Tuesday, March 23, 2004

DVD Disappointment

So I'm all hyped about getting the new Weezer DVD. It's their first one and it has tons of rare footgae and all the music videos, including some made especially for the DVD. So I go to DVd Passion and they don't have it. So I go to Future Shop and they don't have it either. I was so frustrated. I eventually went to futureshop.ca and ordered it online, with free shipping. It's only $12. Yay!

Anyone see the hilarious first half of The Simpsons this past week? The Star Wars parody was hilarious.

Have I mentioned my disdain for school and everything school related?

So this Friday, the new Kevin Smith movie opens. I dunno about this one. It's different from his other stuff (i.e. not vulgar to the extreme). Will I like it? Only time will tell.

You know what DVD did come out? "Transformers Season 3, part 2 + Season 4". And it's only $59, not the ridiculous $89 the other season parts cost.
One day...one day...

Speaking of TF, I finally got my Autobots wristband. Again, yay for me!

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