Wednesday, December 21, 2005

World Baseball Tragic

In March, the first World Baseball Classic begins. Finally, there will be a world cup-type tournament for baseball and Canada will field a pretty nice team. Jason Bay, Erik Bedard, Eric Gagne, Corey Koskie, Justin Morneau, Matt Stairs and others of note should be competitive. I mean, they'll probably be outmatched by the USA, Dominican Republic or Cuba. What's that you say? Cuba isn't playing? Why not?

In an absolutely bonehead move, the US govt will not allow Cuba into the country to play in the tournament. I don't even think it's entering the country that's the problem. The govt doesn't want Cuba taking its share of the profits from this tournament due to the ongoing embargo against that country. Castro must be loving this, as his country is the victim and the USA is being viewed as the evil guys who won't let Cuba play. The International Olympic Committee is saying that the USA will have serious trouble being considered for an Olympics in the future is they don't allow Cuba to play in an international tournament but, being the arrogant fools they are, the USA will not abide.

See, long ago, Cuba was the playground for the rich. The wealthy and the mafia ran the island at the expense of the native people. When Castro led the revolution and kicked the Americans out, the Americans in turn have held such a grudge against him that to this day, there is no communication between them and the island. Oh, they'll claim they won't speak with Cuba because their people are not free under communist rule, yet the USA does just fine with China. Sure, Castro isn't the nicest of guys (political prisoners and crushing dissent aren't at the top of Santa's good list) but it's all sour grapes for getting their collective ass kicked out. And now, 45+ years later, this harmless tiny island cannot play in an international tournament where they belong.

Any baseball tournament without Cuba is illegitimate.

Friday, December 16, 2005

Snow Day

I woke up to a beautiful winter wonderland this morning. But like most beautiful things, they hide a deadly layer underneath.

Blankets upon layers upon more blankets of snow covered the streetscape today. I went outside at 7:45 to catch the bus as I usually do. So I waited. And waited. And waited some more. A bus comes, completely empty and the driver opens the door. He tells me he's not picking anybody up, then he leaves. This puzzled me more than anything. Where could be possibly be going?

So I waited and waited and waited s'more. I waited so long till my feet were cold and sore. Another guy shows up and waits with me. Ten minutes later he says he's gonna work from home today and leaves.

So I wait. And wait...Is that a bus or a shimmering mirage? I hold my breath (because by this point, my lungs were frozen). It is a bus!! Huzzah! Wait, it appears very dark inside...from all the dark coloured winter coats people are wearing. It's also very dense looking. Hey, not good. The bus isn't slowing down, despite the presence of a stop sign. Hey stop! Where...what...? The bus zooms by me. F*** this! I'm going back home.

In the span of one hour, where around 10-12 or so buses should have passed, I get shafted. Why is it this always happens at the first big storm of the year? This happens every bloody year. Don't they know the boyscout motto? Prepare, people. Why is it so hard to drive a bus when there's snow outside? This blows.

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Video games don't kill people, ignorant articles do

So in the paper the other day, yet again, someone wrote an article on how violent video games should be banned or restricted harshly because it leads to a violent society. I cannot stand it when some ignorant fool who's never played a game writes one of these. And they always embarrassingly mention Doom as the staple of violent video games.

Inevitably, these articles mention the Columbine shootings as irrefutable proof of the dangers of games. So I quickly scanned through..."Columbine, Columbine...where are you..." Bingo! There it was. 'The shooters in the Columbine shootings were obsessed with violent games like Doom.' Give me a goddamn break. How many millions upon millions of people play violent games and don't go around shooting people? It's like, all mass murderers in the last last century wore pants ergo pants are evil. Ban pants! Yes, I understand that's an exaggeration but it's not too much of a departure from the logic these ignorant people use.

Do these people know that violence preceded video games? It's true! There were World Wars...Europeans wiping out natives using early germ warfare...the nasty business of the Crusades. Humans are inherently violent. It captivates us. Banning games will not make people less violent. Kids used to watch cowboys killing Indians on tv 50 years ago and it was deemed suitable children's programming. How is that any better? If anything, that's violence with racism thrown in for good measure.

How about some parents do some parenting? Instead of banning things left and right, people should be to blame for their kids, I say. Is it ok for a 9 year old to play GTA? Probably not. But if he finds his hands on that game, it's not Rockstar Games's fault.

Friday, December 02, 2005

Concert etc

On Monday, I attended the U2 show at the Bell Centre. Having seen U2 before, I knew what to expect and they did not disappoint. They put on a tight, solid performance that had the crowd in encore-mode from the first song ("City of Blinding Lights"). I took a few videos and photos (the videos turned out better than the pics).

The big news was Montreal's own Arcade Fire opening. When I heard they were opening for U2, I was excited. I've listened to their CD a bunch of times and I'd heard their live shows were awesome and it's true. They were insanely good. I think it was only their third arena show but they owned that stage. Their presence was surprising for a new band on that type of big stage. Pretty gutsy of them to use U2's oval stage to their advantage and to get down off stage and exit the arena through the crowd. But all this did was win the crowd over more. I've never seen an audience appreciate an opening band as much as these guys. They stole the show. U2 even got on stage to one of their tunes. Bono lavished praise on them and even invited them out to join U2 in a song. It was a very fun evening of good music and good times.


Regular readers (if any) will recall I was complaining about the urinals here on the 10th floor. They're no-flush toilets and thus the restrooms smell like urine. Well, today we get the following email:


Gameloft has received many comments regarding the washroom maintenance on the 10th floor. We would like to inform you that Gameloft is not responsible for the maintenance, it is the building owner's responsibility. However, be assured that Gameloft has taken all necessary measures to have the situation rectified as soon as possible.

Thank you for your patience and understanding"

So I'm not the only one who noticed. Hopefully we'll get some urinals with running water up in here. I mean, what is this, freakin' Mexico or Mumbai or something? Bah!

Monday, November 28, 2005

Ice ice baby

So this morning, the streets were covered in ice. It would have been beautiful if it weren't marred by idiot drivers who have no clue what they're doing.

I seriously don't understand it. This happens every year, you'd think these people would learn. It's like the first time they've experienced icy conditions!

"What is this glistening substance veneering the streets? No matter! I will continue to drive extremely quickly, then brake just short of the stop sign. What could happen?"

Well, what could happen is that the wheels lock and the cars go sliding past the stop sign, into the intersection. I was at the corner, morosely waiting for the bus when these 2 ladies arrived. They took a perverse pleasure in mocking the sliding cars. I thought 40-something-ish women would be above mocking idiot drivers (since many are idiot drivers themselves) but lo! Every time a car approached, they'd watch with bated see if this guy would be the one who actually drove slowly and respected braking distances in these condition. Nope...Every person would come and sliiiiiiide into the intersection. This one van wanted to turn at the intersection but slid sideways all the way to the opposite side. It was hilarious...because nobody died. (It could be argued it would be funnier if somebody did die...notably the driver to teach him a lesson, but that would be "wrong", I suppose.)

All this to say, as I've said many a time, people are stupid. Inherently. This happens every year but it seems everyone forgets. They have the memory of pigeons. People, winter tires are not magical! They were not forged in Mount Doom. Drive slowly and nobody gets hurt.

Afterthought: It's ironic, really. It always seems that in car accidents, the idiot driver never gets killed. It's always the innocent he hits. People are stupid and I have little faith in humanity's combined intelligence.

Post-afterthought: Now that I think about it, I'm not disappointed in humans, at all. I was going to say we can be so much more than we are...but then I thought about it. No. This is it. This is humanity. There is no glass ceiling of evolution we're hitting. We are at our peak. When you look at it like that, it doesn't seem so bad. The whole Star Trek ideal that humanity will reach a level of nirvana is bogus.

Apres-post-afterthought: Remember that episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation ("The Chase"), where it's revealed that all alien races come from a single alien race that seeded them all over. You'd think that revelation would have huge repercussions across the universe...but they totally ignored it from there on out. Oh well.

Friday, November 25, 2005


So work is fine and everything but I must comment on the toilets. The washrooms are clean and well lit...but the urinals are these no-flush types. There is not a single pipe on top that washes away the urine. Imagine a urinal that's just the basin. It's absolutely gross and makes the whole place smell like piss...because the piss is just rotting away there. Nasty. And on top of the urinals is a sticker, proudly proclaiming they're no flush urinals. You're proud of making a product that stinks to high hell? Filthy.

This whole conservation of water thingy has its limits and this is it. First, they throw low flush toilets at us that don't flush away solid waste with any effectiveness. Then, low-flow shower heads that slowly dribble like a guy who just came back from the dentist trying to drink water. Now, these conservation nuts are stopping me from washing away my own urine? If I piss in the sewer grate, it'll be more effective that using the "designated" area, as it were. Looking around me, there doesn't seem to be much of a water shortage in Quebec. I say I waste as much as I want.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005


I picked up my Xbox 360 this morning. I haven't touched it yet, as I am at work...but I wanna play now!!

Man, everything was just flying off the shelves indiscriminately. People took any game and bought tons of controllers. Meanwhile, I virtually got my xbox for free, due to exploiting a policy at EB and selling my old xbox. I should have bought like 3 or 4 xboxes cuz on ebay, if you guarantee to ship them immediately, they're going anywhere from $800-2000, depending on how INSANE the bidders are. Wow. It's only a gaming system. I think when PS3 comes out, I'm gonna buy 4 or 5 and just eBay them.

Sunday, November 20, 2005

Ergo est Week 1

So I've worked at my new job for 1 week now. I sorta don't know what I'm doing.

