Thursday, July 08, 2004


So I tried my hand at flossin' over-the-counter ladies again. I dropped off film at Pharmaprix. There was a choice between "quality" and "high quality". Even though the signs explained the differences, I asked the girl what the diff was. She giggled and explained. Then she asked me to write my name. I asked whether I should write first or last name. She said she likes to put her first name. At this point, I should have asked what her name was (turns out it was Lita, I found out later). Anyway, I didn't ask. So then I asked if I can come see her tomorrow to get the film. She laughed and said it'll be ready in 2 days so she wouldn't be there. We said bye and I left. Still got it...

So at work, I finally have something to do. Sure it's monkey-work, but at least the day passes quicker.
So the other day, Ken Martin asks me if I can be a reference for his passport application. I say sure. The next day this morose-sounding lady calls.
"Hi, I'm calling fromt he passport office. Ken Martin listed you as a reference.""
"Can you describe him?"
"Uh, sure. He has dark hair. And he's half-Japanese."
"Thank you." Click!
Too funny.

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