oh yeah!...studying. I got 2 midterms when I get back.

So time to chillax.

I'll keep y'all posted.

Sunday, February 15, 2004

New style

I just changed the template of the blog from pea green to...this. You likey?

4 day weekend

So I didn't go to school on Friday. And I'm not planning to go tomorrow (Monday). 4 day weekend is amazing...if it weren't addled with work!

My iron ring ceremony is allegedly on the 4th of March. However, I have 2 midterms that day! 2! Imagine I'm forced to miss iron ring for a test? Not cool. Not remotely cool.

I've noticed my blog is usually made of little tidbits...Reading other people's blogs, I realized the stark difference. Other people talk about where they went, what they did, have amusing anecdotes about stuff. Nothing like that here. Mainly cuz I don't go and do much. In fact, what did I do just yesterday (Saturday)? I worked on a prelab for DSP class. All night. Yeehaw! Let the good times roll!

My Xbox calls my name, yet I am forced to turn a deaf ear. I yearn to play games, however I have loads of stuff to do first. Can't wait till next week: spring break. Am I going to party like crazy and go somewhere? Hell no. I will stay at home and sleep/play video games all day. That's how it goes.

So goodbye, farewell, auf wiedersehen, adieu. I'll catch up will everyone (I have readers?) later.

Monday, February 09, 2004


So Saturday we went to Le Milsa Brazilian restaurant for Dave/Mo's bday. It's all you can eat of 10 different types of meat. Sirloin, pork, filet mignon, chicken, etc etc....
It was incredible. Sure, they also give you potatoes and salad but the meat's where it's at! The Sirloin was so melts in the mouth. What beautiful food, if food can be called beautiful.
Dave and Mo each got a vintage Habs jersey as gifts and they seemed quite pleased.

Afterwards, we went to Dave's and hung out. We caught parts of movies on the dish. Jeepers Creepers 2 is hilarious! It's one of those movies that's so bad, it's entertaining..unlike Gigli which is so bad, it's unwatchable.

Alright, dawgs, I'm out for now. School work is a-calling!

Saturday, February 07, 2004

Busy busy

So I was at school for a good deal last night and had an overwhelming urge to go see the Super Furry Animals concert, just like that, out of the blue.

Alas, everyone bailed on me. (by everyone, I mean, like, 2 people, but whatever).

Besides that, today is Mo and Dave's bday dinner. We're going to this Brazilian joint with supposedly 3 things on the menu. One of them is all-you-can-eat meat. hmmm....meat

Meanwhile, this stupid comp arc lab assignment #2 is causing much grief. As I mentioned in the last post, the best laid plans of mice and men often go astray. How true. Word comes now that everyone has been doing the assignment incorrectly. Back to the drawing board with a Monday dude date! Argh.

Sad news for fans of Ed, as the "season finale" was aired yesterday. 17 episode season? C'mon! You so know that NBC isn't renewing it next season. Oh's to the happiest little show few people watched.

Wednesday, February 04, 2004

Wonders of the Net

Have I ever mentioned how great BitTorrent is? I missed Scrubs last night, cuz I was watching 24. No worries! I simply downloaded it! Everything works out fine! Hooray!

On the other hand, DSP lab is nutty. It's much harder doing it and DTSP at the same time, but DSP requires info from DTSP that we haven't learned yet. Roughness...

On the next other hand, CompArc Lab doesn't seem too bad. I'm hopinh to finish it on Friday. although, the best laid plans of mice and men often go astray, as they say...

Did anyone see 24 last night? It was pretty nutty. It's the halfway mark and who knows what will happen in the coming 12 episodes! Wow, I love that show.

A big happy bday to Mo. Happy bday Mo.

Monday, February 02, 2004

Super Bowl

So during Janet's super bowl hijinx, I read that TiVo usage went through the roof. Everyone was rewinding the live feed to see if they saw what they thought they saw.

Anyway, Super Bowl fun was had at Mo's. Lots of sodas and chips were consumed. Afterwards, Ameeeeesh trashed talked at Halo, so we just had to go back to Dave's place to hash it out. I would say we're all around the same skill level. I want to play again when I'm less tired and queezy, as I was yesterday.

It's looking as if there will be another GameDay this weekend, but of a different sort. Maybe exterior activities will occur (bowling, people? followed by dvds/movies/food/games?). Only time will tell...I guess...

Oh, and the Super Bowl was pretty entertaining, too.

The preceding entry was brought to you by: "I Can't Wait" by the White Stripes.

Sunday, February 01, 2004

MegaDay is a go

So, MegaDay went down at Dave's, yesterday. 11 people were there, including Dave: Allison, Samir, Karthik, Jean (fresh from 'Nam), Rice-a-roni, Carmen, Me, Mo, Franco and Joe. We played Clue, Taboo, the Game of Life and the much loved Murder Mystery game, Mafia King.

At 1:30ish, everyone bolted. Dave berated people for leaving so early, so I stayed. Dave suggested we try and watch Gigli for a lark. We tried, but after an hour, it was too unbearable. Really rough....It's so bad.

