Thursday, April 29, 2004

end of school

So I finally did it. I wrote my last undergrad exam. Ahhhhhhh the sweet feeling of being finished school after all these years.

So afterwards, we went to AMC Forum to the former Jillian's restaurant. We ate and watch the hockey game. I predicted a 4-1 TB win, but they only won 3-1....pity. Anyway, a good time was had by all. Over a dozen peeps from school attended and we had fun.

Then we went upstairs to the arcade place and the fun began. Karthik asked this big tough-looking black guy if he could play table hockey. The guy told him to back the eff away. Karthik doesn't take kindly to things of that nature and a seriously murderous gleam entered his eyes. He was immovable. The guy started shoving him, unprovoked. Soon, 10 people were in a huge shoving match, almost toppling the table hockey set. In the middle was Bassem, holding people apart. If I thought Karthik was immovable, man, Bassem was a rock. So much so that I'm giving him the nickname The Rock from now on. Anyway, more people jumped in and the fight was separated, with the big guy's glasses almost broken.

Then we all left.

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