They put me in the BREW C++ group, even though I'm not too experienced in C++ and I've never used this BREW implementation before. I receive a game then I have to see if it runs on the emulator for a given phone. If there are problems, I have to into the existing code and fix stuff until such time that the phone's emulator runs the game fine. After that, I have to recompile the code in a different way so that it will run on the physical phone itself. Long story short, I haven't even begun fiddling with code yet but all these different tools and systems they use is a lot to remember and learn. I'm sure a few weeks from now, this will be all second nature to me but for now, I'm baffled.

Friday, November 11, 2005

Arrested Development's development arrested

So those bozos at Fox cut down the third season of Arrested Development, one of the best shows to hit tv...ever, to 13 episodes, more than likely signaling its cancellation. Seriously, I can't think of another comedy so consistently brilliant, tightly written and deftly acted as this one. No wonder it got virtually non-existent ratings, though. It wasn't stupid. This is a show that rewards the viewer on multiple viewings. There is so much foreshadowing, gags and throughly interwoven plotlines that the average idiot out there wouldn't be able to understand. That's why garbage like According to Jim still sees daylight, and Freddie Prinze Jr.'s show gets renewed. Can someone explain to me why The War At Home even managed to make it to air, much less stay on the schedule? What is Fox thinking? Yet, they can a once in a lifetime show like AD.

AD feels more like one of those HBO comedies. In some off chance, I hope a cable channel revives it and makes little 10 or 13 episode seasons of it. A scheme like that would very much work in this show's favour but I know that's a pipe dream.

People don't want intelligent programming it seems. Every once in a while, a smart show manages to navigate past the idiot-filter and stays on the air. I'm just glad and very much surprised that AD lasted 3 seasons. Everyone thought it would get the axe after season 1. In any case, at the end there will have been 53 episodes produced and as long as DVD is around, I'll be able to watch the Bluth clan to my heart's content.

Monday, November 07, 2005

FG --> Friggin' Great

Just a quick post to convey my utter pleasure with last night's Family Guy episode. From the opening "Naked Gun" spoof, to Cobra Commander to the whole FCC plot, it was sheer brilliance, through and through. It's like the episode was written just for me.

That is all.

Oh, and if anyone saw the Simpsons Halloween episode, the whole deal with Nelson's costume and his turning into a raccoon was pee-in-pants funny.

Thursday, November 03, 2005

The Cardinal said it...

Time for a serious post. All this talk about Kansas schools refusing to introduce evolution and instead teaching Adam & Eve as fact has got me angry. Even though the Pope himself said in 1996 that evolution is "more than just a hypothesis", fundamentalists refuse to even be open to the possibility of debate.

"Lord, save me from your followers."

That's a saying that I find particularly full of truth. It's not that I'm a religious guy, in fact I'm not religious in the least. It's just that that saying speaks a lot about people who are so devoted to their dogma that they cannot see any reason. In the name of their religion, they commit acts that would appall their god. I'm thinking of people along the lines of anti-abortion supporters who go killing doctors (irony, anyone?) and the like. My point is, I feel too many people take religion way too seriously. Churchill said "A fanatic is one who can't change his mind and won't change the subject" which I feel is the problem. Not enough people are open to new ideas.

When a new concept explains something previously unexplained, it should be embraced instead of shunned. People fear change. People fear progress. Take the Catholic church for example. Only in 1992 did it finally admit that the Earth revolves around the sun and Pope JPII formally apologized to Galileo, a dude who's been dead for hundreds of years. I suppose it's better late than never, but why the reluctance to admit fault?

I understand that throughout time, religion has served a few purposes: to make people adhere to a moral code and to explain things in nature that they didn't understand. Every culture has this. So what makes Roman religion myth at this point, but current religions not? Moreover, people who claim to respect other religions are giving lip-service for the most part, because if they truly thought something else was the true religion, they'd be practicing that instead. Personally, I don't care what people practice, as long as it makes them happy and it doesn't encroach upon my person. But I digress. My point is, as we discover the real reason why things are as they seem, people should be more flexible in accepting it.

All this to get to the following. A Vatican Cardinal has come out and said people shouldn't take the Bible so literally. I feel he's 100% on the mark. The Bible has its positive uses. It should be seen as a book of stories with morals, sometimes very excellent morals. Othertimes, there are instances of behaviour that is simply from a bygone era. People must adapt to the times and determine what is right or wrong in any given era. I don't really subscribe to any religion but does that make me immoral? No because I understand how I would like myself to be treated and try to treat others likewise.

Religion or lack of it doesn't make people good or bad. Many atrocities have been committed in the name or religion and I've felt the whole "do good or else you're going to hell" bit is pretty selfish. I don't want to do good for fear that I'll be screwed. I'd like to be good just to be good to people, hoping they'd do the same for me.

Monday, October 31, 2005

Halloween 2005 or How I'll Never Feel a Woman's Touch

I like Halloween and pumpkin carving best of all. Here's my pumpkin this year.

It's a departure from my Batman mouthed one from last year but I like it. I always get tons of compliments on it. People at the door have even asked me to carve them pumpkins next Halloween. Anyway, now to my costume.

We had to dress up at work so naturally I chose the character I most identify with. Obi-Wan Kenobi :p. Sigh...

Here are some pics.


Big ups to my momz for making my costume. Sigh x2.

Friday, October 28, 2005

Gay Takei

So George Takei is gay. George friggin' Takei! Sulu himself! At 68 years old, he comes out and says he's had a partner for the last 18 years. Now I'm not shocked or anything. The guy is neat and speaks eloquently and poses for pics like this.

Now, I don't care if he's gay or whatever. It doesn't change my opinion of him. He can do what he likes in his spare time (although, that time he said "Hi there" to Kevin Vo in Toronto takes on a whole new meaning now...) but it got me thinking, who else is secretly gay in the other Trek casts?

Star Trek: The Next Generation

Let's see. Geordie? He was an engineer but no. He was just a loser, unlucky at love. I mean, he did try to tag Dr. Leah Brahms (in holographic form, though). How about Wesley? He did wear rainbow body suits. But then again, he did try to get with Ensign Ashley Judd. Fine, he's off the list. I have it! Data. Yep, Data the Gay Android. Think about it. The dude lives with a cat. Case closed.

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

Despite Chris's mom's assertions, Sisko is not the one here. Odo was more asexual than anything. Yeah, he dabbled with Kira but he was experimenting. Dax made out with that chick once but that's only because one of the chick's symbiote's previous hosts was the wife of one of Dax's previous male hosts. Following me? DS9 is a toss up. Let's say...Worf. His uber-aggressive, alpha-male shtick is just a cover for his latent homosexuality. He plays the role so well, that he convinced himself to marry Dax! I'm not buying it, fanny-head! Worf, you're outed.

Star Trek: Voyager

Easy, right? Neelix. Wrong. He wasn't gay, he was just from a different species. And calling him gay makes you...a homophobe. No, the gay character on that show was Harry Kim. He never got promoted. Ever wonder why? Glass ceiling, baby. They kept him down just for his orientation. Shame on the Federation for such tactics. That's why Sulu waited till after he was captain to come out.

Star Trek: Enterprise


Except Trip. He got some from T'Pol.

So there you have it. seems I've blurred the lines of fiction and reality. My apologies to all characters involved. And to Glen for appropriating his linked-picture style.

Monday, October 24, 2005

Quit; how I will score a half price Xbox 360

So I officially announced my 2 weeks notice today from work. I will stop taking calls for a living November 4th, then I will have a (paid) week off (due to my unused vacation time) before starting as Junior Programmer at Gameloft. There, I will port cell phone video games. Sounds fun. I can't wait to see what this new joint is like.


So I already preordered and Xbox 360 at EB Games. The price: $500. But I will get it half price. How? Simple.

They have this policy where if you sell them a game for which they would have given you $8 or less, they'll instead give you $10 if you put it towards the 360. And if the game would have fetched you $8-16, they'll give you $20 towards a 360.

So, I scoured Walmart, Blockbuster and some other places for cheap $5 games, bought them (sometimes multiple copies of the same title) then showed at at EB. There, they don't care about multiple copies. Long story short, so far I spent $51.65 out of my pocket and EB gave me $120 in credit for my 360. That's $68.35 free money that I would have spent anyway. I will continue buying the same cheap games to try to do this until my 360 goes down to $0. Yesssssssss...

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Quarter Century

How does it feel to be 25? Well...a lot like it felt being 24, except now I can check out Le Lovers. Fathers, hide your older daughters...provided you fathers are still alive.

Anyway, today was rather uneventful. I went to work. I was greeted with "Happy Birthday" banners taped across my cubicle like it was a police crime scene out of "CSI: Birthday". There was some sort of McCain's chocolate cake involved. I received a bda ycard filled with rude and crude comments written by my co-workers, most of them involving me having twisted relations with male co-workers. Good fun.

I got home and my bro and the baby came. We had dinner and more cake. That is all. I quietly turned 25, the way I like it. No hoopla.


Funny story. Yesterday, we had a couple of cans of Pringles chips at work and Neil got each arm stuck in a can. So, like a complete moron, he started waving his arms around, much like the recycling box incident. And no, he did NOT realize what he was doing until I reminded him. Upon realizing his foolishness, he quickly pulled out of the boxes before a manager or someone important walked by.

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Neil...we'll miss him when he's fired

So tomorrow, Neil (and I) have to meet with this Pascal dude to see if we can switch over to another department, doing actual eng work (highly unlikely, given the nuttiness of the work and Pascal's nutty reputation). In any case, Neil, Manesha and I are in Neil's cubicle near quittin' time and I draw the following on Neil's recycling box:

So then, as he's dancing like Liam Neeson in Darkman, with his arms flailing about, this dude walks into the cubicle. Manesha and I stop laughing, but Neil, with no eyeholes in the box, continues his routine. After a moment,

"Very nice," says the dude.

Neil sheepishly takes the box off.

"Are you Neil?" the dude continues.

"Yes," Neil concedes.

