Friday, February 18, 2005

Hockey; Transporter; Baseball; Chocolates

So the hockey season if over...and it may last a looooong time. I can't add too much to what Rez said his last post. The players are way out of touch with reality. They don't realize they're in a marginal league yet they demand big league money. There is hardly any fanbase for hockey outside a handful of cities in the league yet the players want MLB- or NBA-like contracts. Gary Bettman had a noble plan in the early 90s to expand to all over the States in hopes of making a true "National" Hockey League, in order to get a sweet national TV package going but that flopped. Now he's stuck with a broken league with anemic attendence and low interest. Pro bowling gets higher ratings than the NHL in the States. Hockey is down to its hardcore fans and even they are turning against it, just like Star Trek. Which is a nice segue to...

...transporters. I was thinking the other day about the reality of transporters. If they were invented, we'd all have to shield our houses from transporter thieves. Otherwise, someone could just beam into my place, take my Xbox and Ultimate Spider-Man issues and then beam out! So some type of shield is necessary. But the shield wouldn't be able to block incoming thieves, it would only scramble the signal...which means if someone tried coming in, they'd end up a pile of goo on the floor, with 2 eyes on top, making those cartoon *poink poink* sounds, as they blink. This shield would really suck for innocent people who dialed the wrong address/number.
"656-7552...Oh crap! No! I meant 656-75..." SPLOOCH!!! Blinking-goo-eyes result.

So the Expos left to go to Washington but still have the same problems. Over here, they had to get last minute radio deals where they would receive no revenue. They'd basically pay to have themselves on the radio. Well, guess what? The same thing is happening in Washington. They just signed a deal where they have to pay for their own radio time. And I thought it was greener pastures over there...and sour grapes over here.

On my way to class yesterday, I picked up 2 chocolate bars: an Oh! Henry (for old time's sake) and a Hershey Sidekick (soft nougat and creamy peanut butter enveloped in chocolate...). The bill was $2.17. So I frantically search through my wallet and count my change. I had EXACTLY $2.17 on me! It was fate. The Choco-Gods were smiling upon me that day, my friends.

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