Friday, March 26, 2004

The Bat Rastards

Alright, so I came up with a new band name. The Bat Rastards. Let it churn in your head for a few days. It's pretty catchy. We'll see. I wonder if any band practices will come about soon (although I highly doubt it). Sigh...

So I finally got my Weezer DVD today. The UPS guy returned today and I signed for it. It contains all the Weezer videos, even some made only for the DVD. There are tons of behind the scenes stuff, too. I can't wait to get around to watching those, as well. All in due time.

To all those who read this blog and have yet to complete their fantasy baseball team: do it now! I hate it when a league has people who have incomplete teams that dwell at the bottom of the league with zero points! How it irks me!! Know what? I'm gonna fire off an email to people who have yet to fill out their team. The season starts on Tuesday with the Yankees taking on the Devil Rays in Japan.

I'm starting a mini-crazy at school with these cool wristbands. I must thank Rez for introducing me to wristbands. Shout out to Rez. My autobots one is very fantastic. I wish I had the Decepticon one to complement it, but those are hard to find.

Anyone see the box art for the Star Wars Original Trilogy DVD set coming out in September? Looks pretty swanky. That is a must-purchase item on my list.
Speaking of Star Wars, the Clone Wars cartoon starts up again tonight. Stupid CRTC doesn't alow us to get Cartoon Network, so I must find it on the net, through illicit means. Damn you, CRTC!!!

Amazing news for Montreal baseball fans. The Score has picked up the Expos nationally! From coast to coast, at least 25 games will be broadcast. Add to that the RDS games, plus the 6 Expos-Jays the odd TBS/WPIx broadcast and we get 50+ games on tv. Weird how the franchise is being run like a real team only after MLB takes over.

I wish I had more free time so I could continue to write songs for the band. Writing songs is very difficult. Well, at least writing semi-decent songs is. I'm by no means any good and it's hard.

Congrats to Dead For Twenty Days for landing an opening slot gig for alexisonfire. Even though my hatred for noted screamers alexisonfire is well documented, I must congratulate my boys in DFTF in their achievement. Hooray for them!

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