Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Yelling at strangers

So I have free rentals at Rogers Video. I got me a membership and watched Zatoichi: The Blind Swordsman. Pretty good movie. It's about this guy in old-tyme Japan and like he's blind, right? But he's the most malade swordsdude around. Much slicing and dicing.
Next up was Alien vs Predator. You'd think this movie would have a bunch of aliens duking it out with a bunch of nasty predators. No. Not at all. There are 3 predators (2 of whom are offed early by a single alien) and the movie almost went in the direction of having the last predator get romantic with the leading lady. Stupid movie whose violence was so lousy it could not offset the obvious plot holes.

So the next day, after a typical Barbie's foooooood outing, we saw Be Cool. It was good for a few laughs. Anyway, there was this idiot and his IDIOT woman down the row from me. Everytime an actor appeared on screen, the woman would say "We know him, right? He played in (such and such)". That upset me on two levels. 1) It's goddam annoying! and 2) He did not play in the movies she thought he did.
Everytime Andre 3000 would appear on screen, the guy would point (point!!) and say, loudly "He kills me...haw haw". Every time!! Then, whenever Vince Vaughn would do his bit on screen, the guy would point again and say "Oh my god. Oh my god, did you see that?".
Obviously, these people do not deserve to live...or see movies, at the very least.
And obviously, it's my place to make them aware of how stupid and vapid they truly are (of course, being so stupid, they wouldn't understand why they're stupid anyway).
So after the movie as we're loitering outside, these two come out and walk to the far end of the Guzzo entrance, whereupon I tell the group how annoying they are. Then the guy and his woman split up, almost without saying good bye. Like she left him right there. So (obnoxiously?) I said "best move ever lady!"

I thought that was funny. But Chris (who later in the night told Justin, right in front of Marie-Eve, that he has bad taste in women) got on my case that I'm mean to strangers or something. Hey, if I don't judge, who will? Dumb people are a cancer on society (unfortunately, the majority of society is dumb...but as Chris says I say, that's neither here nor there).

Moral of the story: I hate stupid people. Don't be stupid...or I'll hate you, too.

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