Saturday, March 06, 2004


Ok, so Thursday was the big Iron Ring day. We all attended a secret ceremony where only those with rings or those receiving them can attend. Wow. It was the cheesiest thing ever. This is what it's like inside:

[Selections of the following has been omitted to protect the integrity of the Iron Ring ceremony]
an anvil and [removed]... chain in my left [removed]. [removed]...Rudyard Kipling [removed]..."we know nothing" [removed]...

So, afterwards, the wine and cheese was just that: cheese. What a garbage fest! all the food was taken quickly. What a bust. Good thing Neil hooked it up at his uncle's restaurant, Le Taj. We got a crazy discount of this nutty, multicourse meal, including butter chicken. Hmm...I love that place. Special kudos go to Neil's uncle's wicked suit. Very nice. About 30 of us were there, I figured. We really packed that place.

Afterwards, we wen to Club Nexxt. In our honour, they dropped the cover charge for McGill students and gave out a coupon for 1 free beer. However, this dude Anthony (white guy, crazy dreads) got hold of a whole roll of those beer coupons, and was giving them to anyone who asked. That joint must have made so little money off us, it's incredible.
Highlights include:
-Franco drunk (a sight to behold)
-Mark drunk (amusing)
-Kevin losing his ring...twice!
-Neil drunk (entertaining as always)

Finally, I got home at 4am-ish. Tired, yes, but ringed, as well, which made it worth it.

so the following day, I had to make up for all the lost time from Iron Ring day. So I was at school a solid 12 hours, from 1:30pm to 1:30am-ish. Afterwards, JBo showed up at school and we stayed a bit, all the while resisting the cheap drinks at the CS party downstairs in Trottier. Neil and I had to finish a DSP lab. We'd had 3 weeks to do it, but only started yesterday...and got 8/9ths of it done!! We're great...although, just wait for the demo... :(
We finally left, picked up Dave at his house, around 2:30am, and went to McDonald's (hey, we were starving!). Upon finding out that Friday's trio is fish, we promptly left and pursued eating activities at Arahova, which is open till 5am. We had some great souvlakis. The bad thing with souvlakis is that in the morning, the bedroom stinks of garlic. But again, fun was had by everyone. Aaaaahhh, those were the days, we'll say one day.

Alright, back to the lab report! See ya later!

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