Tuesday, April 06, 2004

Baseball season

Aha!! Today, the Expos start the season!! Excellent....let's go!

Skimming through my regular blogs (by my fellow ECE students), there is a feeling of sadness going around. People are getting sentimental about this being the last week. I didn't even realize. Thursday marks my last undergraduate lecture (I hope). I suppose it is sad. But it's not the same since we moved to Trottier. Back in McConnell, we used to hang in McC12, eating lunch and stuff. Sure, Trottier has the Halo lab, but it's not the same. Remember in PErfect Strangers, when they moved from the apartment to the house? It wasn't the same after that. Same thing.

Anyway, no time to think about stuff. Too many things this week to realize what's going on.

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