Sunday, February 01, 2004

MegaDay is a go

So, MegaDay went down at Dave's, yesterday. 11 people were there, including Dave: Allison, Samir, Karthik, Jean (fresh from 'Nam), Rice-a-roni, Carmen, Me, Mo, Franco and Joe. We played Clue, Taboo, the Game of Life and the much loved Murder Mystery game, Mafia King.

At 1:30ish, everyone bolted. Dave berated people for leaving so early, so I stayed. Dave suggested we try and watch Gigli for a lark. We tried, but after an hour, it was too unbearable. Really rough....It's so bad.

Anyway, today was hockey, and we played for 2 hours. This little punk kid was at the rink and outskated everyone. He was such a hog, though. Should have crosschecked him across the back!!!

Now, after a nice Terry's meal, I am tired and will soon retire to my bedchambers. Tomorrow is the Super Bowl, with a gathering at Mo's. I'm sure much merry-making will occur.

Oh yeah, about Mafia King, Carmen is so evil!!! She's all like, "Oh I wonder who the murderer is" and nobody suspects her...Very deceitful...Gotta keep an eye on her next time we play... Tricksy hobbit...

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