"You have an interview with me tomorrow. You forgot to give me your grades."

Neil blurts out some hilarious ramble about getting the grades to him tomorrow at the interview. The dude, obviously Pascal at this point, ends with, "Oh and you don't need to bring the box." He leaves...then Neil turns a shade of purple (brown skin+red blood = purple blushing) as I collapse to the floor and cry with laughter, literally rolling on the carpet.

Long story short, I don't think Neil has much of a chance at this job.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Best video game movie ever?

Microsoft, film studios tap Jackson for 'Halo'

Tue Oct 04, 2:05 PM ET

The Oscar-winning creative team behind the "The Lord of the Rings" films, including director Peter Jackson, has been named to run the production of the upcoming film based on Microsoft Corp.'s blockbuster "Halo" video game, the company said on Tuesday.

Jackson and his wife, Fran Walsh, will serve as the executive producers for "Halo," which is targeted for worldwide release in mid-2007 by Universal Pictures and Twentieth Century Fox film studios.

Universal will oversee the film's production and domestic distribution. Fox will handle international distribution.

"Halo" will be shot in Wellington, New Zealand, and will use Jackson's production and post-production facilities there.

"I'm a huge fan of the game and look forward to helping it come alive on the cinema screen," Jackson said in a statement.

The executive producers will collaborate with Universal, Fox and Microsoft's Bungie Studios, which created the game.

"Halo," the best-selling franchise for Microsoft's Xbox game console, follows the adventures of the futuristic super-soldier "Master Chief" as he battles an alien onslaught.

Screenwriter and novelist Alex Garland wrote the original feature film adaptation of Halo. A director will be named in coming weeks, but the cast has yet to be announced.

Jackson and Walsh are currently in post-production on Universal's "King Kong," slated for release in December. This is the first time that the duo are acting as executive producers on a major film that Jackson is not directing.

The video game industry -- whose sales rival those of the U.S. box office -- is gaining stature, taming the industry's maverick image and moving closer to Hollywood. By the time of its release, "Halo" will join other video-game inspired films such as "Lara Croft: Tomb Raider," "Resident Evil," and "Doom." But the industry's Hollywood inroads have not been without bumps.

Hollywood's major film studios gave Microsoft a cool reception last spring when the company came to them with an initially high asking price for "Halo" -- the script which was delivered by laser-gun toting costumed messengers.

As part of their deal with the global software giant and No. 2 video game console maker, Universal and Fox will pay Microsoft $5 million plus a percentage of movie ticket sales. The price is capped at 10 percent of domestic box office receipts.

Universal Pictures is operated by the NBC Universal media division of General Electric Co., and is co-owned by Vivendi Universal. Fox is owned by Rupert Murdoch's News Corp Ltd..

Wednesday, September 28, 2005


I absolutely hate it when these idiot nerd flamers online write "M$" as shorthand for Microsoft. They write it derogatorily, as if they're getting back at Microsoft somehow. Word to the wise, you idiots: Microsoft is a company. A company's goal is to generate profit. They fault Microsoft with making money, essentially.

Yes, I know MS is quite evil in some respects. They buy out competition and often enforce untenable monopolies but that is the nature of the capitalist beast. I sometimes may not like it either, but to constantly deride them for making money (something they do very well, despite millions of copies of pirated software) is ridiculous. Internet culture is such that any moron with an opinion (myself included) can post whatever he likes with an undeserved sense of accomplishment.

Often, these haters are computer elitists; the type of people who say "oh I don't use Microsoft products, I'm a Linux man", thinking they're better than you and are impressing somebody. They're wrong. They're the cyberspace equivalent of those useless, unclean protesters you see at WTO and IMF summits. Get a job already, you hippies.

I'm sorry but I just had to vent a bit there.

Thursday, September 22, 2005

White Stripes show

"Bonjour, Habitants," was how last Saturday's White Stripes show started. I was witness to another amazing concert by the duo. The first one was more intimate at Metropolis, 2 years ago, but this was good, as well. And what a show. Witnessing it from around 10-12 people deep from the stage, Jack White has gotta be one of the most talented rock musicians out there. He plays the guitar like a man possessed! His hands fly furiously up and down the neck and it's a thrill to witness it. The mix of rock and blues is very refreshing when contrasted with a lot of the garbage rock out there now (I blame Pearl Jam for inspiring hundreds of like-sounding clones, even up to this day).

What's even more amazing is that Meg does nothing on drums that Jack doesn't tell her to do. His performance is punctuated by constant signals to her, instructing her on everything. He's playing both parts. And the intensity he brings to the stage leaves the audience exhausted. The playlist was tight, song after song with no breathing room in between. I will try to go to every show they put on here. It's always a pleasure.

Friday, September 16, 2005

When the Revolution comes, Nintendo will be the first against the wall

Nintendo unveiled their new controllers for the tentatively named Nintendo Revolution. I predict after this coming debacle, Nintendo will have such a huge flop on their hands that they will leave the console market for good.

I think it's stupid. Fine, a redesign of what we think of controllers may be cool, but it has to be functional. Look how clunky that thing is. I like how sideways, it can be an NES controller...but nobody will port games to that system. It doesn't have the buttons. It has motion detect, though. So they expect you to wave it around while playing.

I don't think the public will be into this. Especially since this is the system parents will buy for their kids (because it will be a cheap system), I think it will fail. How are kids going to figure this gadget out? They will either break it or become very frustrated and not play.

I think this is a huge miscalculation and part of the reason why nobody is even giving Nintendo a chance at contending in the next round of system wars.

Check out the "controller" on their new system:

I'm more upset than anything, because I can see it resulting in the end of Nintendo's consoles. That's bad news. They make the best 1st party games of anybody. If their consoles go out the window, then their licenses will only come out on the handhelds. No more epic, console-based games, unless they put them out for other systems.

I do like how the controller can be tilted sideways to emulate an NES controller to play the NES games you can download.

I will say this, though. I thoroughly dislike this new trend for people (X360, Nintendo Revolution) to mimick the iPod white colour. Systems should be dark.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Mother goose was right; blue jeans

I decided I don't care for people who uninvitedly bash things I like. You know, when you're talking about something, and someone listening into the conversation interrupts just to say how much he hates what it is you're talking about, totally unsolicited. Hey, you assmonkey, if I wanted your opinion, I'd ask for it.

You don't like Star Trek? F**k you.
You don't like baseball? F**k you.
You don't like whatever movie I'm discussing? Nobody asked you for a comment, so shut your pie-hole and f**k you.
You don't like my jokes? F**k you.
You don't like Doze Kwotes? F**k you.

Now I don't mind people commenting. If you have an intelligent opinion on something, I'll listen to it. But don't interrupt.

Picture it: Someplace near Ottawa, circa 1993 (I think). Some tiny bit of graffiti scrawled on a metal pole read: "Mother Goose says: F**k the world before the world f**ks you." At the time, I thought it was amusing but now I see the truth in it.


I was thinking about jeans, the other day. Who decided they should be blue? Think about it! Everyone is out there wearing blue pants. Am I the only one who thinks this is ridiculous?

Friday, September 09, 2005

Green Day (the band); Bush (not the band)

The outdoor Green Day show was fantastic last Sunday. Very high energy and they even brought their own fireworks. At one point, they brought up 3 people from the crowd to play the instruments while Billy Joe finished up a song. Then, he gave his guitar to the girl who replaced him. Anyway, a great show on all accounts, especially because I witnessed a security guard punch an unruly drunken dad plain in the face. Then blood started gushing out. Neat!


So if this hurricane that wiped New Orleans off the map has shown us anything, it's that "President" Bush is a moron. I'd hate to hate on this guy more but his reaction to this disaster shows why he is unfit to be president. He's just a patsy pushed to the front by his backers. He doesn't know what he's doing and his 30% approval rating demonstrates that. But what does he care? He got his foot in the door. It's not like they can kick him out of office. And he doesn't have to run for office again, so he'll be spared a humiliating defeat.

While people were dying and the city was being destroyed, he continued his vacation, going to conventions, attending parties. Only 3 days in did he grudgingly cancel his vacation to see what's what. Pathetic. And then, he refuses aid from other countries. Ummmm, why not let the homeless, possessionless, dying people make that decision? Gosh! You tell'em, Kanye.

Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Let's all A&W; Xbox 360

I like A&W. There's something quaint about it. I especially love their big, honkin' frosted root beer glasses. I don't know why, but soda out of a frosted glass tastes so much better. That is why today, I purchased a big, honkin' A&W glass.

I had placed in the freezer for an hour and drank some Dr Pepper out of it and it was fantastic. For y'all who've never had the pleasure of having soda from a chilled glass, I feel sorry for you, your families and your eventual children.


In other news, I put a downpayment on the Xbox 360 that will come out this November. I've read a lot about it and the PS3 and while I think the PS3's specs are completely INSANE, Sony has indeed finally gone mad and will price it out of the range of any normal person. Meanwhile, the Xbox 360 has some pretty neat features to it and some cool games in the pipeline. Yay for videogames!

As for videogames, I'm just getting started in the huge and apparently veeeeeery long Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. The content is so beyond anything I've played (including the previous games in the series). But what a game! The design and scope are simply astounding. GTA: SA is so wrong but feels so right.

Monday, August 15, 2005

Welcome to the 80s

So we finally have a micro-wave in the house. It's fantastic! You put things inside and in a short amount of time, foods and such heat up! It's fantastic. It's slightly used and isn't digital (it has a dial to set the time), but it works fine. The only problem is...I have nothing to microwave. So it's all good having this machine but presently, it's a colossal waste of space. I do plan on having some good times with the thing, so here's to good, quickly warmed eatin'...


Props to AA for hosting an all night pool-fest. It's good to have friends with pool tables and booze in the basement. Huzzah!

