Friday, January 30, 2004


So I downloaded something called "Johnny Cash: The Essentials" or something like that from Bit Torrent. I hate to seem like I'm following trends but it's excellent. I know that it's suddenly cool to listen to the Man in Black but to hell with people's opinions! I likes it. I made a new compilation mp3 CD with the 3 disc Johnny Cash download, all 4 White Stripes albums, the 2 Strokes albums, Sam Roberts and The Raveonettes. I really like the Raveonettes. They're a little odd (all their songs are in B-flat minor). And they're from Denmark or something.

So after the Halo Trial Version has spread like wildfire through the computer labs, we finally were able to install a cracked FULL version of the game. LAN parties at school! Except we must all remember not to yell to loudly and always, always remember to press ALT-TAB when officials show up, so as not to get busted.

Some variation on GameDay is going on tonight chez Dave. I called it MegaDay, but time will tell whether that moniker is apt.

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