Wednesday, March 31, 2004

New Batman stuff

So the new Batman movie is shaping up to be pretty good. The cast is solid and advance reviews of the script are encouraging. Check here for some info.

Anyway, they got a new bat-logo:

I like the logo. It's un-polished looking, hopefully setting the tone for the movie.

New pics have emerged of Batman's new set of wheel:

Before you start crying "what did they do to the Batmobile", this design is very reminiscent of the vehicle Batman drove in Frank Miller's landmark "The Dark Knight Returns" mini-series from the 80s. If the movie is anywhere near as good as that comic, then we're in for a treat.

Tuesday, March 30, 2004

20 questions

I urge everyone to try out my latest link: 20 questions. It's endless fun.

Double the Cola!

Once in a while, you hear of something so magical that it can only be spoken of in whispers. Anything louder than that and it disappears. Our good friend Hitch spoke to me of such a thing: a vending machine that spits out 2 cans of Coke for every 1 button pressed. Too good to be true, I thought. It was not.

The story was that in the Pulp and Paper building, the Coke machine gives 2 cans. Problem #1: Where the hell is the P&P building? It turns out it's nestled quietly between McConnell Engineering and Otto Maass Chemistry. Only if you know it's there, will you find it. One can only see it if one believes its existence. A thirsty Neil and I decided the time was ripe to get our Coke.

We entered through the main doors. To our left is a long, curving staircase going deep down. Ahead, a hallway. We chose to go down the hall. There was a sign that told visitors to register at the booth. However, the booth was temporarily vacated. Our luck! At the end of the hall, deadend. We were turning around when some lady from an office asked "May I help you?" Quickly thinking on my feet, I said, "We're looking for the exit." She told us that we'd have to leave by the way we came in. Whew! Dodged a bullet there.

Then Neil spoke. "Are there any vending machines in this building?" I cringed. She said no. An obvious lie.

We retraced our steps and went downstairs, revealing a labyrinth of halls. Suddenly, security people appeared down one hall, so we quickly fled down the opposite one. Scurrying down, we stumbled upon an open area, with one sad-looking table. It was lit, however, by a beautiful Coke machine glow. We'd found the holy grail.

Putting the dollar in the machine, I hesistated. Do all the buttons gives 2 cans? Or just one? I pressed the first Coke button firmly. Chunk-a-chunk-a-chunk...a can rolled down. We waited, holding our breath.


Chunk-a-chunk-a-chunk! Another can! We'd succeeded! We grabbed the cans, ran up the stairs and bolted out the doors.

Later that day, Hitch informed me that there was an underground passage from Otto Maass leading to the basement of P&P, thereby avoiding all security and sign-in booths. I dunno about you but this way was much more fun.

Sunday, March 28, 2004

Two movies

Putting aside my better judgment, I saw not no e, but two movies this weekend. I saw Jersey Girl and Dawn of the Dead.

I didn't know what to expect from Jersey Girl, a PG-13 Kevin Smith movie. It's no secret that I'm a Kevin Smith fanboy, but would his core audience like the movie? I, for one, did very much enjoy it. IT could have fallen into sappy sentimentality, but for the most part steered clear of cheesiness. It was very funny, to boot.

Dawn of the Dead was amazing. Sure, you never learn what the zombies intentions are (do you ever in these type of movies?). Also, you don't know what turned them into zombies. And some choices by the characters are quesitonable but I must admit that this is one of the best zombie movies you'll ever see. It's very well made. If you ever wanted to see almost unbearable violence and gore against zombies (and some not), then you gotta see this flick. It's so intense, from beginning to end. Finally, they made a quality zombie movie.

Anyway, my l reviews of both movies should appear on later this week.

Friday, March 26, 2004

The Bat Rastards

Alright, so I came up with a new band name. The Bat Rastards. Let it churn in your head for a few days. It's pretty catchy. We'll see. I wonder if any band practices will come about soon (although I highly doubt it). Sigh...

So I finally got my Weezer DVD today. The UPS guy returned today and I signed for it. It contains all the Weezer videos, even some made only for the DVD. There are tons of behind the scenes stuff, too. I can't wait to get around to watching those, as well. All in due time.

