Saturday, May 01, 2004

TV turnoff; Friends; The Wolfman; Batman

So last week was TV-Turnoff Week; a week where everyone was supposed to turn off the tv and do something more contructive. I say to hell with these damned I'm-better-than-you types who ridicule us tv watchers. You know when someone is asked what their favourite show is and they say "Oh, I don't watch tv"? Bulls***! Everyone watches tv, ok? Some people like claiming they don't cuz it makes them feel intellectual. They can go screw themselves. Sure television is usually full of the stupidest, most insipid content, but still. I like TV. Which brings me to my next point.

So Friends is ending this week. It's like it's the end of the world! I've seen a handful of episodes in my day and they were generally amusing. But the way the media is presenting it, it's as if the days will darken and rivers will overflow once it goes off the air. I wonder if people will make as much noise when Frasier (yes, a superior show) end the following week? Sigh...

So I was watching the trailer to Van Helsing and I noticed something. Why is it called The Wolfman, capital T and W? I mean, there's Dracula, Frankenstein's monster (not Frankenstein, as some people like saying. To quote Red Dwarf "It's a mistake commonly made by incredibly stupid people"). But it's always The Wolfman. Even if there was an entire pack of Wolfmen, each one would individually be called The Wolfman. Maybe it's because the only attack one at a time. But by that token, any henchman in a kung fu movie should be called The Henchman, cuz they seem to attack one at a time, too. Whatever.

So finally, we get pictures of Christian Bale as the new Batman. The costume is looking neat, a little different than we've seen. I'm hoping for some better, more telling pictures but here are a couple:

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