Wednesday, August 18, 2004


Yeah, so I had to use a cane for a few days. I was playing soccer last Sunday when this idiot stomped his foot on the ball just as I was gonna kick it. So it was like kicking a brick wall. My ankle sprained badly and the next day I couldn't walk. I had to hobble to the doctor's and then get xrays (which were negative).

Let me say this. Whereas Bremnerstud milked his cane for all it's worth, I couldn't pimp a cane if my life depended on it. People would be disgusted with me, flashing the saddest, nastiest faces. And nobody would give me their seat on the bus. Jerks. I should have assaulted them with my cane.

All is almost better now. I can walk nicely. I might even resume going to the gym soon.

So my job ended today. What did I do? Well, in keeping with how my job panned out all summer, I did nothing. I walked around, goofed off, read a book. Then went home. In between, a bunch of us went for lunch. Best thing about the job: it provided $$ for trips. Yesssss....trips...

Saturday, August 14, 2004


So Marc Labreche, host of the sorely missed, very funny "La Fin du monde est a sept heures" goes to my gym. I bumped into him and told him I enjoyed the show. He made a deep bow and thanked me very much.

You know those crazy karaoke places in Japan, where you rent a little room, close the door, then bust out songs with your peeps? Well, I went to one last night with people and it was very fun...and very Asian. Wow. It felt like walking into Tokyo. But the songs were fun, the people nice and "Without Me" was a highlight. Hooray!

So my temp job ends this week. I made some nice money...which I haven't really saved at all. Crud, I need work. Anyone?...

Saturday, August 07, 2004


Well, the Weather Pixie is back! Huzzah!

Thursday night was the Wilco concert at Theatre St-Denis. While there were many empty seats, the show did not disappoint. This is the third time i've seen them play and they're always rocking. I even took some lengthy videos with my camera so I could watch/listen to my heart's content.

My job is ending soon. Less than 2 weeks. Sigh...what to do? Anyone want to hire a computer engineer with no experience? Please?