To all those who read this blog and have yet to complete their fantasy baseball team: do it now! I hate it when a league has people who have incomplete teams that dwell at the bottom of the league with zero points! How it irks me!! Know what? I'm gonna fire off an email to people who have yet to fill out their team. The season starts on Tuesday with the Yankees taking on the Devil Rays in Japan.

I'm starting a mini-crazy at school with these cool wristbands. I must thank Rez for introducing me to wristbands. Shout out to Rez. My autobots one is very fantastic. I wish I had the Decepticon one to complement it, but those are hard to find.

Anyone see the box art for the Star Wars Original Trilogy DVD set coming out in September? Looks pretty swanky. That is a must-purchase item on my list.
Speaking of Star Wars, the Clone Wars cartoon starts up again tonight. Stupid CRTC doesn't alow us to get Cartoon Network, so I must find it on the net, through illicit means. Damn you, CRTC!!!

Amazing news for Montreal baseball fans. The Score has picked up the Expos nationally! From coast to coast, at least 25 games will be broadcast. Add to that the RDS games, plus the 6 Expos-Jays the odd TBS/WPIx broadcast and we get 50+ games on tv. Weird how the franchise is being run like a real team only after MLB takes over.

I wish I had more free time so I could continue to write songs for the band. Writing songs is very difficult. Well, at least writing semi-decent songs is. I'm by no means any good and it's hard.

Congrats to Dead For Twenty Days for landing an opening slot gig for alexisonfire. Even though my hatred for noted screamers alexisonfire is well documented, I must congratulate my boys in DFTF in their achievement. Hooray for them!

Wednesday, March 24, 2004

alexisonfire is awful

As an addendum to JBo's latest blog entry:

All alexisonfire fans, take note:

That band is awful. They set new standards to being awful. I'd rather listen to a William Hung two-fer Tuesday than sit through an alexisonfire 'song'. They are talentless hacks. Screaming into a mic takes ZERO talent. None! Maybe those guys behind the 'singer' can play well but who even know?! You can't hear them for all the screaming and yelling and the biting, flavin'...m'hoy...

That is all.

Tuesday, March 23, 2004

DVD Disappointment

So I'm all hyped about getting the new Weezer DVD. It's their first one and it has tons of rare footgae and all the music videos, including some made especially for the DVD. So I go to DVd Passion and they don't have it. So I go to Future Shop and they don't have it either. I was so frustrated. I eventually went to and ordered it online, with free shipping. It's only $12. Yay!

Anyone see the hilarious first half of The Simpsons this past week? The Star Wars parody was hilarious.

Have I mentioned my disdain for school and everything school related?

So this Friday, the new Kevin Smith movie opens. I dunno about this one. It's different from his other stuff (i.e. not vulgar to the extreme). Will I like it? Only time will tell.

You know what DVD did come out? "Transformers Season 3, part 2 + Season 4". And it's only $59, not the ridiculous $89 the other season parts cost.
One day...

Speaking of TF, I finally got my Autobots wristband. Again, yay for me!

Sunday, March 21, 2004


Following JBo's example, I put a 'comments' section on my blog. Now you can respond to my oh-so controversial thoughts on stuff! Huzzah!

Saturday, March 20, 2004

DVD Profiler

Ok, I love this DVD Profiler program. It's the most mind-bogglingly deep, yet simple, program to use to make a database of your dvds. The best part is, you can upload your info and others can view what you have! I'm gonna include my link on the side, so y'all can check out what I own, as well as see how great this program is.


Yesterday was a whirlwind day. It started off wih Dave and I going to McDonald's/Wal-Mart. So naturally, it turned into us going to Future Shop, too. Then we went to Microplay. Then we went to Dav'es house. Then we went to St-Bruno mall for some reason. Then we went to the Microplay in Candiac. Then we went to Justin's to watch the (boring) hockey game. Then we went to McDonald's again!!! Then I came home and read a little before sleeping.

At Justin's we rewatched some Strong Bad emails. Lately, I thought it was getting non-funny. I don't know if it was the late hour, but I laughed at some that I previously thought were unfunny. Oh well.

The reaction to my rap (posted below) was favourable. People seem to like my lyrical skizzills. Yay for me!

I'm also trying to put a link to this little window showcasing features of the upcoming Weezer DVD. I hope it works. If it does, you should see it on the righthand side somewheres.

