Sunday, April 11, 2004


So I was watching the Expos game today. Yesterday, they won 1-0 and today, lost 4-1. What's the matter with them? Before the season started, everyone thought the hitting would be potent and the pitching, suspect. But now it's the opposite! The pitching rocks but they can't hit to save their lives! Argh! It's so frustrating. Once the hitting wakes up, though, watch out, NL East. This team will win a bunch of games.

Anyway, I was watching the game and Cliff Floyd injured himself, chugging to first base. This guy is 6'4'', 230+ pounds. As he's running, he pulls something. When you're that big, I suppose it's easy to pull something. That weight must be a tremendous strain on his frame. At least he's all built and stuff. Maybe he can deal with it better than, say, Yao Ming. Sure, Yao is also muscular, but his weight is divided among his body more. He's like a horse. If he even breaks his leg they gotta shoot him.

Has anyone seen that Yao Ming is going out with some star on the Chinese woman's basketball team? Wouldn't it be hilarious if they have kids and they're, like, hobbit-size?

Man, what a week this will be. Reports due, finals to study for...lab to attempt to demo at the last minute (actually, after the last minute). Sigh...

Oh, and the Star Wars Clone Wars cartoons ended this week with a bang. Episodes 18 and 19 had Anakin fighting Asaaj Ventress on Yavin 4. Very cool. The rain sizzling on the lightsabres was great. Then in episode 20, they introduced General Grievous (pictured below). He's a lightsabre wielding Droid general and a badass, to boot. This guy is gonna be a villain in episode 3 and allegedly has a fight with Obi-Wan. If that fight is anything close to his first appearance in this cartoon, then it will be awesome. Go download the episodes from or here. Well worth it. I hope the success of these Genndy Tartakovsky made cartoons sparks a full length animated series. That would be wicked.
All rightey, peeps. It's time to overeat. It's Easter.

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