Saturday, June 26, 2004


So I understand that people don't wanna vote Liberal, but what's the alternative? I will not stand for a Conservative government. They're the devil! So, fine people might be tempted to go for the NDP or whatnot. That's good and well, but people, don't think ideologically. Think realistically. A vote for anyone other than Liberals is a vote for the Conservatives. I'm not saying this in support of the Liberals. But if you vote for someone else, it just means the Conservatives have an easier shot at it. And who are the Conservatives? They're the few PCs that were left merged with the masses of Alliance/Reform yahoos! You want the Reform party governing Canada?

And don't talk to me about voting Bloc cuz they'll represent Quebec. BS! Since I saw their tv commercials, I hate them even more. "On veut un Quebec qui nous resemble."? WTF is that about? That's racism hidden under solidarity. They're pretty much saying they wanna a white, French Quebec. That's good if you're white and can pass off as French, but I for one despise them. And who founded the Blob? Former Conservatives.

Adn the NDP are nice and all but they're living in a dream world. Poor guys. Please, PLEASE do not elect the Conservatives. It's the equivalent of voting Republican. And voting for another party with no realistic shot is the equivalent of voting Ralph Nader in the US.

That being said, Brossard is back, baby! Take that, Jacques Olivier and Longueuil. Y'all can suck my diznik!

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