Wednesday, March 17, 2004

New rap

Anyone who knows me (and Chris) knows we've been writing semi-satirical raps for years (since the Champlain days). Well, Chris's new article on the ol' site inspired me to get out the old quill and write a new rap. Here it is:

"Who's Better Than Me?"

Back up, back up, you better
Watch your step.
Spitting lyrics like scarabs like I'm
My ryhmes are like parabs for the
Biblical set.
Spending dollars, like ballers, on my
Private jet.

When I got problems I don't
Complain to ya.
Taking charge of matters like
Lawrence of Arabia.
So talented, fill the
My music blasts through every

So many others don't hold a
Candle to me.
I look in the mirror, reflect so
TV censors can't
Handle me,
Cuz when I get on, I cause a
Scandal, see?

All my peeps in the corner say
"You da man.
Put your mind to it and do
Whatever you can.
If you run out of ink, you can
Use my pen,
Cuz you're so prolific, you're my
West Asian 'N'!"

If I rated my flows, they'd get
Three thumbs up.
Eleven on ten, 6 stars,
Knock'em out of the park, grand slam
Batter up.
Candy on each arm,
Various cup.

So back up, back up, you better
Back the 'eff' away!
I don't know how much more
You can take.
You're bogus, you whack, you phony,
You fake.
Like a guest on a show hosted by
Ricki Lake.

All hail me, hail me. I'm beyond
I'm ubiquitous unlike Picard's
Thinning hair.
You mess with me, it's you I
Step right up, step right up if
You dare.

I hope you enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Monday, March 15, 2004


So yesterday was the much ballyhooed WrestleMania XX. It was hyped as the biggest, baddest WM of them all. Not quite. It was pretty lame. Undertaker? Puhlease! Big Show? Ugh. The only bright spots were Brock LEsnar giving the finger to the crowd before being "stunned" by Austin, Rey Mysterio and the last match of the night. Very bloody! Wow. People were gushing blood all over the place. Amazing.

Much fun was had. Around 10 people crowded around in JBo's basement, eating various chips/chocolates. Pretty fun, but the wrestling could have been better.

Meanwhile, I got a Palm Pilot. It's not a fancy one or anything, but it's neat. The Zire m150. So today, I downloaded the proper software to hotsync it with my computer, as well as a bunch of games and apps and stuff. Ill have to soon figure out how to port them onto the Palm. As long as I get some neato games working, I'll be happy!

I pre-ordered ESPN MLB for the Xbox off, as well as the upcoming Weezer DVD. The DVD was $12, so I couldn't resist. By using my contacts at, I was able to conjure up a $5 coupon for the site, so I got a nice little discount off the total price. Free shipping, too! Yay for me.

So Dave owed me money, so he gave me a $5US bill. So this morning I go up to the exchange office in the train station downtown. The guy in front of me had just exchanged hundreds of dollars...then it was my turn. I show up, plop the $5 on the counter and got $6.50-something in return. How embarrassing.

Alrighty, ya'll. That's it for now! Bye!

By the way, Chris, if you're reading this, stop. I know how much you loathe blogs!! :p

Tuesday, March 09, 2004


So, I have a few things to say about hockey.

I heard someone say that hockey is a minor league sport that thinks it's a major league sport. How true it is. Besides a few key cities, nobody gives a damn and a half about hockey and now there's more reason why.
Todd Bertuzzi goes and wails on this dude from behind, breaking his friggin' neck. Is this gonna finally allow the sport to crack the fickle US market? Instead of having finesse and skill on display, sadly the biggest hockey news of the year is this assault. I understand they try to sell hockey to the US south by promoting the violence but seriously...who's gonna be turned on by that? Bertuzzi is an ass-monkey for what he did. It brings the wrong type of spotlight to the sport and it may seriously damage or even end the victim's career.

Secondly, the trade deadline is waaaay too close to the playoffs. At this rate why not have it the last day of the season? It's just as much of a joke! The teams in the playoff picture just abduct whoever they want from the have-not teams and then say goodbye to these hired guns at season's end. Then next year, the same thing will go on. What a pathetic joke it is. They should move the deadline back a month. That way, you're not so close to the end of the season so as to keep some mystery alive. Will a certain gamble pay off? Well, with the deadline as it is, there are no gambles. You know you're in the playoffs, so it's just loading up. Meh! I don't *hair* about it!

