Sunday, June 06, 2004


So, instead of watching what seemed like a great hockey game, I was duped into seeing "the funniest Filipino on the planet". Dear God! If he's the funniest, then Filipinos are in trouble. This guy sucked. I didn't laugh once. He had no idea how to deliver a proper joke. Despite his utter suckage, the crowd was eating it up. I guess cuz they were all Filipino themselves. Oh my God. I want my $20 back. I feel very ripped off.

Afterwards, we were loitering at McDonald's when this French guy from Sorel hears us speaking English and proceeds to have a 2 hour conversation with us about why we're speaking English in a French province. He seemed like an ok guy, but his complete cluelessness was shocking. He couldn't understand why it's good to know more than one language. Let's see him speak English as well as we speak French. Anyway, long story short, he was but a microcosm of the mentality of many Quebecois, mostly outside the multicultural Montreal region: close-minded but not aware of it.

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