Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Fall into the Gap

So I'm at the Gap cuz I saw a big sign advertizing shirts that looked neat. So I pick one and go to the cash and there's this nice-looking girl servicing the cash. She takes the shirt and expertly folds it and places it in the bag. So I quip, "Do they train you to fold like that or are you just good at folding?"

To which she replies, "Hahaha, they don't train us, no. But if you want, I could show you how to fold later."

Me, being much less bright than the light bulb of Callista Flockhart's fridge, explained that no, I was already late on my lunch break.


So, glad to see Ontarians decided not to be swayed by those radical, hicks-in-disguise Conservatives. That's right. I cannot understand these Westerners. Maybe they should separate and relieve us of grief.

Monday, June 28, 2004


So I'm walking down Ste. Catherine street and they're filming some movie at the Anglican church, next to the Bay. It's a wedding scene. According to the signs, the movie is called "I Do But...", not to be confused with "I Do Butts", which plays late at night on the dish.
Seriously, though, I did some research and the movie is actually called "I Do (But I Don't)" starring Denise Richards, for the Lifetime Network. Bew...

Saturday, June 26, 2004


So I understand that people don't wanna vote Liberal, but what's the alternative? I will not stand for a Conservative government. They're the devil! So, fine people might be tempted to go for the NDP or whatnot. That's good and well, but people, don't think ideologically. Think realistically. A vote for anyone other than Liberals is a vote for the Conservatives. I'm not saying this in support of the Liberals. But if you vote for someone else, it just means the Conservatives have an easier shot at it. And who are the Conservatives? They're the few PCs that were left merged with the masses of Alliance/Reform yahoos! You want the Reform party governing Canada?

And don't talk to me about voting Bloc cuz they'll represent Quebec. BS! Since I saw their tv commercials, I hate them even more. "On veut un Quebec qui nous resemble."? WTF is that about? That's racism hidden under solidarity. They're pretty much saying they wanna a white, French Quebec. That's good if you're white and can pass off as French, but I for one despise them. And who founded the Blob? Former Conservatives.

Adn the NDP are nice and all but they're living in a dream world. Poor guys. Please, PLEASE do not elect the Conservatives. It's the equivalent of voting Republican. And voting for another party with no realistic shot is the equivalent of voting Ralph Nader in the US.

That being said, Brossard is back, baby! Take that, Jacques Olivier and Longueuil. Y'all can suck my diznik!

Friday, June 25, 2004

oh dear

I am on antibiotics...again! This sucks. I have a runny nose, my throat is hurting and I have a fever. I guess I'm out of commission for the weekend unless thinks dramatically turn better. Farewell, cruel world.

Wednesday, June 23, 2004


Oh man. On Carmen's blog, she didn't think this was funny. But it so is. Everyone knows this stereotype and actually putting it into words is hilarious. The parts about random English words and music are especially true. (I only read the first definition...I dunno about the others)

Tuesday, June 22, 2004


Take THAT, Italy. I'm sick of your crybaby ways. "Oh, Sweden/Denmark will conspire to draw a 2-2 final, so that we, the Italians (the rightful heirs of soccer), will get ousted! Unfair!" I'm sick of your bitching! Ha! Good riddance. Take Totti with you!

So I picked up the new Wilco album...and it's weird, straight down to the package! Nowhere is there an indication as to the band or the album's name, except on the sides. And that track with 12 minutes of guitar fuzz is odd. But the regular songs are pretty nice. After an initial listen, I prefer Yankee Hotel Foxtrot, but I'll spin the new disc a few times before rendering judgment.

Sunday, June 20, 2004


Disaster! I took tons of pics of playing volleyball and baseball game yesterday but I accidentally cleared my memory card. I'm such a moron. I apologize to Allison, Samir and Dave for not being able to send them those nice pics I took of us. Sorry...

Friday, June 18, 2004


So I took the plunge and got a digital camera. The Minolta Dimage G400. It's 4Megapixels and has a 3x optical zoom. It accepts both SD cards and Memory Sticks. It's pretty neat. I'll play around with it, take pics and videos and then comment some more.

So the Expos are retiring Tim Raines's number tomorrow and I will be there. It's a lone bright spot in this miserable season.

What's that? Lakers lost?! Muahahahahahahahah!! Sorry, Kobe, but I guess you'll be able to cry all the way to prison.

So the new Wilco album is coming out this Tuesday and I've heard mixed reviews. Spin magazine called it too weird. They said it's nutz experimental. The Gazette gave it 4.5/5, saying it gets better with each listen. All I know is that there is one song that's 15 minutes long, where the last 13 minutes is such distortion. Weird, guy! Oh well, they have my money. And I'm seeing the show on Auguest 5th.

That's it for now.

Thursday, June 10, 2004


Every chance he gets, Vin Diesel proclaims how much of a Dungeons & Dragons nerd he is. Is this possible? If so, even I'm gonna call him a geek. He seems to know his stuff, from quotes I've read. I could just imagine him sitting around a table, arguing with the DM about the dexterity check needed to pick a lock. The geeky nerd, on an obvious power trip, makes the required roll so impossibly high, just to piss Vin off. So then Vin flips the table over and dismembers said nerd. Discuss.

Sunday, June 06, 2004


So, instead of watching what seemed like a great hockey game, I was duped into seeing "the funniest Filipino on the planet". Dear God! If he's the funniest, then Filipinos are in trouble. This guy sucked. I didn't laugh once. He had no idea how to deliver a proper joke. Despite his utter suckage, the crowd was eating it up. I guess cuz they were all Filipino themselves. Oh my God. I want my $20 back. I feel very ripped off.

Afterwards, we were loitering at McDonald's when this French guy from Sorel hears us speaking English and proceeds to have a 2 hour conversation with us about why we're speaking English in a French province. He seemed like an ok guy, but his complete cluelessness was shocking. He couldn't understand why it's good to know more than one language. Let's see him speak English as well as we speak French. Anyway, long story short, he was but a microcosm of the mentality of many Quebecois, mostly outside the multicultural Montreal region: close-minded but not aware of it.

Friday, June 04, 2004


Thanks to all who showed up to our mini grad dinner at Le Four. The food was pretty good and the company better. We'll see each other soon, I hope!

Wednesday, June 02, 2004


So yesterday was grad day....under a giant tent...under the pouring rain. After dreadfully boring speeches, we finally walked across stage and got our diplomae. But walking through the rain all day had my feet swimming in my shoes. VERY UNCOMFORTABLE. I hate wet shoes. Made for a miserable day. Then, the reception was in the lobby of a tiny building, where anyone was invited. Imagine hundreds of people in a place the size of maybe 4 standard classrooms...with only carrots to eat. I hate you, McGill. You will never see another dollar of mine.