Tuesday, April 20, 2004

Go Flamos

Well, the Flames/Canucks series came to an excellent end. The best series of the first round looked like it was over until Vancouver scored with 5 seconds left in the third, tying it. But worry not, for Calgary came back and won in overtime, sending the pansy Canucks packing. Take that, Bertuzzi. Loser.

Day 2 of my break till my next exam begins thusly: wake up at 11:45. Read newspaper, come to computer, write this entry.

So the Canadiens won. Wow. Those Boston losers must be crying into their Bruins jerseys. Thornton was such a non-entity that people were calling for him to be stripped of his captain-"C".

The good thing about having some time: catching up on DVDs.
The bad thing: not much to talk about on blogs.

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