Thursday, January 27, 2005

Gollum On Fire

In sad (tragically funny?) news, check this out:

Gollum joker rail horror

And this year's Darwin award goes to...

The best (most tragic?) part is when he "turned into a fireball". Holy crap!

Ehhh, maybe I'm just mean.

Saturday, January 22, 2005

Happy 129th blog post!!!

In honour of the new year and my epic 129th blog post (I have that much to say?), I going to think back over the good times we've all had on this blog.

Remember that time I tried to broker Mideast peace? Arafat was offended by my giant cowboy talks broke off.

Or how about when I foiled Elmer Fudd? I thought flowers growing from his head were brilliant. He thought otherwise, as evidenced by the shotgun he pulled on me.

I'll never forget the time I learned to "jump good" and almost defeated the shafeshifting master of darkness Aku. I'll get you next time, Aku...

Oh man! Who can forget when I leapt into the body of a wealthy industrialist who had to overcome his miserly spirit and help save an orphanage? I surely won't. I got tons of guff from Al and Ziggy that time, I tell you what.

Remeber when the galaxy was in peril and only I was up to the challenge of besting Darth Maul? Sure I lost a mentor that day, but I was a padawan no longer.

Nothing was more thrilling than that time I scored the Cup winning goal against the Blues.

Shocking wasn't the word to describe the reaction on the face on our victims when they saw one of their assassins wearing an Expos hat. Jules protested the hat.

And finally, that time I saved Mars was probably my crowning achievement. I think that happened, at least...or was it all a memory implant?

Monday, January 17, 2005

From scratch

Out of nothing, something was created, on Saturday.
Having nothing to do, Masta, my brother and I played Halo. We sucked so hard that Masta has (temporarily) retired from the game and is contemplating selling it. Ouch! Then we proceeded to play Tetris and Masta was shooting his mouth off....and I promptly put him in his place, but that's neither her nor there...or is it in both places?!?! Only time will tell.

Subsequently, a Winnsie outing occured, with much merrymaking involved. Hmmmmm General Tao + salt&pepper shrimp is friend me good. Yummy.

Then the evening began.

Calling up ChuChu multiple times proved fruitless, as he was apparently in the shower for hours, with the phone off the hook. However, calling Rez was a stroke of genius, because he was very much down with seeing a movie. We ended up seeing Ocean's 12. Pretty good flick...a bit long and convoluted, but it had its clever moments.
Post-movie, we loitered in the lobby for a bit...until we finally decided to sneak into Elektra. Not. Worth. It.

Elektra was so godawful, I wouldn't wish anyone else to see it. Apparently word got out about it's stinkiness, cuz it debuted at #5 in its first weekend. For a movie that they thought would be the January blockbuster, finishing behind Racing Stripes is not good. Best thing about it was the Fantastic Four trailer attached, and that didn't show much anyway...

As always, the night was capped off by a McD's outing, where we loitered till past 4.
Next week: lather, rinse and repeat.