Wednesday, September 08, 2004


Well, I'm back from trips. I can't go into great detail about each of my trips, cuz it would take ages. Here is some info in a nutshell.

-Jays game at Skydome
-Convention next door; got picture with people, including long-time fave Levar Burton. Yay!
-Walking and walking till we found Chinatown
-Squating in resto until the midnight menu came into effect
-Pacific Mall in China...errrr... I mean Markham. Biggest indoor Chinese mall in N.A.
-Bumping into P.K.C. at Pacific Mall
-Missing the check-out time at the hostel and being asked to leave

New York:
-Crazy huge outlet mall/town
-Hotel overlooking Giants Stadium/Continental Airlines Arena
-Taking public transit everywhere, just like the locals
-Conan O'Brien show. 'Nuff said
-Crazy singing people on the subway. Weirded out...
-That odour the subways have
-Realizing that being polite is a foreign concept to New Yorkers. They don't know how to respond to "thank you"
-The Comedy Cellar. Best comedy outing I've had (Darryl Hammond was good, but Sherrod Small was beyond words)
-Snapping paparazzi-style pic of Pat O'Brien
-Times Square
-Walking from Battery Park to Central Park
-John Lennon vigil in Central Park
-Yankees game

Etc etc...I'm sure I'm missing tons of stuff but that's a quick rundown.


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