Sunday, July 25, 2004


So this weekend, I took in 2 Just For Laughs shows. One was a series of short comedy films. Pretty funny. Way too much to discuss in this space, but trust me, some stuff was good. Others were not so good, which seriously has me thinking I should make a short film and submit it to a festival.

Anyway, the second show was the superb Best of Uptown Comics. It's basically a parade of black stand-ups, coming on stage in succession, with host Orlando Jones making jokes in between. Orlando was great. Special guest Sinbad was great. The lone white comedian was great. And the last guy, Earthquake, was damned funny, too. In fact, the entire show was SOLID. I'm hoping to go back next year.

Fun fact: Orlando Jones went to McGill briefly. Check this link where he mentions it.

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