Friday, June 18, 2004


So I took the plunge and got a digital camera. The Minolta Dimage G400. It's 4Megapixels and has a 3x optical zoom. It accepts both SD cards and Memory Sticks. It's pretty neat. I'll play around with it, take pics and videos and then comment some more.

So the Expos are retiring Tim Raines's number tomorrow and I will be there. It's a lone bright spot in this miserable season.

What's that? Lakers lost?! Muahahahahahahahah!! Sorry, Kobe, but I guess you'll be able to cry all the way to prison.

So the new Wilco album is coming out this Tuesday and I've heard mixed reviews. Spin magazine called it too weird. They said it's nutz experimental. The Gazette gave it 4.5/5, saying it gets better with each listen. All I know is that there is one song that's 15 minutes long, where the last 13 minutes is such distortion. Weird, guy! Oh well, they have my money. And I'm seeing the show on Auguest 5th.

That's it for now.

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