Monday, May 17, 2004


So, at work, my supervisor was supposed to show me a bunch of stuff last week so that I can get some work started while she takes 2 weeks vacation. Fast forward to around 3:30 today, the day before she leaves. She rushes through tons of things. Then she apologizes because she didn't have time for me last week. The best part: she said she's sorry that I might not have much work to do while she's gone, but at least I'm getting paid.
My thoughts exactly!

By the by, I got a new cell phone plan. It's the free weekends. So feel free to call from Friday 8pm to Monday 7am. I had to alter my number, though, so make note. It's now (514) 554-VREJ.

Oh yeah, Justin was wondering about this. The baseball player with "the wife" is the Dodgers' Jose Lima. Pic below:

That is all.

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