Anyway, today was hockey, and we played for 2 hours. This little punk kid was at the rink and outskated everyone. He was such a hog, though. Should have crosschecked him across the back!!!

Now, after a nice Terry's meal, I am tired and will soon retire to my bedchambers. Tomorrow is the Super Bowl, with a gathering at Mo's. I'm sure much merry-making will occur.

Oh yeah, about Mafia King, Carmen is so evil!!! She's all like, "Oh I wonder who the murderer is" and nobody suspects her...Very deceitful...Gotta keep an eye on her next time we play... Tricksy hobbit...

Friday, January 30, 2004


So I downloaded something called "Johnny Cash: The Essentials" or something like that from Bit Torrent. I hate to seem like I'm following trends but it's excellent. I know that it's suddenly cool to listen to the Man in Black but to hell with people's opinions! I likes it. I made a new compilation mp3 CD with the 3 disc Johnny Cash download, all 4 White Stripes albums, the 2 Strokes albums, Sam Roberts and The Raveonettes. I really like the Raveonettes. They're a little odd (all their songs are in B-flat minor). And they're from Denmark or something.

So after the Halo Trial Version has spread like wildfire through the computer labs, we finally were able to install a cracked FULL version of the game. LAN parties at school! Except we must all remember not to yell to loudly and always, always remember to press ALT-TAB when officials show up, so as not to get busted.

Some variation on GameDay is going on tonight chez Dave. I called it MegaDay, but time will tell whether that moniker is apt.

Thursday, January 29, 2004


The Star Trek fanboy world is abuzz with speculation that Star Trek overlord Rick Berman and his writing crony Brannon Braga may possibly (finally) be fired from running Star Trek. Ask the vast majority of Trek fans and they'll tell you that these two are running Trek into the ground, as evidenced by bad ratings for "Enterprise" and the tanking of the last Trek movie, "Nemesis".

At the risk of sounding like a first rate geek, I must admit the prospect of seeing these talentless hack gone is exciting. Outside of Trek, these guys have virtually nothing to their credit. I hope the stories are true.

Wednesday, January 28, 2004


I came across this brilliant quote. If you get it, that's great. If not, you'll be confused.

"There are 10 kinds of people in the world: those who know binary and those who don't."

Tee hee hee...

Tuesday, January 27, 2004

No friggin way

I found this quote on the net at several places, and I think it may be true:

"Frankenstein" - The series is expected to take place in present-day Seattle with both Dr. Frankenstein and his monster surviving the past two centuries thanks to genetic engineering on both subjects. The two are then discovered by a female cop and her partner through a routine homicide investigation. Over the course of the pilot, Frankenstein's monster joins forces with the cops and will combat Dr. Frankenstein and his other creations in successive weeks. From Martin Scorsese and author Dean Koontz.

Oh my effing GOD!!!!! How is this garbage gonna potentially get made? It sounds like a parody on the Simpsons or something!
Why can't I get a tv show?! I'm sure I could make a way better program than this. Holy Jebus...

Anyway, back to work...

Monday, January 26, 2004

Long time, no see

It's been a while since I last posted but here I am.

I got one of those tiny USB drives. It's 64MB (sorta small by what's out there today), but I got it for an excellent price, so I'm happy.

Thanks to Allison for hosting the Goodwill Gameday (previously called Gameday 3). Fun was had by all involved.

More posts soon (lots of work to do) Bye!

Thursday, January 22, 2004


In the past week I've noticed these new earmuffs that are all the rage. Whereas normal earmuffs cover the ears and have a band that connects the two pieces, these new ones are one piece of furry material, spanning the back of the head. I mean, if you want to go for that Lobot look, that's fine, but whatever happened to the good old tuque?

Apparently, some people took offense to my Vlad bashing. I says he's greedy for turning down a lucrative offer to remain here, only to get a lesser contract elsewhere. Well, it turns out he may have simply wanted out of here and took the best contract he could get to leave. If that's the case, he's not greedy, but merely a jerk. Although, if I were in his shoes, would I stay in an uncertain place? I dunno...

The former staff is working hard to get our web presence back. After the domain '' lapsed (ahem, CFO...), we have now begun the process to secure It should be up and running soon.

So here at school, the latest thing is installing the Halo demo on the computers and having impromptu LAN parties when nobody 'official' is looking. Just that the keyboard is so difficult to learn, after being acclimated to the controller. That's why I brought my USB controller today, to see if it's any better.

Ok, folks. Got work to do. Bye.

Monday, January 19, 2004


That's it. After months of anguish and delays, my 'box is modded! Finally! I can't wait to watch DivX downloads on the machine and play all sorts of games! Ahhh...
However, school is making it increasingly difficult to keep up with game playing.
Comp arc lab is taking up all sorts of time. Then there's DSP lab. Who the!? What to do, what to do...?

Ok back to the work now. See ya'll on the flip side.