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Quiznos; Family Guy movie

They opened up a Quiznos Sub in St-Bruno. Let me be the first to tell you that it is a delight to dine on their foods. The ingredients taste so fresh and good. I'll pick Quiznos over Subway anytime. If you have a chance, go eat there.


So for those of you who don't know, there's a direct-to-dvd Family Guy movie coming out in September. How is it, then, that I've already seen it? Aha! Because I am resourceful! Anyway, it's pretty funny. Since it's not on tv, though, they do some stuff that would maybe barely get aired. And that's not including the swearing. It's odd to hear swearing coming out of these cartoon characters, but whatever. It's not too bad a movie. I'm told that it will have an alternate voice track and will be aired on tv in 3 episodes in the fall, so everyone will have a chance to see it.

Thursday, July 28, 2005

Wrist elastics; amputees with cells; giving geeks a bad name

Ok, what the hell is the deal with these Lance Armstrong-esque wrist elastics? You know, you see the kids nowdays wearing a rubber band on the wrist, sometimes 3 or 4! They started as yellow but now come in all sorts of colours. And on them is written some phony, deep sounding phrase on it, like "music=life" or "love everybody" or some garbage crap poo like that. The mere sight of these wristbands upsets me. People just look like mindless sheep in my eyes when I see them wearing those.

They apparently started as a symbol for Lance Armstrong's cancer fund, but you think these people who are wearing them
a) know about the cause, or
b) have given any significant contribution to cancer research?

Not bloody likely.


So I'm passing through the Eaton Centre to McGill Metro and, as usual, there's an amputee there in a wheelchair asking for change. However, I then hear a ringing. I'm thinking, "man, this guy must be in bad shape if he has no legs AND he's ringing". But no, it was his cell phone! His freakin' cell phone! He answers it and starts chatting away for a little bit. Then he cheerfully says "bye", hangs up and resumes his sad-faced begging. Ha! What a phony! How can he afford a cell phone on a beggar's salary?

Unless he has a pimp.

Maybe there are amputee pimps out there. They organize a bunch of amputees and set them up at strategic locations, taking a cut from their begging earnings. And if they don't pay up?

*Smack* "That's what you get for not paying up, b****! I'm only doing this cuz I love you." *Smack*


At the gym, I run into a guy from high school every now and then. His name is a homonym of a hockey player recently bought out by Philadelphia. Anyway, he's a Class 1b nerd. You see, he's not really into Star Trek or scifi like that, so he's not a geek. He's worse. A nerd. A class 1a nerd is one who knows the entire history of the DC comics universe plus can recite to you the Dungeon Master's Guide: Core Rulebook II. A 1b nerd is a distinct, yet not wholely uncommon subsection, one who thinks he knows everything about comics, but gets everything wrong. These types of people talk about comics really loud and embarrass not only themselves, but also those they talk to.

Case in point, this guy is discussing with me in the gym (full of jocks just waiting to beat us up...if they can! haha), very loudly, how he loved the Fantastic Four movie and how he's absolutely DYING to see the movie Sky High. If you're not aware, it's a Disney movie about a bunch of kids with mutant powers attending high school. We're talking about a 24 year old man wanting to see this pre-teen targeted film, with so much enthusiasm. While we were talking, in fact, the ad came on the tv at the gym and he made me quiet down so he can watch it. Then he mentions how he hated Pulp Fiction. How it's one of the worst movies ever. I tried to explain to him that while he's slightly entitled to his opinion, he cannot deny that movie's originality, energy and huge influence it had on many films since, even up to today. He refused, calling it stupid. Yet he wants to see Sky High. On second though, maybe those jocks should beat him up.

Wait wait, that's not the half of it (some genuine geek talk coming...brace yourself). He was arguing with me how, in the next Spider-Man movie, they MUST have Peter Parker acquire his black costume from space. FROM SPACE! And that the Vulture MUST be the villain. I tried to explain reasonably that these movies are trying to be mainstream and an audience would not accept alien beings and old guy with wings glued to his arms in this movie series. It just would not work on screen. He called me crazy and insisted they should pursue it.

I gave up. Then I realized why non-nerds want to beat up nerds. They (we?) are so annoying! At least I know when to stop. I understand other types of people and have other avenues of conversation to pursue. This guy (and legions like him) are so out of touch with reality that it scares me. Not only that, but he was talking so loudly and passionately that I was shamed in the gym.

JL: "I think they should have the alien symbiote costume in the next Spider-Man movie. In Spidey 3, the suit should come, in #4, it turns to Venom and in #5, they have to introduce Carnage, killing babies."

**Every girl in the gym working out spins her head and looks at us in disgust.**
That's all good and well for him...He has a girlfriend (somehow).

On behalf of all geeks and nerds, I apologize for many of us who don't know anything about anybody.

Sunday, July 24, 2005


A lot of things happened this weekend. I will thus recount them.

Friday, we went to Arahova (at a normal suppertime, not 3am!) and had a modest bday supper for Kenny and Bassem. Hooray for their birthdays! Yay! Afterwards, we caught The Island. Chris was offended by the movie's point of view on cloning. I thought it was an entertaining enough movie. It's a Michael Bay film, so lots of things explode and many improbably action sequences are involved. It's not a movie you'll remember long afterwards. It's very disposable.

Saturday, a few of us ate at Mike's prior to catching the "Daily Show Secrets...Revealed" show at Just For Laughs. A few people from the Daily Show came up and discussed the show. Jon Stewart couldn't come but he sent a videotaped segment addressed to the crowd. It was really fun and I got a limited edition poster signed by Stephen Colbert and Samantha Bee (numbered 2/200). Afterward, some of us crashed Chris's new apartment. Very impressive! It's spacious and neat and we played Marvel vs Capcom 2. We also played this monsters-attack-the-US board game while watching Coming to America. Good times were had by all.

Sunday, was the Dave-instigated brunch! Nice to see some people I haven't seen in a while. All went well. After that, driving range!! I'm not really any good at hitting golf balls, but by my second bucket of balls, I was really whacking them solidly. I have the many blosters to prove it! Gross!!!

In the end, a nice, fun weekend. Thanks to all who made it and made it possible. You guys are the maaaaaad jokes.

Saturday, July 23, 2005

And we now return to our regularly scheduled program

Now, some of the madness has died down, I will take page from Mo's blog and talk about toilets.

Why is it that some people cannot be bothered to flush public toilets? For instance, I'm at the Guzzo movie theatre and I'm waiting for the stall when this dude comes out, talking on his cell (gross!) and just leaves. I look and sure enough...he didn't flush. Is it that hard? Do you have some sort of debilitating bone disease that does not allow you to exert enough force to push the little lever?

People are inherently gross and dirty. I should be like Howard Hughes, or Anthony Edwards on Northern Exposure and just lock myself up in a clean environment to get away from these idiots.

Friday, July 22, 2005


I removed comments from my posts until some people learn respect. Mother references and stripper references and things using my poor momma's name are not cool. That is all.

Thursday, July 21, 2005


Scotty died. It's a sad day for Trek fans. Who knew that he was at Juno beach on D-Day and was shot 6 times, losing a finger?

I'll try to dig up the photo Chris and I have with him.

Tuesday, July 19, 2005


Just a few thoughts on the return of hockey.

I love how this salary cap is punishing teams that spend a lot of money. Look at the Flyers. They already have $33.7 million committed to 13 players, leaving them less than $6 million to sign 10 more, to be under the salary cap. Other teams like Detroit are in the same boat. To create some room under the cap, there is a provision that they can buy out a player's contract for 2/3rds its value, thus adding more free agents to the pool. What all this is effectively doing is redistributing higher calibre talent (that would have signed with rich teams) to poorer teams, thus equalizing the playing field a bit. Great!

Secondly, the draft order. They're doing a random draw for the draft picks this year, with the top prize being phenom Sidney Crosby. They're using a pingpong ball system to select who will pick first. Teams that have missed the playoffs in recent years will have more balls in the bin than others. There is a conspiracy theory out there saying that the NHL will rig it so that the Rangers get the #1 pick. The NHL desperately wants NY to be a marquee franchise again and this would be a good start. Supporting this theory are two things:

-Columbus, Pittsburgh, Buffalo and the New York Rangers will have the maximum of three pingpong balls.

-The random drawing of pingpong balls will not be televised. Who knows what they can do behind closed doors.

Anyway, it will be neat to see the massive migration of players this year, more than most, due to the cap.

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Go to hell, escalators!

People never fail to amaze me with their idiocy.

Case in point: escalators. Now, a curious socialogical phenomenon occurs when people approach an escalator that is not moving. It always happens. Just last week, I was behind a group of people approaching an escalator. They get right to the first step when they notice it's not working. So what do they do? They stop, backtrack a bit and take the stairs down. I think that's too hilarious.

I think that's too hilarious. Hey, people! You know what an escalator is when it's not moving? Stairs, goddamit! You can walk down them like stairs. Unless, of course, the people are spurning the non-functional escalators as an eff you to the device.

"Oh, so you're not working today, eh, stupid? Fine! I'm taking the stairs. Go to hell, escalator!"

Yeah, it really shows the escalator who's boss.

The moral: People, by default, are stupid and should be treated as such. They must prove their intelligence. Intelligence cannot be assumed.

Monday, July 11, 2005

New computer; Weezer+Pixies

I bought a new computer. Yes, sir. I'm riding the coming wave of 64-bit techonlogy and PCI-Express video. Here's a breakdown of my machine.

