Friday, April 09, 2004

The end of an era

Yesterday was the end of an era. I attended my last lecture as an undergraduate student (for the record, it was DTSP, of which I understoof little). I can't even understand what this means, having finished school. Sure, I still have a few reports to hand in, and 2 finals, but wow! Never to attend a lecture. Nice.

And as a bonus surprise, I got a call yesterday for an interview at SNC for a summer position. Sure, it's nothing permanent, but it'll be good experience. The interview went well. The lady asked me a few questions and made sure I know how to write and speak and generally found out if I was interested. She eventually said I'm an excellent candidate for the position and she'll find out next week what happens. The position would be technical writing, more specifically, writing the help files for their in-house project management software, or something. Let's see what becomes of this.

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