I woke up this morning feeling miserable. So I went to the doctor and sure enough, my reoccuring throat infection flared up again. I was prescribed antibiotics. Also, I explained to the doc some problems I've been having and it looks like I am indeed lactose intolerant. I stopped having dairy for a few days and felt fine, but this morning I experimented with a glass of milk and almost immediately: bad results. At lunch, I had cheese in my sandwich and...bad results. From now on, if I want dairy products, I'm gonna make sure I'm not leaving the house soon afterwards.

Alright, blogmonkeys (to appropriate JBo's term), I'm sooooo out of this hizzy!

Saturday, March 06, 2004


Ok, so Thursday was the big Iron Ring day. We all attended a secret ceremony where only those with rings or those receiving them can attend. Wow. It was the cheesiest thing ever. This is what it's like inside:

[Selections of the following has been omitted to protect the integrity of the Iron Ring ceremony]
an anvil and [removed]... chain in my left [removed]. [removed]...Rudyard Kipling [removed]..."we know nothing" [removed]...

So, afterwards, the wine and cheese was just that: cheese. What a garbage fest! all the food was taken quickly. What a bust. Good thing Neil hooked it up at his uncle's restaurant, Le Taj. We got a crazy discount of this nutty, multicourse meal, including butter chicken. Hmm...I love that place. Special kudos go to Neil's uncle's wicked suit. Very nice. About 30 of us were there, I figured. We really packed that place.

Afterwards, we wen to Club Nexxt. In our honour, they dropped the cover charge for McGill students and gave out a coupon for 1 free beer. However, this dude Anthony (white guy, crazy dreads) got hold of a whole roll of those beer coupons, and was giving them to anyone who asked. That joint must have made so little money off us, it's incredible.
Highlights include:
-Franco drunk (a sight to behold)
-Mark drunk (amusing)
-Kevin losing his ring...twice!
-Neil drunk (entertaining as always)

Finally, I got home at 4am-ish. Tired, yes, but ringed, as well, which made it worth it.

so the following day, I had to make up for all the lost time from Iron Ring day. So I was at school a solid 12 hours, from 1:30pm to 1:30am-ish. Afterwards, JBo showed up at school and we stayed a bit, all the while resisting the cheap drinks at the CS party downstairs in Trottier. Neil and I had to finish a DSP lab. We'd had 3 weeks to do it, but only started yesterday...and got 8/9ths of it done!! We're great...although, just wait for the demo... :(
We finally left, picked up Dave at his house, around 2:30am, and went to McDonald's (hey, we were starving!). Upon finding out that Friday's trio is fish, we promptly left and pursued eating activities at Arahova, which is open till 5am. We had some great souvlakis. The bad thing with souvlakis is that in the morning, the bedroom stinks of garlic. But again, fun was had by everyone. Aaaaahhh, those were the days, we'll say one day.

Alright, back to the lab report! See ya later!

Friday, March 05, 2004

Iron Ring recap

I dunno when I'll do the recap, but it won't be now. I haven't the time.

Monday, March 01, 2004


As predicted, RotK ruled the Oscars. However, I don't think anyone thought it would sweep every category in which it was nominated! 11 for 11. Wow. It tied Ben-Hur and Titanic for most awards by a single movie. Well deserved, men.

I have many Xbox games coming my way soon (thank you Bassem). However, I will not have much time to enjoy them. This will be a hectic week. 2 DTSP assignments, 2 midterms, 1 DSP lab to seriously start working on, plus Iron Ring festivities. In the words of James Dean in Rebel Without A Cause, "You're tearing me apart!"
The only solution is to take one day at a time and do whatever I can. Once I get my ring, I will undoubtedly be much happier.

Ooooh, I believe there are strawberries in the fridge. Can't wait to get at those.

So I had a McDonald's coupon that would get me a hamburger and small fries for 99 cents. Turns out the coupon had a typo; it was supposed to be $1.99, I think. Anyway, so the guy apologized and pretended I gave him a different coupon, so there would be something to show in the books at the end of the day. So, I got the burger and fries for a grand total of $0.81. Cheapest lunch ever.