-AMD 64 3000+ (running at 2GHz), Socket 939
-Dual Channel 1GB memory
-ATI Radeon x600XT 128MB PCI-Express video card
-Antec Sonata tower (very quiet!) with 380W power supply
-Logitech MX1000 wireless laser mouse
-Logitech Access keyboard
-SoundBlaster 2.1 sound system
-Samsung 730B 17" LCD monitor
-160GB Maxtor hard disk

Anyway, trust me when I say the system runs so fast. The CPU runs faster than a comparable 3GHZ Pentium 4 chip and the fact that it's 64-bit means when the new Windows and other 64-bit applications come out, I'll be riding high. The dual channel memory makes the RAM runs at twice the normal speed. Also, PCI-Express is the latest, fastest standard for video cards, so that's cool, too. Yay for me!


Last night was the Pixies/Weezer double bill show at the former Jarry Park (now Stade Uniprix). Solid. I have pics and videos. For old guys, the Pixies rock hard, man. Wow. They're legends and they showed why. Awesome set. Weezer played a nice mix of old and new and were also very good, especially when busting out some crazy guitaring. Very nice. Each band played 70 minutes each, so the total show was a good time (Wilco, on the other hand, played longer than both these bands combined, 2 weeks ago). The outdoor scenario was fun. The weather was perfect. The rain held off and the temperature was just right. Hooray for concerts.

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Tom Cruise; Wilco

Ok, so I think we all knew Tom Cruise was a bit nutty. Just look at the way he laughs in his interviews. I can only describe his laughter as "aggressive". Anyway, lately he's not crazy for taking up with Katie Holmes and proposing marriage to her. That's more creepy. No, he's crazy for all his recent unhinged comments.

Ever since he dumped his manager (who told him to keep his Scientology wackiness under wraps because it's bad for business) and he hired his Scientologist sister, Tom Cruise has been drumming up all sorts of bad press. The latest is his comments on the Today Show, where he snapped at interviewer Matt Lauer. Lauer asked Cruise (I'm sure just to get a reaction and thus, ratings) about his beliefs concerning psychiatry. Cruise unleashed a response where he said, among other things,

"Scientology is something that you don't understand."
"You don't know the history of psychiatry. I do." (who the??)
"Matt, Matt, you don't even -- you're glib. You don't even know what Ritalin is. If you start talking about chemical imbalance, you have to evaluate and read the research papers on how they came up with these theories, Matt, OK. That's what I've done." (papers funded and researched by the Scientology centers, btw)
"There's no such thing as a chemical imbalance."

Excuse me? Did Tom Cruise study biology and the human brain? Who the hell is he to start telling people that there is no such thing as a chemical imbalance? I think he's living proof of its existence!

Now, I know some psychiatric drugs cause some bad side effects, but other do work effectively. So what's Tom Cruise's alternative to drugs? Vitamins!

"When you talk about postpartum [depression], you can take people today, women, and what you do is you use vitamins. There is a hormonal thing that is going on, scientifically, you can prove that. But when you talk about emotional, chemical imbalances in people, there is no science behind that. You can use vitamins to help a woman through those things."

So there you have it, folks! Eat your Flintstones everyday and you'll never have any problems! Hooray for Cruise and his alien-worshipping cohorts for this bit of precious scientific knowledge that will save us all!


So I went to the Wilco show last night. This is my 4th time seeing them in concert and each time bests the last. In case you don't know, Wilco is one of the most important bands in the last few years. Their 2002 masterpiece, Yankee Hotel Foxtrot, is often regarded as the best album of the year. Long story short, they're awesome and even more awesome live. Their set lasted almost 2 1/2 hours. In this era of 75 minute shows, that's HUGE. Big ups for an amazing show, charismatic frontman and all-around great music. (Big downs to the minimum $45 tshirts, though.)

Monday, June 27, 2005

Support our exactly?

During my recent trip to the Boston area, I have a few comments on the US.

Whenever I go down there, I feel weird. It's not right down there. It's like Canada, except skewed a few degrees. The people act differently, the products in the stores are somewhat's like that time when Worf came back from the Bat'leth tournament only to find things a little different.

Anyway, despite the general weirdness I feel in the US, nothing upsets me more than the stickers they have on their cars. Almost everyone has a "Support our troops" sticker, and that's usually paired with "God bless the USA". I have some issues with these.

The "Support our troops" sticker is pure lip-service. How exactly are these people supporting their troops? By affixing a sticker to their car? It's the height of hollowness. If they really want to support the troops, go over there and fight, you hypocrites. Or better yet, don't go to war in the first place.

Secondly, why do these Americans feel that god is on their side exclusively? They ridicule and hate their enemies who claim god is on their side (labelling them extremists), yet they turn around and put "God bless the USA" stickers on their cars, next to the "Support our troops" stickers, pretty much inferring that since god is blessing America, god's also blessing the troops and endorsing the war. Isn't that also following the same path of extremism? More hypocrisy.

In any case, Boston was nice and the portions of food there were unlike anything I've ever seen.

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Jacko; movie theatres

Stop me if you heard this one. So Michael Jackson and O.J. are out playing golf, right, and...?

So Jacko got off, eh? Hmmmm...regardless of these latest charges, I think he should be shipped off to prison for general weirdness. The guy is totally messed up in the head. Despite being acquitted, so many weird facts came about from this trial that I don't think he'll ever recover. He admitted to all sorts of totally wrong things that, even though they didn't get him convicted, pretty much sealed his future. He has no career and no income, yet spends tens of millions a year. He's fast spiraling into debt, mainly due to the fact that he keeps on borrowing millions to pay for his absurb lifestyle (complete with monkeys and elephants and little boys on his ranch). What a messed up guy!

He should try to resurrect his career by being a "featuring:" artist on a rap song.
"Lil Boyz R My Boo" by Ghostface f. Michael Jackson. But then, which one is Ghostface?

What really bothers me is not the fact he got off. Fine, the courts decided he's not guilty. What really ticks me off are these low-life trash who travel all the way from their homes (sometimes overseas!) to support Michael. It's like they know the guy! After the verdict, they were celebrating like it was the second coming. Many quotes of these people were along the lines of "this is the happiest day of my life" and "I always knew he was innocent! The justice system works." Who the hell are these idiots who can come waste all their time to support a has-been zero weirdo whom they never met. What kind of twisted mind does it take for people to travel all the way there to support someone who has admitted to some pretty twisted stuff? They have no vested interest in him. Why do it? Don't they have jobs? If they were on trial, do you think Michael Jackson would give a damn? These people should all be eliminated from the face of the Earth to make way for more useful people. Their utter uselessness upsets me.


Cineplex Odeon is buying Famous Players theatres to make a giant movie company. This would be interesting...if I went to either chain. On occasion, I visit the Paramount but Guzzo is so far superior to the others that I really have no incentive to go anyplace else. Rules of the merger are such that Cineplex has to sell off some of their theatres in markets where they co-exists with Famous Players. I ask, where the hell are Cineplexes anyway? Guzzo has said no to buying the excess cinemas (good decision, I think, cuz those theatres are not up to the standard that Guzzo holds up). AMC, on the other hand, is reportedly trying to leave the market for good. So looks like we'll have another wave of empty moviehouses on our hands.

And another thing. I found out Famous Players was owned by Viacom all this time. I wish I had known earlier, so I could boycott them. Viacom is the parent company of Paramount and I'd boycott them just for killing the entire Star Trek franchise due to mismanagement and incompetence.

Thursday, June 02, 2005

The wheels on the car go falling off...falling off...faaaaalling off

Last Friday, I went to buy new tires at Canadian Tire. I got some sorta pricey ones that seem like a good bet that'll last me forever. Anyway, it came with free installation, so I left the car there.

I returned later that night to pick up the car. The guy said it's ready to go, so as I'm leaving the parking lot onto Grande-Allee, the front left wheel comes off in the middle of the street. The entire wheel! Just rolled into the street! Luckily there were no cars coming or else there would have been an accident. However, the sudden loss of a tire meant that that corner of my car fell. Onto the pavement. Damaging the panel directly above the absent wheel.

I ran back to Canadian Tire in a fury and yelled at them goodly. They sent the bozo who changed my tires to go fix the car. We arrived at the scene, he put the wheel back on and tightened the other wheels. I then went back to Canadian Tire and they said they'd pay for all damages, etc etc.

Long story short(ish), next week, I have to bring the car to the dealership for 2 days, whereupon they will fix the car and rent me a replacement car, all paid for by Canadian Tire.

I hate Canadian Tire.

In happier news, I bought a General Grievous Pez dispenser! Pictures coming soon!

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Car Wars

Yes. I got a car. It's a silver 2001 Acura 1.7 EL and it drives well, thank you very much. It has power everything and is basically fully loaded. Hooray for cars!! Yay!

So I'm driving to work today and plop!!! Some holier-than-thou (!) bird poops all over the driver's door and windshield. I'll get you bird. I'll get you...

Star Wars was excellent. I very much enjoyed it. Besides painful scenes between Anakin and Padme, the rest of the movie was great. Intense action sequences coupled with tons of Star Wars hints and references for the attentive fan made it a great reward for suffering through Jar-Jar Binks, those 6 years ago. I won't go too much into it (because if I get going, this post will be pages and pages long) but I'll simply say the way things played out was very good, especially the perfect ending.

Some people complain that Anakin's turn to the dark side wasn't very convincing. I think there is truth in that but frankly, after all these years of waiting to see how it happened, nothing could live up to the expectation. The tragedy of Anakin turning wasn't felt so much through Anakin's actual actions but rather through Obi-Wan's reactions and genuine hurt that it caused him.

It was an excellent movie that gives shape to the other prequels and leads into Episode 4 in a very fitting way.

Oh yeah, Obi-Wan is the man.

Friday, May 20, 2005

Rush hour

So I was on the rush hour bus going downtown yesterday. It's always a tense moment when the rush hour bus deviates from its normal route to take the exit to get onto the bridge. I love looking at people's faces as they realize that they are going downtown instead of the Brossard autoparc. It's priceless.

