Wednesday, March 17, 2004

New rap

Anyone who knows me (and Chris) knows we've been writing semi-satirical raps for years (since the Champlain days). Well, Chris's new article on the ol' site inspired me to get out the old quill and write a new rap. Here it is:

"Who's Better Than Me?"

Back up, back up, you better
Watch your step.
Spitting lyrics like scarabs like I'm
My ryhmes are like parabs for the
Biblical set.
Spending dollars, like ballers, on my
Private jet.

When I got problems I don't
Complain to ya.
Taking charge of matters like
Lawrence of Arabia.
So talented, fill the
My music blasts through every

So many others don't hold a
Candle to me.
I look in the mirror, reflect so
TV censors can't
Handle me,
Cuz when I get on, I cause a
Scandal, see?

All my peeps in the corner say
"You da man.
Put your mind to it and do
Whatever you can.
If you run out of ink, you can
Use my pen,
Cuz you're so prolific, you're my
West Asian 'N'!"

If I rated my flows, they'd get
Three thumbs up.
Eleven on ten, 6 stars,
Knock'em out of the park, grand slam
Batter up.
Candy on each arm,
Various cup.

So back up, back up, you better
Back the 'eff' away!
I don't know how much more
You can take.
You're bogus, you whack, you phony,
You fake.
Like a guest on a show hosted by
Ricki Lake.

All hail me, hail me. I'm beyond
I'm ubiquitous unlike Picard's
Thinning hair.
You mess with me, it's you I
Step right up, step right up if
You dare.

I hope you enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

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