Thursday, January 15, 2004

Zany weekend (yes, I said zany)

So this weekend will be nutty, maybe. I have to study a bunch of stuff and actually start my CompArc lab and DSP lab. The bright side is this: I managed to get my hands on Civ3, finally. Also, my Xbox is being modded as we speak! Hooray!!! Can't wait to watch DivX straight off the 'box.

What up with these hugr rumours that Vidro will be traded and the money used towards a high priced guy, maybe Ivan Rodriguez. Hey, I wouldn't mind salvaging Vidro's salary. He won't be around next year anyway, might as well deal him and get something. Otherwise, it's Vlad part 2.

Also, I'm very excited about the installation of FieldTurf at the BigO. This finally means we won't have the worst turf in the league. We'll skyrocket up, because FieldTurf is a fantastic product. If you don't know what it is, I suggest reading up on it.

Alrighty, dudes. I'm outta this here architecture. Have fun...

Monday, January 12, 2004

so bored

So very very bored! I guess I'll update the blog of...nothing.
so I tried to renew the domain and the stupid site refuses to log me in! What the hell do I do? Instead of our wide circulation (of, like, a dozen) it's just down to me and the rest of the itoop crew. How sad. For those of you who don't know, the temporary address of is now

Man, I'm so bored, I'm checking every nook and/or cranny of the Red Dwarf Official web site. Man, I love Red Dwarf. Can't wait for the DVDs of Series 3 and 4 come out next month. Speaking of geek, Star Trek 6 Special Edition dvd comes out at the end of the month. Oh, happy day.

Just don't let my geekiness get out into the public. Aw, who am I kidding. I embrace my geekhood! Embrace, I tells'ya!

Sunday, January 11, 2004

Unmitigated greed

So Vlad goes and signs with the Anaheim Angels, eh? For less money than the Expos offered?! He rejected the Expos offer because he thought he'd get more on the open market, but that didn't happen. He was blinded by his own greed. And sure, Anaheim has an offensive powerhouse down there, but they need pitching. I don't think they'll do much in that division, despite their sick offense. Oakland lost Tejada, but they have an insane rotation.

Predictions are fine, but the reaosn the season is played is to actually see how the chips fall. Alls I know is, if and when Vlad returns here in an interleague game, he'll get a tremendous boo. He'll feel how quickly the MTL sports fan can turn on their own.

Plus, with the money saved from Vlad, the Expos went out and bought some nutty power of thei own, for very cheap. Can't wait till opening day!

Friday, January 09, 2004

Great lunch

So earlier this week someone at school suggested we get the old Eng gang together and have lunch. Should I use, why not? so Carmen's all like, let's go eat. Then, the long-absent Sophie suggests to go to Le Taj, on Stanley, I believe. Well, it turns out this is Neil's uncle's restaurant. So, braving bitter cold, we show up and had a fantastic Indian buffet lunch. Good times were had by all.

In unrelated news, should I or shouldn't I tutor at Champlain for $$? I must ascertain whether I have the time. Although, sweet sweet bank is very attractive.

How about this: my DSP lab section has been assigned: Wednesday. Wednesday? I don't have school Wednesday. I have to go all the way there now. Anyway, what else would I have been doing anyway? Nothing, so it's probably better this way.

Cool everyone. and by everyone reading, I mean Kevin, my only regular reader. Bye all!

Thursday, January 08, 2004

I hate buses.

Anyone who knows me is aware that I have a complete disdain for buses and bus drivers. Starting this month, my bus pass ballooned by almost $6. You'd expect better service, yes? No!!!! Today's bitter cold was blamed for buses showing up late or not at all! Dozens of people all around me were freezing in the -20 degree weather while these bus people could simply care less. Soon, it'll be cheaper to take a car downtown. And way more convenient. Instead of having Joe Ugly cough in my face, I'll be in the comfort of my own automocar, cruising around, listening to whatever music I like, rather than the bus driver's poor taste in Quebec Pop.

On an unrelated note, I finished my Return of the King video game and it was spectacular. I unlocked more characters and secret levels, so the game's not done just yet. All round a great game.

Ok homeys and homettes, I'm out for now.
Be good!

Wednesday, January 07, 2004

The Meaning of Cold

Wanna know the true meaning of cold? Play ing hockey outside today, that's friggin' cold! Wow...I couldn't feel my face, my extremities were numb and I had a burning sensation on any bit of skin exposed to the bitter watches of the winter day. Plus, I landed flat on my left butt and knee mutliple time, resulting in pain! Oh, the pain!

First of a kind

Wow! I've never had a day off from school in my schedule before. This is so weird. Right now, a bunch of people are at school doing stuff, while I'm at home doing nothing. My first day off my last semester. Just wait till my labs get started, though...

Tuesday, January 06, 2004

Back to School

Well, it's back to school time. A couple more months and I'm a professional! Yay for me!

So I got the Return of the King videogame. And it's excellent! I can't believe how cool it is. I've never played a game like this before. The oliphaunts, Osgiliath,'s great. I finally finished it yesterday. Now I wanna go back and play it again with the new characters I unlocked.

So I have MWF off this semester, basically. However, I will most likely fill up that time with labs work...blech!

Ok, that's it for now. Bye now!