So yesterday specifically, there was this young Nana Mouskouri look-alike (not a good thing) who suddenly realized "hey...we're not going to the autoparc! We're going downtown!". So you could see the panic crawl across her face. Then she looks around to see nobody else is panicking! Then anger sets in on her face. Anger led to fear. Fear to acceptance. Acceptance to...TEARS! She started crying. What appointment could she possibly be missing that's cry-worthy? She hid her face with one hand as she cried under her giant-framed glasses. And this luddite had no cell phone, I suppose, otherwise you'd figure she'd call someone.

Anyway, all this to say: know which friggin bus you're on, you idiots. Sheesh. (Although it did provide some fun for me.)

Thursday, May 12, 2005

Freak Me Out

Well, I had a freaky time coming home from class tonight.

I arrived at Bonaventure to catch the 45 when I saw everyone vacating the bus. A few ambulances pulled up and people with stretchers are defibrilators were approaching the bus. However, the paramedics weren't running or anything, so I'm thinking someone died.

So then we're redirected to the opposite side of the terminus to wait for the next 45 over there. While we're waiting, some old brown guy with a hilarious accent starts complaining very loudly to nobody in particular that he's a busy man and he'll be late because of this. I don't get it. Who's he bitchin' to? Someone may very well have died. Hey mister, how about you never get to where you wanna go? I'm sure the paramedics had body bags in your size, too. Idiot.

Then at the Brossard terminus I get on my bus then looked out the window. Right by the phone booths, on the ground, is a bra, underwear, an empty purse, an AC adaptor and a little toy car. Freaky! The terminus security people were looking at these things and trying to figure out what happened.

Anyway, that's it. Freaky stuff, like I said.

Monday, May 09, 2005

Buck Shirts

I went to Old Navy on the weekend to see if they had any cheap clothes I could get. Finding dirt cheap clothing at Old Navy is a really fun outing that I suggest to anyone.

So first thing I do is check if they still have that "Big Black Rooster, Trinidad" cap so I can wear it to taunt Chris. No luck: it's gone. Oh well...then I move on to the shirts. They had some nice light shirts there, of varying prices.

Then I stumbled onto the sales.

I wandered into the $9.97 shirts, marked down from $25. Not bad. I considered them for a moment until I found the $4.97 shirts. Even better! This was sweet. They had nice colours and...hold on! What's this!? 97 cent shirts?! What? I rechecked the tag. $0.97, down from $20. Who the?!?! Suddenly the $5 ones were so expensive. There were plenty of colours and sizes, too. Having only a bit of change in my pocket (and unwilling to bust out the plastic) I grabbed a shirt and approached the counter. It came out to $1.12. I paid with a looney, a dime and 2 pennies. The girl told me about the 3 month return policy and I told her I doubt I'd return a dollar shirt. Then out comes my bill and it seems that I won $7.50 off Old Navy merch. Sweet! I shall return to claim more of these shirts.

Moral of the story: the plastic bag and coat hanger they gave me probably costs more than the shirt I bought. Go to Old Navy.

Thursday, May 05, 2005

Thieving Machines

I'm at McConnell Engineering's revamped cafeteria yesterday and plop a buck-fitty into the soda machine. Plop plop plop. I push the button to get my drink...nothing! I push again frantically. NOTHING! The machine ate my money like a starving orphan at a Christmas buffet. So I naively figure, "Well, I'll press the coin return button and the money will happily return to me". Sigh...if only. I press and press and nothing comes. I decide to write down Coke's phone number and complain. They'll probably send me a coupon for free Coke (just like Pepsi did once in a similar situation). I move on.

I go to the other vending machine and notice a bag of nice, crispy plantains. I put my money in and press "C4". It's always a tense moment when those little turnstiles rotate and this instance was no different. The turnstiles rotated...and then the bag got caught on the edge. It did not fall. Right now, I'm thinking that this is my worst vending machine experience ever. I will not let the machines mock me. Images of last week's Simpsons went through my head, where Bart was addicted to vending machines. What do I do?!?

My choices are a) rock the machine in an attempt to loosen the package, b) leave or c) put more money and get two bags of plantains.

At first, I choose 1). I rock the machine a bit, when I see that little sticker they put on the machines of the silhouette guy rocking the vending machine until it topples on him, crushing every tiny silhouetted bone in his detail-less body. I stop and choose option c). I put my money in and press "C4" again. Then I realize that it was the last package of plantains in that row. The space behind is empty.

I retreated to class, spending $4.50 for a single bag of plantains. They were good, though.

Worst...vending machines...ever.

Monday, May 02, 2005

Cage; a small world; Hitchhiker

It was Karthik's birthday so around 20 of us showed up to Cage aux sports to watch the basketball game that night (Detroit/Philly). Upon showing up, we discovered that they were in fact not showing NBA playoffs at all, but rather Quebec Major Junior Hockey League game between Rimouski and...well, who the hell cares?!

We're talking NBA playoffs (featuring noted rapper and sometimes baller, Allen Iverson) compared to non-professional hockey. Yes, yes overhyped phenom Sidney Crosby is playing but still! Even the Cage's own schedule in the restaurant proclaimed they'd show basketball. So Mean Gene calls over the manager and gets into discussion oozing with thinly veiled contempt. The manager claims everyone in the restaurant wants to see hockey. Finally, a settlement is reached and the ball game is on during intermissions. We did manage to catch the end of the game but the situation was pathetic. Instead of seeing some neat plays in the basketball game, we had to watch interviews with the no-name Quebec-hick assistant coaches of the if anybody gives a damn! Oh yeah, and the food was overpriced and under-flavoured. Blech. Give me Barbie's anytime (at least they have coupons and show whatever sports you want to watch).

I always heard Cage aux sports sucked hard and now I finally understand. I hope to never return.


Speaking of Mean Gene, he came in second at a poker tournament a few weeks back. Well, I was playing poker at my brother's the other night when one of his friends mentioned that he came in first at the same tournament...meaning he beat Jayess. Small world, eh?


I first read The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy in grade 4 and thought it was amusing. Upon re-reading a few times since, I have realized the full blown genius of the work. The humour comes not from the story (if there is one) but rather from Douglas Adams's absurd satire about life, the universe and everything (basically the nature of existence). So how can they adapt funny observations and prose into a movie? Well, I'm pleased to say that the new movie based on the first of the five Hitchhiker books is pleasant, indeed. It's not always on the mark and I question some of the wholely unnecessary new bits (the introduction of the empathy gun is an obvious and weak deus ex machina).

On the whole, though, the movie is smile-inducing funny (not really laugh out loud) and totally absurd and looney. I don't know how people who are not familiar with the book will be able to follow the film completely but it's enjoyable and very different from any other movie you've seen (the animated Guide entries and various asides are types of things that are simply not done in conventional films). I'm pleased to say that the movie is fairly close to the book and retains the same spirit. Let's hope it does enough business to fuel a sequel that hits the mark a bit more.

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Pope Palpatine the First

So there's a new pope. Everyone I know is talking about it...but nobody's actually Catholic, so I don't see why anyone cares?

This guy is 78 years old. He won't last the weekend. And worst of all, he's determined to rid the galaxy of all the Jedi. That's right, the pope is actually Darth Sidious, as evidenced by this picture (many Bothans died to bring you this information...)

Friday, April 15, 2005


IGN » Games » Nintendo DS » News
Arrests Made in Nintendo Sting
Pirates busted for bootlegging Duck Hunt.
by Juan Castro
April 14, 2005 - Police arrested four people in connection with videogame piracy in New York and New Jersey yesterday, according to The Associated Press. Officers of the law confiscated more than 60,000 pirated products from Nintendo, including Donkey Kong, Mario Brothers, Duck Hunt, among others, according to official reports filed by federal authorities at the U.S. District Court in Manhattan. So, how did this merry band of digital thieves slip up? They tried selling the truckload of stolen goods to undercover FBI agents, that's how.

The federal agents posed as game bandits looking for a big score. Obviously, the real thieves took the bait and wound up in a world of hurt. The defendants had smuggled over 280,000 illegal video game consoles between September and December of last year, according to an official report. Commenting on the recent seizure, Nintendo reps said the company loses millions of dollars every year to software pirates, who bootleg copies of popular titles and sell them worldwide.

And there you have it. Don't bootleg Duck Hunt, folks.


Monday, April 11, 2005

Batman and Robin

So I FINALLY saw the fourth and most awful of the Batman films, Batman and Robin, and boy, was it a stinker!

The story was so confusing and muddled. It's as if the clueless producers decreed that Mr. Freeze, Poison Ivy, Bane and Batgirl had to be in the movie, regardless how. So then, for no reason, they were just thrown in. There's no reason to it. No organic purpose for them to be in the movie. They're just...there.

All of Mr. Freeze's line seem to consist of bad one-liners involving the following words: ice, freeze, cold, chill, etc. And, I poop you not, he uttered the following line:

"Today Gotham, tomorrow...the WORLD!"

What else, lemme see...oh yeah! In the beginning, Mr. Freeze ices the museum and his hockey-playing henchmen are skating around beating up on the Bat and Bird. So what do B&R do? They click their heels, à la Wizard of Oz, and out pop skates. Skates in their boots! Does this happen often enough to necessitate skates being installed in their boots?

Other instances of awfulness are too frequent to mention in detail, so I'll give a brief summary:
-Surfing on metal doors
-Awful acting
-Alicia Silverstone
-Motorcycle racing
-Those computers you only see in the movies with extremely easy to use interfaces
-That buffoon Commissioner Gordon (start doing your job and stop calling Batman for everything!)

All this in a movie written by the same guy who wrote A Beautiful Mind (actually I didn't see that movie but I'm told it's good). He also wrote Batman Forever. He also wrote A Time to Kill. But then again, he is responsible for Lost in Space and I, Robot, so maybe he's not all that.

In summary, I want the new Christian Bale Batman now!

