Thursday, October 28, 2004


So I was pulling for the Cardinals but they choked something awful!!! A funny thing happened, though. When I saw Pedro and Cabrera celebrating, it made me happy. Good going, guys. Those two were always Montreal boosters. In fact, after the game, Pedro said this World Series win goes out to Montreal and he shares his heart and ring to the fans of Montreal. Pedro goes down as one of the greats in my book. Even though the Red Sox have an insane payroll, making them almost as bad as the Yankees (but nobody seems to want to acknowledge this), I'm still happy for them. But after an 86 years drought, what do Red Sox fans possibly have to look forward to anymore?

Sunday, October 24, 2004


Thanks, everyone, for turning out to the big bday bash. At it's peak, I think we were 22 at the restaurant. I will very much enjoy the dvds and FIFA 2005. Wow... Now I hope I don't get a job, just so I can get through all this.

Oh, and here's a pic of a guy with a dice hat.

Thursday, October 21, 2004


Yes yes, yesterday was my birthday. I am now a ripe 24. Wow. Twenty goddam four. It was like any other day, except that I got some money. But perhaps the greatest gift of all was seeing the historic collapse of the New York Yankees. Up 3 games to none against Boston, the Yanks lost 4 straight to lose the series, first time that's ever happened in baseball. Anyway, Boston will now proceed to lose the World Series, seeing as how they're cursed and all.

What else...? Oh , I want Halo 2 right now. Yes, right now. I also want Knight of the Old Republic right now. I like games, dammit.

I've taken to watching this "Lost" show. It's pretty fun and has some nice visuals (Rez knows what I mean). Anyway, it's pretty involving. It's by that guy who does "Alias". I've never seen "Alias" so that bit of info carries no weight with me, but it might with some of you out there. Anyway, like I said, it's a fun show. I wonder how long they can make the premise last, but judging by its juggernaut ratings, it'll be around for a while.

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Chewbacca, what a Wookie!

So I was thinking about Star Wars (when am I not?) and I thought of this. Wookies can only speak in roars, from what I've observed in the movies, books, games, etc. Yet Chewbacca has a distinctly un-roar-like name. How did he manage to tell others what his name was if he can't even pronounce "Chewbacca". Naturally, his name should be a type of roar. Or maybe it's the type of thing when a guy comes over from China and his name suddenly becomes Frank.

I dunno.

Sunday, October 10, 2004


I made a new comic. I hope it's funny, in the Malgo style (in fact, it features a character introduced in Malgo: The Lost Years #2). You can read it here. I'm thinking of making a new site where I could put up all sorts of comics and create stuff I do. I'll think about that for now.
Until then, enjoy.

Saturday, October 09, 2004

P-a-r-t-y? Cuz I gotta!

Yes yes, after much berating, I caved and went to the Anneilversaire at Blu. What a fun time it was. On the one side is my McGill peeps. On the other is the Centennial class reunion. Insane meshing of the two going on. It was like some sort of nexus of the universe...or sumfin. Anyway...
Major "ups" to everyone. Huzzah! Huzzah!

Although, getting home at 4, then waking up to make a 10am tutoring appointment is not recommended for anyone. Especially after consuming copious amount of alkeehol.