Thursday, May 27, 2004


So I finally got paid yesterday. Or is it payed? I never know. Anyway, what a feeling it is to have a poopload of $$ dropped into one's account. The possibilities seem endless. I prompty bought the Red Dwarf DVDs I've been meaning to get for a while. I am satisfied.

Not only that, but I tutored and mowed a bunch of lawns, too. How long before I burn out?

In other news, I joined Nautilus Plus today. I plan on going after work a couple of days a week. Gotta get in shape!

Other than that, same old, same old. The Enterprise season finale was nutzoid (but I won't go into details, in case some of you [ahem, Chris!] haven't seen it!). But trust me, it's seriously whack!

I'm doing research into getting a digital camera. Probably sometime next week, I'll get one, but I'm not sure yet. I gotta see what Brault & Martineau have.

Alright, that's it for now. In case any of you are wondering why there's not Heel of the Week on the ol', it's cuz I can't think of anything. The well is dry. Things don't bother me as much since school ended and I'm getting income. Wow. Maybe I've turned a leaf.

By the way, here's a compilation of some of the best moments of movie swearing, complete with clips. Ahhhh, I'm such a Kevin Smith fanboy.

Saturday, May 22, 2004

Supersize Me

Alright, peeps, you must go see Supersize Me. It's a documentary about this guy who decided to eat nothing but McDonald's for a month...and how he almost dies. After seeing it, I never want to eat fast food again. I'm serious. You must see this movie. It's hilarious and scary at the same time.

Monday, May 17, 2004


So, at work, my supervisor was supposed to show me a bunch of stuff last week so that I can get some work started while she takes 2 weeks vacation. Fast forward to around 3:30 today, the day before she leaves. She rushes through tons of things. Then she apologizes because she didn't have time for me last week. The best part: she said she's sorry that I might not have much work to do while she's gone, but at least I'm getting paid.
My thoughts exactly!

By the by, I got a new cell phone plan. It's the free weekends. So feel free to call from Friday 8pm to Monday 7am. I had to alter my number, though, so make note. It's now (514) 554-VREJ.

Oh yeah, Justin was wondering about this. The baseball player with "the wife" is the Dodgers' Jose Lima. Pic below:

That is all.

Thursday, May 13, 2004


So after 11 years, one of my must-see TV shows goes off the air. I enjoyed Frasier from day 1 and it's sad to see it go. Recalling countless classic episodes, I desperately hoped the last one would be good. The fact that the original writers (who wrote the show to 5 consecutive Best Comedy Emmys...5!!! Unheard of!) returned this season meant that the quality went back up and the final episode was funny and avoided being like most last episodes. It was funny and a touch sentimental. But good throughout. Bye Frasier...

On another note, my lack of posts is due to the fact that I don't have net access at work. Otherwise, I'd be writing more (during my lunch break, of course).

Monday, May 10, 2004


I added a new link to my comic book collection. Enjoy.


I added a new link to my comic book collection. Enjoy


Overheard at work; subject: gay marriages

"C'est un abomination! Un abomination! Sous peu, on va ĂȘtre capable de
marier des chiens! Des chiens et des chats! On va parler 4 langues:
l'anglais, le français, le chien et le chat!"

I thought that was too funny.

Saturday, May 08, 2004

whole week

So I've completed an entire week at work and I've pretty much got nothing done. First, my cubicle was usurped by someone else. So now, I have an office on the clear other side of the floor...where there is nobody. Second, I didn't have a computer for the first 3 days. Then, I got a computer, but couldn't log on because it wasn't hooked up to the network. After that, the proper software I need wasn't installed. Then, it's the weekend. So, it's been a very long week of nothing-doing.

So, yes, I missed the Friends finally. People are all like "did you see Friends?" I say "no". I actually don't care about it. I've seen, what, a dozen, 15 episodes? What I care about will be the final Frasier. I've seen every Frasier episode since the day it started, back in Sept. 1993. What a brilliant show it is. Next Thursday will be a sad, sad day.

Tuesday, May 04, 2004

I want...



Monday, May 03, 2004

work; live-action SW show

So today was my first day of work. I've never worked in an office before. I met up with the lady I'll be working with. She's nice. I also met out mutual boss. He seems like an affable chap...but we'll see...
However, even though the order was placed weeks ago, someone screwed up and I didn't have a computer! So I pretty much did nothing and got extremely bored all day. I never realized how long a day is when you're not sleeping through the entire morning.

So months ago, I heard rumblings about a Star Wars tv show. The fact that they made the Clone Wars cartoons might have been an indication that the eventual show would be animated (hence, testing the market with 3 minute shorts). But today comes this news, from, the leading SW news site:

More SW TV Series Confirmation
Mon, May 03, 04 01:00:20 AM EDT

Sean writes in with this cool report to confirm work on a SW TV Show is most definitely happening:
I asked him about Star Wars' future and he got really excited and told me in thinly veiled comments that it is going to TV (live-action) . He couldn't go into details because he was under a legal contract.
So I asked this gentlemen if the show was pre-EP4, he said maybe with a smile, then I asked about Vader, and he had the same response, same with Chewbacca, same with Tarkin. Anyways he said Lucasfilm was really excited about this, and he did mention that there were to be no Episodes 7-9.

We've got more coming this week, but let's just say a TV Show is a definite thing, according to documents being distributed to licensees and marketing people now.

What to make of this? I always thought a live action show would be amazing, but only if it had new characters, weaving in and out of the original trilogy storyline. The SW universe is huge and could sustain some great stories (to wit: KotOR). Let's see what comes of this. It had better be good.

Saturday, May 01, 2004

TV turnoff; Friends; The Wolfman; Batman

So last week was TV-Turnoff Week; a week where everyone was supposed to turn off the tv and do something more contructive. I say to hell with these damned I'm-better-than-you types who ridicule us tv watchers. You know when someone is asked what their favourite show is and they say "Oh, I don't watch tv"? Bulls***! Everyone watches tv, ok? Some people like claiming they don't cuz it makes them feel intellectual. They can go screw themselves. Sure television is usually full of the stupidest, most insipid content, but still. I like TV. Which brings me to my next point.

So Friends is ending this week. It's like it's the end of the world! I've seen a handful of episodes in my day and they were generally amusing. But the way the media is presenting it, it's as if the days will darken and rivers will overflow once it goes off the air. I wonder if people will make as much noise when Frasier (yes, a superior show) end the following week? Sigh...

So I was watching the trailer to Van Helsing and I noticed something. Why is it called The Wolfman, capital T and W? I mean, there's Dracula, Frankenstein's monster (not Frankenstein, as some people like saying. To quote Red Dwarf "It's a mistake commonly made by incredibly stupid people"). But it's always The Wolfman. Even if there was an entire pack of Wolfmen, each one would individually be called The Wolfman. Maybe it's because the only attack one at a time. But by that token, any henchman in a kung fu movie should be called The Henchman, cuz they seem to attack one at a time, too. Whatever.

So finally, we get pictures of Christian Bale as the new Batman. The costume is looking neat, a little different than we've seen. I'm hoping for some better, more telling pictures but here are a couple: