Monday, March 15, 2004


So yesterday was the much ballyhooed WrestleMania XX. It was hyped as the biggest, baddest WM of them all. Not quite. It was pretty lame. Undertaker? Puhlease! Big Show? Ugh. The only bright spots were Brock LEsnar giving the finger to the crowd before being "stunned" by Austin, Rey Mysterio and the last match of the night. Very bloody! Wow. People were gushing blood all over the place. Amazing.

Much fun was had. Around 10 people crowded around in JBo's basement, eating various chips/chocolates. Pretty fun, but the wrestling could have been better.

Meanwhile, I got a Palm Pilot. It's not a fancy one or anything, but it's neat. The Zire m150. So today, I downloaded the proper software to hotsync it with my computer, as well as a bunch of games and apps and stuff. Ill have to soon figure out how to port them onto the Palm. As long as I get some neato games working, I'll be happy!

I pre-ordered ESPN MLB for the Xbox off, as well as the upcoming Weezer DVD. The DVD was $12, so I couldn't resist. By using my contacts at, I was able to conjure up a $5 coupon for the site, so I got a nice little discount off the total price. Free shipping, too! Yay for me.

So Dave owed me money, so he gave me a $5US bill. So this morning I go up to the exchange office in the train station downtown. The guy in front of me had just exchanged hundreds of dollars...then it was my turn. I show up, plop the $5 on the counter and got $6.50-something in return. How embarrassing.

Alrighty, ya'll. That's it for now! Bye!

By the way, Chris, if you're reading this, stop. I know how much you loathe blogs!! :p

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