Tuesday, March 09, 2004


So, I have a few things to say about hockey.

I heard someone say that hockey is a minor league sport that thinks it's a major league sport. How true it is. Besides a few key cities, nobody gives a damn and a half about hockey and now there's more reason why.
Todd Bertuzzi goes and wails on this dude from behind, breaking his friggin' neck. Is this gonna finally allow the sport to crack the fickle US market? Instead of having finesse and skill on display, sadly the biggest hockey news of the year is this assault. I understand they try to sell hockey to the US south by promoting the violence but seriously...who's gonna be turned on by that? Bertuzzi is an ass-monkey for what he did. It brings the wrong type of spotlight to the sport and it may seriously damage or even end the victim's career.

Secondly, the trade deadline is waaaay too close to the playoffs. At this rate why not have it the last day of the season? It's just as much of a joke! The teams in the playoff picture just abduct whoever they want from the have-not teams and then say goodbye to these hired guns at season's end. Then next year, the same thing will go on. What a pathetic joke it is. They should move the deadline back a month. That way, you're not so close to the end of the season so as to keep some mystery alive. Will a certain gamble pay off? Well, with the deadline as it is, there are no gambles. You know you're in the playoffs, so it's just loading up. Meh! I don't *hair* about it!

I woke up this morning feeling miserable. So I went to the doctor and sure enough, my reoccuring throat infection flared up again. I was prescribed antibiotics. Also, I explained to the doc some problems I've been having and it looks like I am indeed lactose intolerant. I stopped having dairy for a few days and felt fine, but this morning I experimented with a glass of milk and almost immediately: bad results. At lunch, I had cheese in my sandwich and...bad results. From now on, if I want dairy products, I'm gonna make sure I'm not leaving the house soon afterwards.

Alright, blogmonkeys (to appropriate JBo's term), I'm sooooo out of this hizzy!

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