Thursday, September 30, 2004

What now?

What now, people? I'm almost out of DVDs to watch. I play the hell out of my video games. I look for work every day but can land nothing, not even a lousy interview.

Someone find me suitable work.

Wednesday, September 29, 2004


The media is awash with "expos leaving" type reports. They claim there's an announcement coming very soon, perhaps today even. I still don't give it much credence. Maybe it'll happen. In fact, it's very possible it will. However, an official announcement means nothing at all due to many obstacles.
1) Washington DC is trying to ram through legislation making taxpayers pay for the entire cost of the $450M stadium they wanna build, this in one of the most medically and scholastically underfunded places in the country. Needless to say, there is very little public support for this. Without a stadium, there's nothing doing. Also, MLB wants to give the team to the city, without even having an owner. No owner has been selected to buy the team. They're just saying "fine, this city will have the team, now let's get someone to buy it". At that point, who's gonna give any substancial amount of money for the team?

2) The former limited partners who used to own the Expos are suing MLB and Jeffrey Loria in a RICO case (RICO is the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) Act). They claim MLB gave the team to Loria with no interest to keep the team here. When it proved too difficult to move the team, Loria got the Marlins for a song and a dance and MLB took control of the Expos, leaving the limited partners in the cold. They're suing for hundreds of millions of dollar and the be granted control of the team. If an attempt is made to move the team, they will seek an injunction barring the move. This case may go on quite a bit and may lead to the Expos coming back in the hands of the local partners. It can go either way.

3) Peter Angelos, owner of the Baltimore Orioles, will not accept a team 57 km out of Baltimore, in Washington. He claims the area cannot support 2 teams, as a huge chunk of his fanbase comes from DC. He claims he'd be losing more than 30% of his revenues immediately if a team enters the market. MLB has been trying to buy him off, offering him hundreds of millions of dollars, but he refuses. His losses would be in perpetuity, therefore a one-time sum will not do. He's dead-set against a team moving in, and has other owners on his side.
MLB has also allegedly offered him a minimum revenue. In other words, if a team in DC decreases his revenues below a certain amount, MLB would oay the Orioles the difference. There are so many things wrong with that. Every other teams would love to have guaranteed revenue. How can 1 of them get preferential treatment in this way? This move would also fuel the court case as evidence of a conspiracy.

Anyway, MLB can make all the announcements they want, but until these huge monkeys are off their back, there's nothing to do. So we sit and wait to see how the legal sides will play out.

If you wanna read a short, intelligent article on the matter, check this out.

Monday, September 27, 2004


Just an observation today.
I find that with ads, we sit there and passively absorb them without noticing their innate silliness.
Anyone really pay attention to a razor blade commercial? There is always this unshaven chap who doesn't look too happy. Then whiz-bang-boom, a few razor strokes later, he's clean shaven and as happy as Michael Moore at a buffet.

And then there's always a woman (sometimes more, if the shave was really close to the skin) and she starts caressing his face.
Conclusion: If this were true, I'd shave 3 times a day.

Wednesday, September 22, 2004

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away...

Ok, I got my Star Wars DVDs. I got Star Wars Battlefront for the Xbox. I will disappear for a while now. Thank you.

Tuesday, September 21, 2004


As I get older, I hate award shows more and more. They are absolutely ridiculous. Who came up with the idea of having someone tell lame jokes for 10 minutes at the start, anyway? Why not have a guy come out and tell dramatic stories? Ha! Anyway...

I was just happy to see the criminally underwatched Arrested Development win some key comedy awards, including best comedy series, in its first season, no less. It's a great show and more people should watch.

Also, seeing Frasier and Niles both pick up awards in the last season of that show also made me happy and sad, at once. Seeing one of my favourite shows of all time go out on top is bittersweet. From beginning to end (with maybe a few rough spots in between), it was great. And the last episode was a fitting, classy, funny end.

Now what will I watch? There is not a single new show this season that I find interesting. Maybe Boston Legal, but I'm almost fed up with David E. Kelley that I may very well not watch it. Bah!

Thursday, September 16, 2004

Hockey Musings

I got some thoughts of hockey in general.

The World Cup of Hockey.
I enjoyed this tournament. We get to see some high calibre hockey...higher than the NHL, even. The NHL has marginal players but in the World Cup, we only get the top flight people from each country. Not too shabby. The games were relatively fun, I found. It's a neat tournament that I hope lasts for a while. However, this is my complaint. They take it way too seriously. By calling it the "World Cup", we automatically think of soccer. In comparison, the WC of Hockey is a joke next to the real World Cup. I think it was a big mistake naming it the World Cup. There is only one World Cup. They should have named it something that doesn't bring to mind a tournament with a true World following and tons of history. The World Cup of Hockey has very little history (under that specific name). Nevertheless, I think the tournament itself is a lot of fun to watch, especially since there won't be NHL for a good long while...which brings me to my next point:

NHL Lockout.
Everyone's to blame. Maybe not equally, but I'd say 60/40, players/owners. On the one hand, you have greedy players who want as much money as they can get (can you blame them?) but fail to understand that this course of actions will ultimately lead to losing their jobs, when teams fold en masse. On the other hand, you have owners who claim they cannot keep paying these salaries, then turn around and sign nutty contracts. Chris Pronger, $10M for 1 year? The owners are saying one thing, but doing another. Hopefully, this lockout lasts so long that he league loses 6 or 8 teams. They hundreds of players will be out of a job. That's teach everyone. In the meanwhile, I got my NHL videogame to keep my hockey thirst going.

That's my opinion. I could be wrong.

Wednesday, September 08, 2004


Well, I'm back from trips. I can't go into great detail about each of my trips, cuz it would take ages. Here is some info in a nutshell.

-Jays game at Skydome
-Convention next door; got picture with people, including long-time fave Levar Burton. Yay!
-Walking and walking till we found Chinatown
-Squating in resto until the midnight menu came into effect
-Pacific Mall in China...errrr... I mean Markham. Biggest indoor Chinese mall in N.A.
-Bumping into P.K.C. at Pacific Mall
-Missing the check-out time at the hostel and being asked to leave

New York:
-Crazy huge outlet mall/town
-Hotel overlooking Giants Stadium/Continental Airlines Arena
-Taking public transit everywhere, just like the locals
-Conan O'Brien show. 'Nuff said
-Crazy singing people on the subway. Weirded out...
-That odour the subways have
-Realizing that being polite is a foreign concept to New Yorkers. They don't know how to respond to "thank you"
-The Comedy Cellar. Best comedy outing I've had (Darryl Hammond was good, but Sherrod Small was beyond words)
-Snapping paparazzi-style pic of Pat O'Brien
-Times Square
-Walking from Battery Park to Central Park
-John Lennon vigil in Central Park
-Yankees game

Etc etc...I'm sure I'm missing tons of stuff but that's a quick rundown.