Thursday, February 24, 2005

Sour Bears; Dunkin Donuts

So I picked up these Sour Bears at Walmart. I'm always looking for new candy and thought this would be a good choice. Upon eating a whole lot of them, I realized there was something wrong. Whereas the sour bears at the movies are gummy bears with sour powder, these are sour bears with sugar powder. It's really weird.

I show up to Dunkin Donuts at the corner of Rome and Taschereau, armed with coupons. I was going to use my "buy a dozen, get 3 free" coupon when I notice the entire place is boarded up!! When did this happen? There isn't another Dunkin Donuts around, either? What am I to do with these coupons?! I refuse to buy donuts from Tim Horton's, because their donuts suck hard. Tasteless. Bad texture. Blah. I want to use my coupons, dammit.

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