Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Fall into the Gap

So I'm at the Gap cuz I saw a big sign advertizing shirts that looked neat. So I pick one and go to the cash and there's this nice-looking girl servicing the cash. She takes the shirt and expertly folds it and places it in the bag. So I quip, "Do they train you to fold like that or are you just good at folding?"

To which she replies, "Hahaha, they don't train us, no. But if you want, I could show you how to fold later."

Me, being much less bright than the light bulb of Callista Flockhart's fridge, explained that no, I was already late on my lunch break.


So, glad to see Ontarians decided not to be swayed by those radical, hicks-in-disguise Conservatives. That's right. I cannot understand these Westerners. Maybe they should separate and relieve us of grief.

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