Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Kornheiser; Microwave; Confessions; T-Fal

Tony Kornheiser is an ass.
I always felt this way, ever since hearing him on the radio but I feel more strongly about it now. He purports to be a sports talk radio guy but knows next to nothing about the subject. Why is he on the radio? Well, let's go through the Requirements and Etiquette to Talking on American Radio Distributions (RETARD, for short):
-loud check!
-ignorant check!
-uninformed opinions check!
-arrogance double check!

This man knows so little yet talks so big, as if he knows it all. He completely dismissed hockey, even though there is a hockey team in the town he's in (Washington, DC). I could understand if he doesn't like hockey but the ignorance he speaks when discussing it is unacceptable. This week, I took issue with 2 things he said about the new Washington baseball team (the old Montreal team).
1) He said that Bud Selig tried 5000 different things to make baseball work up here.
2) He wrote a lengthy article about how he and everyone else in DC cannot name 3 players on the Nationals.

As a sports authority, I'm not sure if it's a good thing to admit you're vastly ignorant of sports. If Washington doesn't want them, I'll take them back, you know. And then to say Selig tried 5000 different things to save ball here? Does this guy know what he's talking about? Shame on you, Jason Alexander, for playing Kornheiser in your new sitcom, Listen Up. I think it's best if I ignore the whole issue.

So I don't know much about microwaves. So sue me. It's always an adventure in the kitchen here at work when I wanna warm sumfin' up. People watch and laugh at my fumbling attempts. Leave me alone!!

I must make a confession. I recently found out my 129th post was erroneous. What I thought was a post counter was not. So I have no way of knowing what number post that was. If anyone knows a way to count posts short of the manual way, please let me know.

I just got it!!!! "T-Fal Resist All" Resist all!!! I never caught that before...wow, I'm dumb.

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