Friday, March 18, 2005

Bored of The Ring

I hate The Ring. I thought it was not only boring but incredibly stupid, as well. Watching a videocassette curses you? Then you get a call saying you'll die in 7 days. ??? What if your phone line is disconnected? Does watching the video still count as a death sentence? Do you get a singing telegram if the phone service is knocked out? Email? Messenger pigeon? And please, this is 2005! VHS tapes? Who are all these people watching VHS movies? I'd flat out refuse if someone offered to watch a videocassette movie.

Me: Hey, Chris! Wanna watch this fantastic movie I got on VHS? It might kill us. Just make sure your phone line is disconnected.
Chris: VHS? N***a, please! VHS is not meant to's goddam 2005! It's DVD or nuthin'!
Me: You're right! Why would I even suggest this to you?

Now there's a sequel to this garbage, shockingly called (get this!) The Ring 2. I'm sure it will make a few bucks but will (hopefully) drop off once people discover the innate ridiculousness (and unintentional hilarity) of the plot.

Yay, Friday!
(Wow, I've posted 3 days in a row...I think I'll take a wee break now).

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