Tuesday, September 21, 2004


As I get older, I hate award shows more and more. They are absolutely ridiculous. Who came up with the idea of having someone tell lame jokes for 10 minutes at the start, anyway? Why not have a guy come out and tell dramatic stories? Ha! Anyway...

I was just happy to see the criminally underwatched Arrested Development win some key comedy awards, including best comedy series, in its first season, no less. It's a great show and more people should watch.

Also, seeing Frasier and Niles both pick up awards in the last season of that show also made me happy and sad, at once. Seeing one of my favourite shows of all time go out on top is bittersweet. From beginning to end (with maybe a few rough spots in between), it was great. And the last episode was a fitting, classy, funny end.

Now what will I watch? There is not a single new show this season that I find interesting. Maybe Boston Legal, but I'm almost fed up with David E. Kelley that I may very well not watch it. Bah!

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