Sunday, January 11, 2004

Unmitigated greed

So Vlad goes and signs with the Anaheim Angels, eh? For less money than the Expos offered?! He rejected the Expos offer because he thought he'd get more on the open market, but that didn't happen. He was blinded by his own greed. And sure, Anaheim has an offensive powerhouse down there, but they need pitching. I don't think they'll do much in that division, despite their sick offense. Oakland lost Tejada, but they have an insane rotation.

Predictions are fine, but the reaosn the season is played is to actually see how the chips fall. Alls I know is, if and when Vlad returns here in an interleague game, he'll get a tremendous boo. He'll feel how quickly the MTL sports fan can turn on their own.

Plus, with the money saved from Vlad, the Expos went out and bought some nutty power of thei own, for very cheap. Can't wait till opening day!

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