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

You know you're a dirty ethnic when...

So the other day I was thinking about those ethnic types (Armenian, Greek, etc...) you run into now and then. Yes, I am ethnic but I'm talking about a certain type. The aimless type who think they know everything there is and are kings of the world. You can tell the type by the following 3 tests:

-Grow huge afro
-Learn to play guitar and discuss 1970s bands who played before you were even born
-Say "what" at the end of every sentence

Now that I think of it, lemme add a few more:

-Spend 4+ years in CEGEP
-Are a master foosball player
-Think "Scarface" is the best movie ever
-Enjoy pro wrestling to no end

If you qualify for more than 3 of these, I think there's a strong chance you're a flaming greasy ethnic type.

I kid, I kid...or do I?!?! Hahaha...

Monday, April 04, 2005

But there is no joy in Mudville

2005 baseball season has begun, leaving us behind. I can say it's going to be a sombre summer. A summer without the joys of turning on the radio on a hot, lazy summer's evening, listening to the sweet sounds of the games. The cracks of the bat, the roars of the crowd, the slap of a ball hitting the catcher's glove. A once faithful baseball city was slowly killed by various factors (least of which was lack of fans, no matter what the American media likes to say). All I know is that the end result will be a sportsless summer. Going to games was fun, you know? It was a few relaxing hours of game-watching and chit-chatting and now that's gone.

No more team to follow; in it's stead, there are only players with whom I have a now-distant attachment who I'll follow for my online fantasy league.

Friday, April 01, 2005

Fox News

I know Joe mentioned this report a while back but if you have 42 minutes, I strongly recommend watching this to completion.

A damned shame what's going on in the States. I guess I'm liberal.

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Just a short message... say that Justin, Joe and Gaul, you've been CUT from my links, due to inactivity.

That is all.

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

McDonald's salad; BK ad

I had a coupon for a free Entree Salad at McDonald's. So, before class yesterday, I decided to use it. I figured it would be a nice little snack. Imagine my surprise when I got this huge salad! I ordered the chicken cesar salad and it was a meal unto itself (I guess that's why in French it's called repas salade). It was great. The salad wasn't pathetic like the lettuce they put in the burgers. The chicken was actual, flavourful chicken. The whole package was amazing. I know that once you put the dressing on, it's pretty bad for you but wow, what a meal!

All this to say, next time there's a late night McD's outing, I'm getting the giant chicken salad.

Addendum: Has anyone seen this ridiculous Burger King ad? I cannot begin to describe it, other than to say that it seems to have originated in some alternate universe. It must be seen to be understood.


Friday, March 18, 2005

Bored of The Ring

I hate The Ring. I thought it was not only boring but incredibly stupid, as well. Watching a videocassette curses you? Then you get a call saying you'll die in 7 days. ??? What if your phone line is disconnected? Does watching the video still count as a death sentence? Do you get a singing telegram if the phone service is knocked out? Email? Messenger pigeon? And please, this is 2005! VHS tapes? Who are all these people watching VHS movies? I'd flat out refuse if someone offered to watch a videocassette movie.

Me: Hey, Chris! Wanna watch this fantastic movie I got on VHS? It might kill us. Just make sure your phone line is disconnected.
Chris: VHS? N***a, please! VHS is not meant to's goddam 2005! It's DVD or nuthin'!
Me: You're right! Why would I even suggest this to you?

Now there's a sequel to this garbage, shockingly called (get this!) The Ring 2. I'm sure it will make a few bucks but will (hopefully) drop off once people discover the innate ridiculousness (and unintentional hilarity) of the plot.

Yay, Friday!
(Wow, I've posted 3 days in a row...I think I'll take a wee break now).

Thursday, March 17, 2005

God damn protesters

I hate protesters! These students are taking over the streets, complaining that the government doesn't pay enough for their schooling. Oh boo hoo.

What if they had to go to school anywhere else? They'd be paying through their noses. Quebec has one of the lowest tuition rates around and they complain? It's like Michael Moore complaining to a Lara Flynn Boyle that he doesn't have enough to eat. No sympathy here. They don't know how good students have it here. I think they've gotten too used to government handouts. Leave well enough alone.

Whiney protesting diminishes the effects of real protests; ones that actually serve a useful purpose for the greater good. Where are the police cracking nightsticks when you need them? :p

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

DVDs; Sith trailer; baseball on Xbox

So yesterday was a DVD bonanza. To my surprise, my Red Dwarf Series 5 and 6 DVDs arrived (thank you,, for your quick delivery!). Then, Star Trek: First Contact Special Edition DVD came out (at the low low price of $14). So, of course, I got that, as well (If you want to see my complete DVD collection, there's a link further down this page, in the links section).

I love Red Dwarf. It's too brilliant. Have you ever watched a show (or seen a movie or read a book, for that matter) where you enjoy it so much, you wish you had created it? Anyway, if you like Brit humour and scifi, Red Dwarf is the jokes, guy.

Last Thursday, the Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith trailer debuted during The O.C. I do not watch that show, so I torrented the trailer afterwards...complete with an intro from one of the show's despite Seth's intro, I must have watched that trailer a dozen times, analyzing each scene. I even paused it at one part, where there's an overhead view of Obi-Wan surrounded by dozens of of them General Grievous (if you don't know who that is...either find out or leave this blog! ...I kid, of course). Sick! I'm messing my pants in anticipation.

I bought the new Sega baseball game, MLB 2k5 last week, and liked the game fine. Its presentation is the most insanely amazing of any sports game I've played. However, there was a downside. The stats tracking is screwed up. Baseball, more than any other sport, lends itself to statistics and stats mad people tend to gravitate towards it. So you can understand how upset I was when the game starts attributing saves and wins and losses to the wrong players, some not even on my MLB roster! Frank Thomas hits a game-winning home-run for me...and gets the loss?!?! Who the...? Or I win a game and a player on my AAA team gets the save? What? I was so ticked off, I traded in the game for EA's MVP Baseball 2005. So far, so good. I love how MVP has the real A, AA, and AAA teams for each team. Nice touch.

Yay, payday!

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Yelling at strangers

So I have free rentals at Rogers Video. I got me a membership and watched Zatoichi: The Blind Swordsman. Pretty good movie. It's about this guy in old-tyme Japan and like he's blind, right? But he's the most malade swordsdude around. Much slicing and dicing.
Next up was Alien vs Predator. You'd think this movie would have a bunch of aliens duking it out with a bunch of nasty predators. No. Not at all. There are 3 predators (2 of whom are offed early by a single alien) and the movie almost went in the direction of having the last predator get romantic with the leading lady. Stupid movie whose violence was so lousy it could not offset the obvious plot holes.

So the next day, after a typical Barbie's foooooood outing, we saw Be Cool. It was good for a few laughs. Anyway, there was this idiot and his IDIOT woman down the row from me. Everytime an actor appeared on screen, the woman would say "We know him, right? He played in (such and such)". That upset me on two levels. 1) It's goddam annoying! and 2) He did not play in the movies she thought he did.
Everytime Andre 3000 would appear on screen, the guy would point (point!!) and say, loudly "He kills me...haw haw". Every time!! Then, whenever Vince Vaughn would do his bit on screen, the guy would point again and say "Oh my god. Oh my god, did you see that?".
Obviously, these people do not deserve to live...or see movies, at the very least.
And obviously, it's my place to make them aware of how stupid and vapid they truly are (of course, being so stupid, they wouldn't understand why they're stupid anyway).
So after the movie as we're loitering outside, these two come out and walk to the far end of the Guzzo entrance, whereupon I tell the group how annoying they are. Then the guy and his woman split up, almost without saying good bye. Like she left him right there. So (obnoxiously?) I said "best move ever lady!"

I thought that was funny. But Chris (who later in the night told Justin, right in front of Marie-Eve, that he has bad taste in women) got on my case that I'm mean to strangers or something. Hey, if I don't judge, who will? Dumb people are a cancer on society (unfortunately, the majority of society is dumb...but as Chris says I say, that's neither here nor there).

Moral of the story: I hate stupid people. Don't be stupid...or I'll hate you, too.

Monday, February 28, 2005

Beyonce; The Odd Couple: The Next Generation

Anyone watch those Oscar awards last night? There are plenty of things to say about it and plenty of jokes to make but I will concentrate on one thing: Beyonce.

She sung 3 of the 5 songs during the awards. That's all good and well. But one of them was in French. was supposed to be, at least. If you see any American media about her, they're all saying how talented she is to be able to sing in French but if only they knew!! The only words I can make out were "de la nuit". That's it! The rest of it was so horribly mangled. The ONE and ONLY time anyone ever needs Celine Dion and they use Beyonce instead...sigh...

So I was thinking what would happen if Jean-Luc Picard and Q were reunited in sitcom form to make a new Odd Couple-esque show (Trek fans only):

("The Odd Couple: The Next Generation was filmed in front of a holographic studio audience")

(Picard walks in the door. Q comes in from the kitchen. The audience bursts out into cheering.)

