Wednesday, April 14, 2004


Did you see the hockey game yesterday? "Oh, I'm Kovalev! I will grab my wrist and abandon the puck. Not only that, but I will take Souray out of the play, as well. Oh, look at me act!" Loser.

Meanwhile, the Calgary/Vancouver series has gotta be the most exciting series out there. Very fun to watch. Go Flamos!

What the hell is up with these Expos? Everyone predicted their pitching would suck, but they'd have nuts hitting. Now that the season started, it's the opposite!! Their pitching is something like 3rd best in the league but their hitting is last. Dead last. They're batting a collective .190! The only team nearly as bad it...the Yankees! They're somewhere near .208. Hopefully, if their batting wakes up, they'll win many games.

Good job, Omar, on signing Livan Hernandez! Yay!

Man, so this final on Friday? Screwed! What am I to do? Sooooo nutty. Why did I ever volunteer to do what's basically Signals 3? Oh my...

After Friday, my next (and last) exam is on April 29th, so I have plenty of time to do that. So, Friday night: Kill Bill: Vol.2? Perhaps!

So, I downloaded all 20 episodes of Star Wars Clone Wars cartoon and made a VCD out of them. It's so neat. I must rewatch it.

So, the lady from SNC calls and says she'll call back next week to tell me when I start. When I start? She didn't even outright tell me I got the job. I guess I did...
Meanwhile x2, I keep checking the online posting of Tyco Brossard. I've been rejected for 5 of the 6 positions I applied for. But the 6th...I meet the criteria! Hopefully, I'll get an interview. Imagine working in Brossard? Screw SNC's summer position, if that's the case. This would be permanent!

Anyway, I'm out homeys.

P.S.: I will update some stuff on next week. Stuff is busy now.

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