Picard: Q, what is the meaning of this?
Q: Why, whatever do you mean, Jean-Luc?
Picard: You know very well what I mean. You invited the Admiral over for supper, knowing full well the replicator does not work.
Q: Did I? Well, I'm sure an experienced Starfleet captain such as yourself can manage. (Q proceeds to examine his fingernails)
(The door chime, umm...chimes)
Picard: Q! You must leave. I can't allow the Admiral to know I have an omnipotent, omniscient being living with me.
Q: Jean-Luc, I am hurt. The way you always brush me under the's quite appalling, really. Very well. If you don't want her to know you live with one about a dozen? (after a light flashes, a dozens Qs are standing around. Just then, the door nudges open slightly. The Admiral is letting herself in!)
Admiral Satie: Hello? Captain Picard?
(Picard rushes to the door, blocking the way, not allowing the admiral to get fully in and see the ridiculous scene behind him)
Picard: Admiral Satie! What a surprise!
Admiral Satie: Surprise? Whatever are you talking about? You invited me yourself.
(Picard flashes a quick glare at Q, who now has his hand to his mouth in mock shock)
Picard: Oh yes. I remember now. Haha. Unfortunately, I will have to cancel our ENGAGEment.
Admiral Satie: Now, you cannot just cancel a supper with a fleet admiral. Are you hiding something back there? (the admiral pushes the door while Picard tries to hold her back. They struggle together. The studio audience goes wild! Finally the admiral bursts through the doorway and sees...nothing!! The Qs disappeared and on the table is a hot turkey dinner, complete with romantic candles.)
Admiral Satie (giving Picard a come-hither look): Oh, shouldn't have.
Picard (angrily, to himself): Oh Q...
Admiral Satie: What was that?
Picard: Um, I said...'oh you...'

("The Odd Couple: The Next Generation will return after these messages.")

Thursday, February 24, 2005

Sour Bears; Dunkin Donuts

So I picked up these Sour Bears at Walmart. I'm always looking for new candy and thought this would be a good choice. Upon eating a whole lot of them, I realized there was something wrong. Whereas the sour bears at the movies are gummy bears with sour powder, these are sour bears with sugar powder. It's really weird.

I show up to Dunkin Donuts at the corner of Rome and Taschereau, armed with coupons. I was going to use my "buy a dozen, get 3 free" coupon when I notice the entire place is boarded up!! When did this happen? There isn't another Dunkin Donuts around, either? What am I to do with these coupons?! I refuse to buy donuts from Tim Horton's, because their donuts suck hard. Tasteless. Bad texture. Blah. I want to use my coupons, dammit.

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Kornheiser; Microwave; Confessions; T-Fal

Tony Kornheiser is an ass.
I always felt this way, ever since hearing him on the radio but I feel more strongly about it now. He purports to be a sports talk radio guy but knows next to nothing about the subject. Why is he on the radio? Well, let's go through the Requirements and Etiquette to Talking on American Radio Distributions (RETARD, for short):
-loud check!
-ignorant check!
-uninformed opinions check!
-arrogance double check!

This man knows so little yet talks so big, as if he knows it all. He completely dismissed hockey, even though there is a hockey team in the town he's in (Washington, DC). I could understand if he doesn't like hockey but the ignorance he speaks when discussing it is unacceptable. This week, I took issue with 2 things he said about the new Washington baseball team (the old Montreal team).
1) He said that Bud Selig tried 5000 different things to make baseball work up here.
2) He wrote a lengthy article about how he and everyone else in DC cannot name 3 players on the Nationals.

As a sports authority, I'm not sure if it's a good thing to admit you're vastly ignorant of sports. If Washington doesn't want them, I'll take them back, you know. And then to say Selig tried 5000 different things to save ball here? Does this guy know what he's talking about? Shame on you, Jason Alexander, for playing Kornheiser in your new sitcom, Listen Up. I think it's best if I ignore the whole issue.

So I don't know much about microwaves. So sue me. It's always an adventure in the kitchen here at work when I wanna warm sumfin' up. People watch and laugh at my fumbling attempts. Leave me alone!!

I must make a confession. I recently found out my 129th post was erroneous. What I thought was a post counter was not. So I have no way of knowing what number post that was. If anyone knows a way to count posts short of the manual way, please let me know.

I just got it!!!! "T-Fal Resist All" Resist all!!! I never caught that, I'm dumb.

Friday, February 18, 2005

Hockey; Transporter; Baseball; Chocolates

So the hockey season if over...and it may last a looooong time. I can't add too much to what Rez said his last post. The players are way out of touch with reality. They don't realize they're in a marginal league yet they demand big league money. There is hardly any fanbase for hockey outside a handful of cities in the league yet the players want MLB- or NBA-like contracts. Gary Bettman had a noble plan in the early 90s to expand to all over the States in hopes of making a true "National" Hockey League, in order to get a sweet national TV package going but that flopped. Now he's stuck with a broken league with anemic attendence and low interest. Pro bowling gets higher ratings than the NHL in the States. Hockey is down to its hardcore fans and even they are turning against it, just like Star Trek. Which is a nice segue to...

...transporters. I was thinking the other day about the reality of transporters. If they were invented, we'd all have to shield our houses from transporter thieves. Otherwise, someone could just beam into my place, take my Xbox and Ultimate Spider-Man issues and then beam out! So some type of shield is necessary. But the shield wouldn't be able to block incoming thieves, it would only scramble the signal...which means if someone tried coming in, they'd end up a pile of goo on the floor, with 2 eyes on top, making those cartoon *poink poink* sounds, as they blink. This shield would really suck for innocent people who dialed the wrong address/number.
"656-7552...Oh crap! No! I meant 656-75..." SPLOOCH!!! Blinking-goo-eyes result.

So the Expos left to go to Washington but still have the same problems. Over here, they had to get last minute radio deals where they would receive no revenue. They'd basically pay to have themselves on the radio. Well, guess what? The same thing is happening in Washington. They just signed a deal where they have to pay for their own radio time. And I thought it was greener pastures over there...and sour grapes over here.

On my way to class yesterday, I picked up 2 chocolate bars: an Oh! Henry (for old time's sake) and a Hershey Sidekick (soft nougat and creamy peanut butter enveloped in chocolate...). The bill was $2.17. So I frantically search through my wallet and count my change. I had EXACTLY $2.17 on me! It was fate. The Choco-Gods were smiling upon me that day, my friends.

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Enterprise cancelled...?

So UPN has cancelled Star Trek: Enterprise, but not without leaving it open to interpretation.

"UPN and Paramount Network Television have jointly announced that this will be the final season of STAR TREK: ENTERPRISE on UPN."

This is a quote from a longer press release stating the end of the show. However, they do leave the possibility that the show returns on another network or hopefully in syndication, like TNG and DS9 were. While that is a longshot, I'm still hoping it does return. Just when the creatively bankrupt show-runners were replaced, just when the show was hitting its stride and became amazing this season, the short-sighted dimwits at UPN decide to axe the show. The death of Star Trek was the creation of UPN. Enterprise was on a marginal network that has little viewership and even less promotion.

If this is the end, I'm terribly angry because they're stopping a show just when it was fulfilling its potential, as well as killing Star Trek for the future.

UPN is run by clowns.

Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Whither, job?

So I was expecting a phone call today or yesterday from Tyco about their selection for a job. After waiting with baited breath all of yesterday, no call... I wasn't worried though, cuz they said they'd call one way or another. So here I am, sleeping, this morning...when my cell phone goes off. Now, I had my cell phone right next to my head on the shelf. Its volume was full blast on my new ringtone, the Imperial March from The Empire Strikes Back. Not a good omen.
But lo! Now Neil and I are co-workers. Technical Support Specialists. Now...what car do I buy...?

Thursday, January 27, 2005

Gollum On Fire

In sad (tragically funny?) news, check this out:

Gollum joker rail horror

And this year's Darwin award goes to...

The best (most tragic?) part is when he "turned into a fireball". Holy crap!

Ehhh, maybe I'm just mean.

Saturday, January 22, 2005

Happy 129th blog post!!!

In honour of the new year and my epic 129th blog post (I have that much to say?), I going to think back over the good times we've all had on this blog.

Remember that time I tried to broker Mideast peace? Arafat was offended by my giant cowboy talks broke off.

Or how about when I foiled Elmer Fudd? I thought flowers growing from his head were brilliant. He thought otherwise, as evidenced by the shotgun he pulled on me.

I'll never forget the time I learned to "jump good" and almost defeated the shafeshifting master of darkness Aku. I'll get you next time, Aku...

Oh man! Who can forget when I leapt into the body of a wealthy industrialist who had to overcome his miserly spirit and help save an orphanage? I surely won't. I got tons of guff from Al and Ziggy that time, I tell you what.

Remeber when the galaxy was in peril and only I was up to the challenge of besting Darth Maul? Sure I lost a mentor that day, but I was a padawan no longer.

Nothing was more thrilling than that time I scored the Cup winning goal against the Blues.

Shocking wasn't the word to describe the reaction on the face on our victims when they saw one of their assassins wearing an Expos hat. Jules protested the hat.

And finally, that time I saved Mars was probably my crowning achievement. I think that happened, at least...or was it all a memory implant?

Monday, January 17, 2005

From scratch

Out of nothing, something was created, on Saturday.
Having nothing to do, Masta, my brother and I played Halo. We sucked so hard that Masta has (temporarily) retired from the game and is contemplating selling it. Ouch! Then we proceeded to play Tetris and Masta was shooting his mouth off....and I promptly put him in his place, but that's neither her nor there...or is it in both places?!?! Only time will tell.

Subsequently, a Winnsie outing occured, with much merrymaking involved. Hmmmmm General Tao + salt&pepper shrimp is friend me good. Yummy.

Then the evening began.

Calling up ChuChu multiple times proved fruitless, as he was apparently in the shower for hours, with the phone off the hook. However, calling Rez was a stroke of genius, because he was very much down with seeing a movie. We ended up seeing Ocean's 12. Pretty good flick...a bit long and convoluted, but it had its clever moments.
Post-movie, we loitered in the lobby for a bit...until we finally decided to sneak into Elektra. Not. Worth. It.

Elektra was so godawful, I wouldn't wish anyone else to see it. Apparently word got out about it's stinkiness, cuz it debuted at #5 in its first weekend. For a movie that they thought would be the January blockbuster, finishing behind Racing Stripes is not good. Best thing about it was the Fantastic Four trailer attached, and that didn't show much anyway...

As always, the night was capped off by a McD's outing, where we loitered till past 4.
Next week: lather, rinse and repeat.